Psychic Seductiveness – 3 Steps to achieve it

Seductiveness and beauty are two different things. This is true not only in the way we evaluate each, but, also, in the energy behind them. Whereas beauty is of the Water Element, seductiveness is of the Fire Element. Even more precisely, seductiveness is generated by our Sexual Energy. Probably our most basic and most fiery energy.

Of course, there are methods, magical and non magical, which can help us enhance our beauty and good looks. In our site, you can find quite a few such spells. Here, though, we are going to deal with seductiveness and psychic, or spiritual methods to raise it. You can also find some spells to help you with this in our site. But here, we are going to learn how to generate this energy, or ability, with means of our intention.

First Step to Psychic Seductiveness: As seductiveness is generated by the sexual energy, raising it and improving its quality is the most fundamental key to become seductive. Or more seductive, if you prefer. Achieving that is simpler than it sounds.

Lie down on your bed, or anywhere you can lie comfortable. Be naked, or wear comfortable clothes, in order for the energies to flow freely. With your hands, gently cup your genitals and send love their way. Keep doing this for 10 to 15 minutes.

Additionally to raising and improving your sexual energy, by doing this, you also help yourself becoming happier. By lovingly cupping your genitals, after about 5 minutes, the brain gives the body a command to start producing endorphins. These are the happiness hormones. Additionally, your self-confidence is getting better. After all, self-confidence is generated by sexual energy. Hence, you are becoming happier, more self confident and more seductive. I think it’s a good deal!

Try to repeat this procedure three times a day for a week, and then once per day for as long as you wish. There are no negative side effects if you continue doing it for three times a day, though.

Second Step to Psychic Seductiveness: Equally, if not more, important to our energy is the input of our mentality. If we believe we are seductive, our mind will change our energies to become compatible with our belief. On the other hand, if we can’t believe we are seductive, once again, our mind will make sure our energies are compatible with our belief. Thus, it’s good to make sure our mind adopts the belief we are seductive.

To do this, repeat to yourself:

“I am seductive. Yes, it is true. I am indeed seductive!”

Repeat this for 5 to fifteen minutes per session. Do this, also, three times a day for a week and then continue once per day for as long as you like. If you are experienced in the use of energies and can concentrate on sending love, and on repeating the affirmation, then you can do this while performing the first step. But if you don’t have enough experience, it would be better if you do the two steps separately. You can practice the second step just after completing the first step, of course.

Third Step to Psychic Seductiveness:

The first two steps work on yourself to make you more seductive. Now it’s the time to radiate this seductiveness to the world. Of course, since you’ve changed your energies and mentality, you’ve changed your aura’s radiation. So, people will perceive you as more seductive. So, in general, you already radiate this seductiveness of yours.

But, let’s say you see a person you like and you want to be as seductive as possible towards this person. Mind that, what I’m describing here won’t spellbound this other person to you. This isn’t my intention, and it shouldn’t be yours either. But what this method will help you achieve is becoming more… interesting in their eyes.

So, focus your attention on this person. Literally. This isn’t a psychic advice, of course. It’s a mundane, classic advice. And here is the psychic addition to this everyday advice. Keep expressing to this person, mentally, how much you like them and admire them. For example, keep mentally repeating something like, “I like you. I think you are very beautiful. You are very sexy”, or whatever is true for you. Don’t lie, despite the fact the other person doesn’t listen to you with their ears.

In fact, they subconsciously perceive whatever you are saying. And if you lie, they’ll perceive you as a liar. This isn’t a seductive quality, at all! Humans tend to reciprocate love with love, interest with interest, admiration with admiration and so on and so forth. And this becomes especially true when it happens in a subconscious level where thoughts like, “What is he really after?” and the like won’t appear.

As a result, the more you admire the other person, the more you encourage them to admire you. The more love you express towards them, the more love they tend to express towards you. The more sexy you find them, the more sexy they tend to consider you. And if you think they are you victim or toy, they will either consider you as a victim and a toy, or as a person who doesn’t deserve their time. So, send them only positive vibes.

Does this method work?

To put it simple, yes! Of course, it may not work towards the specific person you practice the third step. This depends on many parameters. Their character, sexual orientation, whether they are in love with somebody else, what they want, etc. But, your seductiveness will raise, and you’ll appear more seductive to the world. Hence, more people will be attracted towards you, and your odds to find what you are looking for will raise, as well.

Some of our spells to help you to enhance your seductiveness and beauty:

So, that’s all. Have fun and be seductive!