‘Potentially Hazardous Asteroid’ Will Pass Earth Tonight

Tonight, you might catch a glimpse of a ‘potentially hazardous asteroid’ named Phaethon. Its a three-mile long asteroid, traveling at the speed of 45.000mph – 72.500kmph. In few hours, the gravity of Earth will bring it closer to us. Funny thing though, it’s name is not a very common name and in Magic, Phaethon is someone really important. Phaethon nearly Destroyed Earth Phaethon was the son of the Oceanid (nymph of the Ocean) Clymene and the Sun God, Helios. Phaethon, challenged by his friends tried to impressed them with his divine origin. Hence he asked his mother for a confidence boost. She advised him to turn to his father for confirmation, the Sun God.

He asked his father for some proof that would demonstrate his origin. Helios, his father, allowed him to drive the sun chariot for a day. Phaethon though, was not able to control the chariot. He accidentally drove the chariot so close to the Earth that it nearly destroyed our planet. Goddess of Earth, Gaia, asked for help. Zeus , the almighty King of Gods had to answer. Earth was in danger. Therefore, he stroke a thunderbolt and kill Phaethon instantly. Phaethon – ‘Potentially Hazardous Asteroid’ Tonight, in few hours, at 10pm (GMT) Phaethon will approach earth. But don’t worry, we will make it through.

The asteroid is classified as a ‘potentially hazardous asteroid’ by NASA because it comes to Earth every 1 and half year. It’s orbit is only 6.2 million miles away from Earth. This is really close because is actually only two million miles away from Earth’s orbit.