Why are we Afraid of the Dark & 3 Reasons to Love it!

The Witchy Pointy hats are black for a reason. And there is a quick answer to help you get over it. Witches do not equate Darkness with Evil. There you go. That’s it. So simple. We are not afraid of the dark as darkness is our ally, our friend. Why are we Afraid of the Dark? There are many answers for this question. However, we will answer it as Witches. Reason no1. Prejudice. Since childhood we are raised in a religious society where ‘darkness’ is used to describe and refer to evil. Modern culture has also adopted this childish mindset. Thus, we are raised to fear of the dark as the forces of Evil.

Especially in Jewish religions Darkness is a synonym to the Evil reign. Devil is called ‘prince of darkness’. This probably happened because at some point, when these religions dominated Europe, Pagans used to gather up at night worshipping the Old Gods and Goddesses. Especially in Europe, the term ‘witch’ was often used to describe priestesses of Artemis (Diana in Latin) which continued to worship the Moon at night. God knows what fundamental christians understood by watching the priestesses of the moon dancing at midnight… Reason no2. Sexism. Yes, sexism. Imagine that according to ancient beliefs, this world can be divided into two major categories. The Light and Shadow also known as Yin and Yang.

In this material world it’s all about balance. Sun and Moon, Man and Woman, Light and Shadow, Yin and Yang. You can only imagine that just because Man was associated with Yang (hence Light), Women was associated with Yin (hence Darkness). We all remember the story of Adam and Eve. Women were believed by those religions to be the initiators of our Falling. Hence Sin is associated with Women and Yin (Darkness). Light, the Men are superior, the Good. Man is the Heir of the Thrones. That’s why there were only Priests in Jewish religions. And that’s why Darkness is feared. Reason no3. Fear of Magic.

It’s no secret that fear is a tool used by religions to keep Magic Power for themselves. We know that Pope himself keeps grimoires and magical artifacts in Vatican Secret Archives. Religions are actually afraid of any individual’s power. They keep us afraid of the dark because in darkness lies new beginnings. We are raised to fear Crone aspects of Gods and Goddesses. Why? Because there is power there. Hence, the Crone Goddess and the Hunter God (the one who bears horns) are now equated with demons if not Devil himself. Darkness is in balance with the Light though. Remember. This does not mean that Good is in balance with Evil in the Spirit World.

Do not be mistaken. Good is self-created and not at war with Evil. As Buddha used to say, Evil is at war with Chaos, not Good. However, in this material World, evil has some power indeed. Furthermore, evil utilizes both aspects of light and darkness as they are parts of this partly corrupted World.

  • We as bearers of Magical Wisdom should be free from this trapping mindset.

In Darkness our psychic powers are amplified. We no longer spend energy in vision and we focus on other senses. This is why in darkness we are more likely to feel the presence of other entities.

Moreover, this is why Witches love to practice their craft. Why we should NOT be Afraid of the Dark. 1. Darkness is the Great Tomb and the Great Womb

  • In all ancient religions at first there was darkness. This is the Great womb from where everything was created. Darkness symbolizes the endless possibilities. What has not yet been created.
  • Darkness symbolizes freedom of Wishes. It’s the fertile soil in which we can plant the seed of our Will.

2. Darkness is Freedom

  • We are all come to life from another Realm. Light and Creation come together. But before this there is no creation.

    Hence, in darkness we do not define ourselves by what we see. We are what we feel. Our emotions are manifested in darkness.

  • There are many magical spells which require from us to visualize we are in space, and the only lights come from the distant stars.
  • Moreover, Darkness is also used in Magic (in form of Black candles) to symbolize the absorption of negativity and Black magic.
  • Finally, Darkness can reveal portals to travel through the Realms.

3. Darkness is Balance

  • We cannot be exposed to high levels of energy all the time.

    We need darkness to ground ourselves and abolish the excessive energy. Sleeping in Darkness is much more regenerating than sleeping with light.

  • Darkness can also be used as a state where we silence our inner thoughts. Visualizing Darkness, where nothing exists but everything can be born, is a perfect way to cleanse you mind and empower you magic!

Make Peace with Darkness. It’s your Ally. Not your Enemy.