5 Signs You’ve got a Ghost at Home & 3 Worrying Signs

Is it possible that you have a Ghost at Home? Spirits can transcend time and space. But most usually, ghosts feel trapped at one place probably because of the affinity this place has with their former lives. You may or may not be related to the ghost. The place you now live was once the home of some other Soul. If this person is lost, his/her soul may wonder around your home searching for closure. Are Ghosts Evil? This is a wrong question. However, Ghostly status is not a healthy one. It’s a troubled situation for both for the ghost and for the ones who unwillingly live with. Ghosts are confused.

Most usually they do not realize their current condition. Hence, they are waiting for a sign, something to ‘wake them up’ from oblivion. Moreover, Ghosts lack of energy. Hence, they try to absorb energy via causing emotions – which make them feel alive again. Emotions conjure astral energy. However, ghostly lack of energy might drain the energy of the living. This is exactly why you should avoid living near a cemetery. Classification of Spirits So far we’ve seen signs that your house is haunted, in other words, believed the house is not yours but theirs . This is different. A ghost might or might not have aggressive intentions and is not ‘trapped’ in your home.

On the other hand, it’s not like you are visited by a deceased loved one . In this case, ghosts are not familiar with your energy. Hence, the ‘signs’ could differ.

Ghosts will start to make themselves detectable ONLY if somehow they’ve acquired astral energy. If they’ve managed to do so, then several signs might occur as the following. REMEMBER: Not all ghosts are good, not all are bad. Most ghosts are neutral. However, we’ve added a couple of Signs which should make you 5 Most Common Signs You’ve Got a Ghost at Home: 1.

Sounds coming from Nowhere It’s in the middle of the night when you hear some footsteps. You are sure you’ve heard them from upstairs. But wait. No one is upstairs… Unexplained noises like footsteps, door knocks, sounds coming from items being dropped – although you can’t see them – may come from ghostly activity. A Ghost at home may cause all these noises for many reasons. 2. Doors and Windows Open automatically It’s what follows the door knocks. You get back from your home and you see the window of the attic open. However, you are pretty sure you closed it prior exiting the house..

This is probably a purely symbolic act of ghosts, trying to find a way out of their misery. Most usually, one finds out that door has opened without actually observing the opening. 3. Things Disappear You keep on looking for you keys for several minutes. Although you are sure you’ve checked – at least twice – the small table by the mirror, you suddenly realize that the keys are there. It’s a very common to observe things disappear and reappear without reason. As our Mage wrote in ‘Hauntings’ sometimes they may reappear in a totally different place, while other times they may never reappear. 4. Lights and Electronic Devices go Crazy Do lights flicker for no reason?

Are any electronic devices turn on or off without any effort of yours? Do computers or smartphones shut down or act like they have a will of their own? The energy of ALL Spirits have actual electromagnetic effects. In fact, the more powerful the Ghost at home, the more mess it can make. 5. Weird Animal Behavior Animals see the world in a very different way than humans. They can actually ‘see’ spirits and interact with the shadows or the ghost at home. Wether animals are actually living with you or around your home, their behavior will change rapidly while a ghost is present. Animals can tell if this entity is good or hostile.

During a ghostly visit, you can see your dog or cat staring at something you cannot see. They might try to hide or they can assume a defensive position. But sometimes, Ghosts may have hostile intentions. A Ghost at home is usually neutral but this has to do with the deceased human. Rarely, a human can be so evil, that his/her energy can transcend time and space, and come back to the Realm of the Living to continue the Evil Bidding. Who are these people? Well lets see…

  • Evil sorcerers and practitioners of the Craft who lost their way
  • Twisted criminals, Serial Killers or anyone with vicious intentions
  • REALLY angry Ghosts who cannot forgive the living ones for their unfair way of dying

3 Worrying Signs of a Ghost at Home Here is a list of the most terrifying signs one may experience. Let me here make something clear though. Worrying is beneficial as we actually can take some action. HOWEVER, you are advised NEVER to panic. What you should do? Call an expert and deal with it together ESPECIALLY when things go this wrong! 1.

Apparitions – Manifestations Well, it goes without saying that if you can actually see the Ghost, then we’ve come too far. Apparitions include the actual manifestation of the Ghost in any possible form. It may appear as human, as animal, as a hybrid or as a mist. The list is actually endless. Once you see something like this, you should immediately consult with an expert. 2. Levitation and Telekinesis I have seen many time things getting broken during a exorcism. Moreover, I once saw my bed floating on air.

  • Do things break?
  • Move?
  • Vibrate?
  • Levitate in front of your own eyes?

Well dear, time to call the ghostbusters.

I mean it. You have to contact an expert in order to perform a ritual. Some priests also may be helpful but you’ve got to call an expert honey. Not just someone who is just related to ‘these things’. 3. Actual Physical Assault I have a documented experience from my grandmother, when she got assaulted by a very powerful hollow – ghost. She woke up full of bruises and scars. It’s real, trust me. Do you wake up after bad dream and you find scars and bruises over your body or others who live in your house? This is a time for action. If this Ghost at home can leave bruises it can do more.

You have to contact an expert and deal with the issue immediately. Final Notes. I STRONGLY advice you not to panic when you experience this kind of phenomena. Try to think of it a game of hide and seek. However, when things get this scary, seek for assistance.