Void of Course Moon for the Waxing Moon

Understanding the Void of Course Moon: You may have noticed my mentioning of this “evil aspect” called “Void of Course Moon” in the daily predictions. Just to make things clear, Void of Course Moon is not a wholesome inauspicious aspect. It actually isn’t even an aspect. It’s quite the opposite. A Void of Course Moon happens when the Moon, while getting ready to leave a zodiac, doesn’t form any strong aspect with the 9 major planets.

So, the Void of Course Moon period starts when the Moon forms the last aspect in a zodiac, and lasts until it enters the zodiac where it will form the next aspect. This is usually the next zodiac, but there are some rare cases when the Moon passes through a zodiac without forming any aspect. In these cases, the whole time the Moon passes through this zodiac is regarded as being Void of Course. But, for simplicity, let’s call it an “aspect”.

What to avoid during a Void of Course Moon: So, this aspect is inauspicious for new beginnings, new projects, new deals, new contracts, etc. Anything new receives negative influence from this aspect. Therefore it is expected to fail, to be cancelled, or to face many difficulties. Hence, it is unwise to start anything new, take important decisions, or signing important deals during a Void of Course Moon. Of course, if this isn’t possible, just get ready to work harder for these to succeed.

Other than those, though, the Void of Course Moon neither brings negative influence, nor it reduces the beneficial influences from other active aspects. In the same manner, it doesn’t strengthen the negative influences, either. Continuing what you have already started, and doing things you usually do, are not affected by this aspect in any way.

For instance, if you have a good day work wise, and a Void of Course Moon happens during this day, the day will continue being a good one. But if you have a good day for starting an advertising campaign and a Void of Course Moon happens, during this time, it’s unwise to launch this campaign. Preparing it, though, isn’t affected. Quite the opposite, because of the aspects making that day a good one for advertising, preparing one receives beneficial influences.

Void of Course Moon periods of this waxing Moon: Just like during the previous waning Moon, during this waxing Moon there are many long Void of Course Moon periods. This happens because all the planets are in the same part of the sky. Of course, now, they are not, almost all in the same zodiac. As a result, the extent of the Void of Course Moon periods won’t be as great. Nevertheless, since this is an important period, I present you here all the Void of Course Moon to help you schedule your activities. Times and dates, as always, are in UT.

  • From January 19, 11:51 to January 16, 20:26
  • From January 22, 01:13 to January 22, 06:27
  • From January 24, 04:16 to January 24, 13:39
  • From January 26, 03:17 to January 26, 17:40
  • From January 28, 10:40 to January 28, 18:58
  • From January 30, 16:41 to January 30, 18:54

So, these are the Void of Course Moon periods of this waxing Moon.

Keep them in mind and also refer to the New Moon’s predictions , the coming article for the predictions for the Eclipse, the Annual Horoscope , the Jupiter in Scorpio article and the Mars in Scorpio article to help you plan your time in the best possible way, to achieve your goals and wishes.

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy your life!