Magical Lucky Box Spell

Ask for what pleases you this Year! This is how to make your Magical Lucky Box Spell!

Box spells are one of my personal favourites, the reason behind that is that they are simple, relatively inexpensive and given that you select a nice box it can decorate your house storing your wishes under everybody’s nose. This formula is built on number 7 – the number of good luck and wonders.

Ingredients for the Lucky Box

  • Box of your choice
  • 7 magical charms for good fortune
  • a piece of paper
  • 5 white tea light candles
  • piece of chalk

Preferably to be cast on a Friday or Sunday when the moon is Waxing (growing bigger). Draw a pentacle on your floor using the chalk and put the open box at the centre of the circle. On each point of the star put one of the tea light candles and when you are ready to cast the spell light them.

Before you light each candle say: “ I light thee with a Divine Flame, may you bring me Good Luck, Fortune and Fame.”

Then you need to charge each of the magical charms and attune them with your energy while asking them to bring you good luck every day. Of course the selection of magical charms is highly personal and depends on how you feel about them, however I have created a small list to help you out just in case you get stuck:

  • A golden thread or ribbon
  • A lucky coin
  • Horseshoe
  • Picture of a ladybug
  • A paper rainbow
  • A paper butterfly
  • A fairy symbol

Personal good luck items (remember your childhood charms or lucky objects for additional power)

Crystals and minerals that feel that bring you good luck (Tiger’s eye, sunstone, quartz, ruby, emerald, diamond, Pyrite (aka Fool’s Gold) you name it)

Herbs , Spices and Roots ( St John’s Wort , Chamomile , High John the Conqueror, Calendula, Tonka beans, Vanilla pods, Wintergreen etc)

As you add in the items, remind yourself why you think them as lucky and attune to that feeling.

Once all the items are in the box claim: “Seven items have been gathered, seven items have been placed, seven items have been sealed. Good luck, fortune and fame you are always near. Every day as I wake up, Good Luck will shower me from the front to the back.”

Close the box with a BANG! and if possible leave it in there until the candles are burnt out.

Place the box somewhere that will keep you reminded of your good luck whenever you see it and away from nosy people. It is advised that only the Witch should open and close the box thereafter.

Enjoy the Magic!