Daily Predictions for Saturday, 24 February 2018

General Daily Predictions: Today the Moon from Gemini squares Venus in Pisces, and opposes Mars in Sagittarius. It also forms a hexagon with Uranus in Aries. Also, from 19:58 until 3:06 of the 25th it will be void of course. The times and dates, as usually, are in UT.

So, there is going to be some tension during the day. As Venus from Pisces and Mars from Gemini are in a square on top of both of them receiving stress from the Moon, love life receives some long lasting tension. The tension between these two planets is one of the parameters that influence the coming Full Moon and a little more than the half of the waning Moon period. So, be prepared, and be patient and resilient with your special someone.

This influence will be stronger for Sagittarius, Pisces and the zodiacs of the Fire and Water element. It will also influence stronger the heterosexual relationships than the homosexual ones, but all relationships will feel it. Mercury is also in odds with Mars, so this can make flexibility a difficult task. On the other hand, though, as Venus (and Mercury) receive some support too, this tension can force as make significant, unsettling, yet positive changes in our relationships and how we handle our love life. We can see more about this in the coming Full Moon’s article. In general terms, though, love life gets better after the First Quarter.

Aries, Virgo and Leo will be the luckiest zodiacs of the day. Gemini, Pisces and Sagittarius will be the ones facing the most stress.

Daily Predictions for Aries: You have a great amount of energy, and the confidence to use it towards your goals. People who are important to you can help your determination too, although, in some cases in an annoying way. Avoid overworking yourself, though. Also, be a little more careful while driving, or travelling.

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Daily Predictions for Taurus: Financials receive a great amount of influences today. There may be a need for some unwelcome expenses, or other reasons why you may feel you have some bad luck about money, or that it is a little tight right now. In the same hand, though, solutions and inspirations come your way. Also, jobs using intuition, empathy and imagination will be luckier than more materialistic kind of jobs.

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Daily Predictions for Gemini: There are many energies coming your way, and this can throw you out of balance. If you manage to keep your cool, things won’t be as bad, or difficult, though. Your spouse, your business partners and your work or career in general are the most probable aspects of your life to bring you stress today.

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Daily Predictions for Cancer: If you are working in a job while trying to start one of your own, a new one, or to change your line of work, then the current job can become really annoying or irritating today, but opportunities to advance your plans for your intended one, can appear. If what you do is what you like and want, then the daily tasks can stress you, but the whole thing advances nicely.

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Daily Predictions for Leo: This day can feel less happy and less satisfactory than you would like it to be. In most cases, though, what happens and how you experience it are not walking hand to hand. Avoid paying more attention to the negative side of things. Love life, and work receive the most stress. But, your mind is capable to overcome the adversities, and create something good out of them. So, use this ability.

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Daily Predictions for Virgo: Both family and work can become stressful today. Moving into a new residence or place of business can face more difficulties than it should do, so, if possible, postpone it. Also try to not engage in arguments with your family. If you can’t avoid it, at least don’t make things worse. Considering work, though, stressful as it may is, it will be satisfactory.

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Daily Predictions for Libra: Be extra careful while driving, travelling, or being in the streets. If you need to travel today, expect some kind of tension and stress. If it’s up to you, do your best to reduce this stress. Travelling for work is inauspicious. Travelling to meet with your special someone, can be problematic, but it is auspicious. Them coming to meet you, is also possible and not any troublesome at all.

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Daily Predictions for Scorpio: Love life and sex life can become quite unpleasant, or stressful today. When money is involved, tension can appear. Even more so, if this is a subject between you and your special somebody. Health can also become important, but in a good way. Maybe deciding to adopt more beneficial habits about it, or something alike. Despite any money worries, job is most likely proceeding nicely and satisfactorily.

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Daily Predictions for Sagittarius: Love life can be a little difficult or troublesome today, but it is a happy day for these matters. At least, at the end of the day. Married couples, or similar kinds of couples will face a greater amount of stress, while fresh enough relationships will enjoy mostly the beneficial influences. For the singles, you may find a new love in unexpected places and way. In some cases, even some kind of “bad luck” may actually help.

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Daily Predictions for Capricorn: Work receives quite a lot of stressful energies. Works that have to do with communications, transportations, beauty, as well as physical and emotional health will probably receive more stress than the rest kinds. On the other hand, home and family can change your mood in a good way. Taking care of housework can even be surprisingly calming or exiting.

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Daily Predictions for Aquarius: Avoid any kind of unnecessary expenses today. In some cases, though, this won’t be an easy task. If you find yourself in the need of spending money in ways you would rather not, try to be calm and make the most best out of it. Friends can enlighten your mood, and in some cases even more. This can happen via phone, or similar means just as easily as in person.

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Daily Predictions for Pisces: Moving to a new home or place of business today is not that favourable. Searching for such a place can be more troublesome than necessary. Your financials, though, receive some good vibrations. Ideas or opportunities to build a steadier financial foundation is the most possible way these blessings will appear. In some cases, though, gain is possible. Home based business are the ones which will receive the latter blessing the most.

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Astrology and Magic: As we said, all forms of meditation will remain strong until the 28th of February. All kinds of love and beauty magic will remain strong until the 1st of March. Today, Wind Magic is quite strong. Changing of fate and problem solving magic, the latter especially for love issues, is also quite strong.

That’s all.

Have fun and enjoy your day!