5 Bad Habits that Drain Your Vital Energy

We’ve all been through a time when we feel completely drained and tired. This is when our Chi Levels reach dangerously low levels. Chronic exhaustion is a very serious issue. However, we may have caused this to ourselves. I’m pretty sure you’ve at least some of these habits which drain your Vital Energy.

Reasons which Drain Your Vital Energy

  • How many of us have adopted an unhealthy – modern? – way of living, not allowing our body to rest and recharge? Modern way of living can unfortunately drain our Vital Energy, leaving us tired and depressed.
  • How often do you remember that besides your body, your soul also needs your attention? Probably, you repeat an unmagical way of living, forgetting about who you truly are.

So lets see what Bad Habits You may have adopted. 1. Not Drinking Enough Water Physical Harm: We’ve heard so much about how much water should we drink. While the ‘8 glasses rule’ is a good start, it isn’t based on evidence based information. However, it is well documented that every vital organ of your body needs water to function. The Water intake may increase or decrease in special situations like pregnancy, breastfeeding, kidney malfunction, heart issues etc.

Spiritual Harm: Water is the Element associated with Psychic abilities and Rejuvenation. Being close to Water, and rehydrating actually gets us closer to the powers of the element. This Simple act of drinking water is actually re-connecting us with the Element. 2. Not Getting Enough Sleep Physical Harm: Sleep has not always been clear why is so important. Until recently, the main function was believed to be the avoidance of sleep deprivation. However, it is well documented that there is a number of important functions and hormonic procedures which maintain the balance of intellectual, emotional and overall physical wellbeing.

Spiritual Harm: Sleep is the time when you magically die only to be reborn in the next morning. It’s no coincidence that most actual physical deaths occur at the night. Hypnos (god of sleep) was brothers to Oniros (god of dreams) and Thanatos (god of death). This small Death is a magical procedure where everything negative fades away giving space for blessings to grow stronger. Sleeping enough recharges our Chi Levels. Moreover, during healthy sleep, we can project in the Astral Realm and even have prophetic Dreams . 3.

Not Having Enough Fun Physical Harm: Serotonin and Dopamine levels decrease when you are all work and no fun. This can easily exhaust you physically and emotionally. Have you heard the ‘burn out’ syndrome? Well when we focus solely on work and thing ‘we have to do’ then we may have to deal with ‘burn out’. Spiritual Harm: You are giving a wrong message to the universe. If you focus all your energy in work, the Universe will multiply your Work. We need to show the Universe that we want more fun and magic. Even this though can change your way of living. Work may drain your Vital Energy but you are the one who permits it.

Balance is the key. Find time for Magic EVERY day! Even if it’s only 5minutes. 4. Not Meditating, but Checking on your Smartphone ever 2 minutes Physical Harm: Especially at the night time you should avoid looking at screens of laptops, tablets and smartphones because their radiating can fool your body into thinking this is the light of day. Hence, if this message is received, your body prepares to wake up rather than sleeping. Also, checking on your smartphone makes you lose focus. This will also end up to drain your vital energy. Spiritual Harm: Meditation will help your mind find some peace regulating the energy which flow in your body.

Neglecting to check on your ‘social media newsfeed’ can actually help you focus on Real Life which raises your Vibrations. Smartphones are not bad. They just need to be used wisely. 5. Not Having Enough Sex (even Masturbation) Physical Harm: Balancing and Focusing on your Sex life can bring you so much pleasure which may give you the strength you need to carry on. A healthy sex life is actually extremely beneficial for your body. Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that regular sex and masturbation promotes longevity. Although having too much sex may actually drain your vital energy, balance will help you protect it! Spiritual Harm: Sex and exploring your Sexuality is a divine path.

It actually helps us develop our attracting skills. Even type we reach climax we actually connect with the divine source, manifesting a large vibe of energy. A balanced sexual life can recharge your Magical Energy as it connects you with Fire and Water Elements.