Finding Colored Feathers and their Meanings

Feathers are symbols of the Air, this vibrant element which surrounds us all. Air is the element of communication, of truth and justice. Since Ancient years, feathers were believed to be omens from this plane of existence as the carry the essence of Air. Colored Feathers are in fact a language which can be translated into omens and signs of what’s coming. Why Air is so important Air is all around and inside us. In the same Element our consciousnesses are connected. In other words, Air is the Matrix and we all live Online with it. We upload and download memories and thoughts through this Matrix. Moreover, Air acts like a ‘Cloud service’ where all thoughts are stored.

Some people have the ability to ‘connect’ in this cloud service and download what other people have seen. Feathers and the Other World. Finding Feathers is believed to contact other realms. There is a reason why we portray Angels with wings. They are the messengers, the bearers of truth. Hence feathers symbolize their connection with the Element of Air. What about Fairies? They have wings too. Moreover, Hermes, the messenger of the Gods has winged sandals which help him fly wherever he wants. The three divine brothers, Gods of Dreams, Sleep and Death, are portrayed as winged angels as they carry the truth from the other Realms.

Colored Feathers and Magic In a much more simplified way we believe that finding feathers can be seen as contact from the above. The colors of the feathers will give us more details about the essence of the message. Remember, it doesn’t matter if the feather you just found is artificial or natural. It still counts as an omen! Colored feathers and their Meanings

  • White Feathers

Finding a White feather was considered a very powerful sign. The connection with Angels is obvious. Hence, if you find a White feather, it probably means that you are on the right track! It a sign of Blessings from the powers above you.

Moreover, white are the feathers of the White Dove and Swan. Both birds are sacred to the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite . She gives you a hint, to Love and accept yourself as you are, because you are Perfect! Trust these forces and try to connect with the Source of Ultimate power, Love.

  • Yellow

These are the most Airy feathers as they directly correspond to the powers of the Element. A Yellow feather is a powerful omen that one of your ideas need your immediate attention. Something you’ve though of is extremely important and you should not neglect this thought or idea.

From all the colored feathers, this one maybe the most powerful one. In Magic, a yellow feather is a great representative of the Element of Air.

  • Gold and Orange Feathers

These are the feathers of Sun. Creatures like the sacred Phoenix , who rules Fire and the Sun is believed to have feathers of all these colors. These colored feathers are a reminder that you need a spark to light up you life once again. You may feel broken inside but the Sun will shine again tomorrow and until then you need to put joy back into your heart!

  • Green Feathers

Green are the feathers of a peacock.

If you have just found one Green feather it probably means that you are blessed by the powers of the Great Goddess. Remember, Peacock was the sacred bird of Hera , the all-mighty Queen of Gods. Hera is here to remind you to put more effort in your family. Blessings will soon arrive in form of fertility, money or health.

  • Pink Feathers

These are the symbols of the Love birds which are directly associated with Aphrodite . If it happens to find a pink feather the message is obvious. Love knocks your door. Can you hear it?

Maybe you need to put grief aside and look for the positive side of life. Love can make us feel whole again.

  • Red Feathers

Red is the color of passion, like the passionate Northern Cardinals, these beautiful birds, harbingers of energy. Amongst the colored feathers, the red ones symbolize that something big is coming to you, very very soon. It is probably here already. Someone or something very important will ignite your passions and creativity. Open yourself to all the great possibilities of life.

  • Blue Feathers

Do you remember Aurora, the sleeping beauty? She was accompanied by bluebirds.

The authors (Charles Perrault and later the Brothers Grim) have hidden very important magical knowledge in this ‘fairytale’. Blue birds symbolize protection by magical powers. Moreover, the size of the birds is relatively small and this is a hint that magic is not yet that obvious. However, Aurora was always protected by magical forces. Hence, if it happens to find a blue feather is an omen that Heavens listen your prayers and Magic is close to you. Magic is all around you and Heavens just sent you a Blue Feather to make sure you acknowledge it. It also means you need to be patient. Blessings are coming but not right now. Good Magic is on its way.

  • Grey Feathers

This is the color of neutrality and transformation. The color of many Owls, the bird of Wisdom. Hence, Finding a Grey feather by chance is an omen that you need to take a step back. You are probably fighting without reason or maybe you lost track because you’ve been fighting for so long. Furthermore, Grey is the color of truce. Maybe you need to re-think your priorities and ask yourself: “is all this energy worth spent?”.

  • Brown Feathers

The color of Eagles and Hawks. These are the birds who demand respect. You’ve been given a very important omen dear. It’s time to reclaim your magical energy. You’ve been wasting it.

The first step is to ground yourself. Become one with the Earth.

    • If the Brown feathers are striped with white lines, you need to tap into the divine forces and ask for help. They are here to uplift your energy.
    • Moreover, if the Brown feathers are striped with black lines, you need to let go of the past. Grief is haunting you. Learn to let go. Furthermore, it may be a sign that you are magically bound or cursed. The Light will set you free!
      • Black Feathers

Finding a Black feather by chance was considered an omen from the Underworld.

The connection with Crows is obvious which is considered a bird who can see the Realm of the Dead. The Morrígan loves these birds . If it happens to find one, it means that you my dear have been visited by a deceased loved one. Someone who has passed away is here to help you. Who is it?