A Witchy Guide for Unlimited Magic Power on Winter Solstice

The Most important Day of the Year approaches. The Druids call it the Nameless Day. The day when Anything is possible according to them. A day of Unlimited Magic Power. Also called as the ‘Feast of Potentials’ as it is believed that wishes are like seeds in a fertile soil on this day . Anything can be accomplished as long as your Will is fiery enough to melt the ice of Winter and warm this seed. This Opens a Great Vortex of Unlimited Power! A Day of Unlimited Magic Power We call it the Winter Solstice or Yule. The Winter Solstice is tracked by astrology.

It’s the first night when the Sun enters Capricorn (December 21-23 depending on the year). Then Night When symbolically the Light Dies. This was always a super powerful day. But when another major astrological event occurs, then the whole year and even the next to come are influence. Let’s see an example. For 2020, was not just an ordinary Winter’s Solstice. As it coincided with a Great Conjunction with Jupiter and Saturn – such a close on which has never happened the past 4000 years! This Grand Conjunction which will empower this Solstice. Anything that happens during this Solstice will echo for decades. Since then, this world will never be the same.

Longest Night This is the Longest Night of the year. We mourn the Solar King who sacrifices himself, only to be reborn – like the Phoenix – in three days, on December 25th. No it’s not a coincidence. Christmas was the ancient feast of Solar Cults, to celebrate the coming of the Solar Deity – Saviour, exactly like Jesus Christ. This is the most important day of the Year because it marks the beginning of a brand new Solar Year. In this day, all Solar Deities are remembered and celebrated – bearing in mind that they are being reborn soon. We thank the Light for all its gifts and we let what’s wrong die.

On Winter Solstice, we open ourselves to the Unlimited Magic Power. 12 Days of Celebration & Prophecy The ancient ones observed the 12 days of Yule as omens for every month of the upcoming year, noticing what was happening during that time. So, let’s observe the next 12 days. Depending on the events that will happen, you will be able to predict what awaits you in each month of the new year 2024. December 22, 1st day symbolizes January December 23.

2nd day symbolizes February December 24, 3rd day symbolizes March December 25, 4th day symbolizes April December 26, 5th day symbolizes May December 27, 6th day symbolizes June December 28, 7th day symbolizes July December 29, 8th day symbolizes August December 30, 9th day symbolizes September December 31, 10th day symbolizes October January 01, 11th day symbolizes November January 02, 12th day symbolizes December How Witches celebrate the Winter Solstice. This day has been honored as the most sacred day for millennia. The Longest night of the year symbolises the infinite possibilities. These are the possibilities that a Witch wants to tap into in order to manifest all desires.

  • Witches Perform the Yule Fasting. A spiritual preparation which ideally lasts 7 days and nights.

    (You can always begin in the night of the Solstice).

  • During the first three nights, Witches abolish all negativity which bothers them. If you begin in the night of the Solstice – do the ‘death’ part in this Longest Night.
  • During the Night of the Winter Solstice they celebrate the Sacrifice of the Solar King, paying tribute to the Light. They meditate first on what they want to abolish, and the on what they want to attract.
  • During the next three night, Witches attract whatever they want for the next Solar Year.

Let’s unravel the Secrets of Winter Solstice: Part one.

The Death of Light During this part (approaching to the Winter Solstice) Witches leave behind what traps them. Winter Solstice is the night we set ourselves free from all that bothers us and make us cry. All the fear, all the rage, all the pain will die along with the Solar King. The Solar King like the Phoenix, will sacrifice Himself and take with him all our sins, all our troubles, all our pain. Although the Light dies on Winter Solstice, the Solar King will resurrect in 3 days. This symbolises our illumination and the coming of unlimited magic power. Until the Solar King will sacrifice himself we can confess him all our sins and problems.

  • What to Do three nights before the Solstice:
  • Meditate on what you want to leave behind in the longest night.
  • What is bothering you? What made you cry? What’s causing the pain?
  • NOTE: Do not focus on the person which may cause the pain. Focus on what is really bothering you. Focus on the energy. (Example: let’s say that someone is bullying you. Do not focus on the bully. Ask the solar king to free your from all bullying.)

Part two. The Longest Night During the Night of the Winter Solstice, prepare a Witchy feast. Alone or together with friends.

If you want to invite friends or join another celebration tag them in our posts and invite them in our pages. Let’s make this Solstice more open!

  • What to do during the Longest Night:
  • Remember all the things you want to leave behind. Rage, pain, troubles…
  • Perform a cleansing ritual.
  • Now it’s time for Gratitude. Gratitude is the essence of manifestation. Show the Universe what made you happy the past year. What are you thankful for?
  • Now you are ready for the second half of the night. Think of all the things you wish to happen in the following year. Focus on it.

    Ignite your will until the ‘ice melts’.

Part three. The Rebirth of Light The following three Nights are the nights we prepare ourselves for the upcoming rebirth of the Sun. He is going to rise up again, stronger than before. These are the night to focus on what you wish for.

  • What to Do three nights after the Solstice:
  • Meditate on what you wish to attract on the following Solar Year which just begun.
  • What do you wish to attract? It is love? Happiness? Money? Health? Good Luck? Anything goes and everything is permitted. Be true to yourself and the solar king.

Some final Notes.

  • You are advised to perform a spiritual fasting during these holy days.
  • Do not curse, do not wish harm, filter your thoughts, discipline your mind. Be very mindful when you speak. Stay on the Lighter side of the Karmic Will.
  • Fasting is discipline but also is a way of Living – not just a break from what we are doing. We teach ourselves what’s good for us.
  • Make good deeds. Focus on your spirit.
  • Remember to write down all your Wishes.
  • Note what you meditated on. What did you wish to leave behind? What did you wish to attract?
  • Put the notes in an envelope and seal it. Open it up again in the next Winter Solstice. You will be amazed on how much you’ve accomplished!
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