Every Woman is a Witch: Menstrual Blood – Sacred Magic in You

Every Woman is a Witch! Menstruation or Menstrual Blood, also known as ‘period’, is the regular discharge of blood from the uterus through the vagina. The word ‘Menstrual’ derives from the Green “μήνας” and the Latin ‘mensis’ which actually means ‘month’. It is extremely interesting that the average length of the human menstrual cycle is similar to that of the lunar cycle. This is why Women and the Great Goddess have always been associated with the Moon and its Powers. Let me remind you, that the oldest calendars are based on the Lunar Circle.

Menstrual Blood Magic In the ancient times, the first menstrual blood was a sign that a girl was attuning with the Great Goddess. The Menstrual Blood is an omen of the Goddess’s blood of immortality. It’s carrier of Life coming directly from its Source, the Great Goddess. A sign of Fertility, a sign of creativity and true Magic. You can actually tap into its power once you understand that:

I repeat. When Menstruating, you are entering the phase of your Greatest Magical Power – the Greatest Mysteries. The Time that equals with the New Moon, the darkest of Nights drenched in infinite possibilities.

This is who you become! Menstrual Blood’s Magic Lore

  • The power of Menstruation was well known in the Ancient Religions. Egyptian priests and priestesses prepared a magic potion with menstrual blood to connect with female deities.
  • Menstrual Blood is believed to be a Source of Eternal Life. According to the Nordic Religion, god Thor achieved a great state of power and eternal life by bathing in a river of a primordial Goddess’s menstrual blood. This a symbol that the Menstrual Blood is a source of divine power and magic.
  • Menstruation is a powerful tool in Blood Magic (along with the blood of Childbirth). It requires no sacrifice as it is yours.

    Witches prepared and drunk potions contained their menstruation in order to enhance their magical powers. You don’t have to drink it though to get it’s power.

  • The Mayan Civilization identified the New Moon with Menstruation. They used an expression “the moon is lowered” or “her moon is lowered” to actually mean “she is menstruating”.
  • Menstrual Blood is pure Magic. It’s not bad although it can be used in dark spells. You have your own moral compass though. Do not mess with black magic.
  • Ancient Priests prepared a ‘drink of immortality’. This was a magical potion which allegedly made warriors unbeatable. This potion contained menstrual blood and sperm.
  • Moreover, Menstruation is linked with the Moon. Hence as already said, it is linked with the tidal waves. This is why menstrual blood is considered to be an extremely potent attraction ingredient.
  • Menstrual Blood is well known for its magical and regenerative powers. This is why when Witchcraft was condemned, the Sacred Feminine power was also hidden in shadows. In other words, Menstruation was ashamed because it was feared of its greatness. Christian menstruating women are usually forbidden from the great rituals.
  • Post-menopausal woman are believed to be even more powerful in Magic. This belief comes from the fact that they no longer waste their menstrual blood.
  • In Tao, Menstrual blood is called Red Dragon, chilong 赤龍, while Sperm is called White Tiger, baihu 白虎. There is actually an ancient taoist technique called “beheading the Red Dragon”. By mastering this technique you actually stop your menstruation. Keeping all the magic of menstrual blood in you equals lots of energy. Thus, this is the key for eternal life and unlimited power.

Menstrual Blood Desecrated:

  • It’s no secret that Witch Hunting usually focused on women. Why? Because it actually targeted the sacred feminine, a birthright for ALL WOMEN. Clearly, these religions who based their power in patriarchy fear the Magic all Women hide inside.
  • It’s widely believed that Witch Hunts targeted the ones who survived the Old Religion. Witches were actually priestesses of of the Old Ways who kept the sacred flame alight. These wise women, knew the power of their menstruation.
  • This hatred against menstruation and the Female Nature, probably comes from the Ancient Zoroastrian who is believed to inspire Judaeo-Christian religions. Zoroastrians associated menstruation with the evil god Ahriman and the “demon whore” Geh. Ahriman gave Geh the menstrual blood, an evil material.
  • In Bible – Old Testament, it’s clear about Menstruating Women: Leviticus 15:19-33 “Whenever a woman has her menstrual period, she will be ceremonially unclean for seven days.” YEAP!

    7 DAYS!

  • In Christian Religion, women who are menstruating are considered impure. Does unclean mean empowered?

Uses of Menstruation in Spells and Rituals: Menstrual Blood is used for many magical causes. It is believed to be the link with the Great Goddess. One of the most powerful magical tools. Therefore, it is used to the following reasons.

  • Healing Spells
  • Fertility Spells
  • Reincarnation and Karma Spells
  • Activating Magical Powers
  • Love Spells
  • and Attraction spells

DISCLAIMER: Drinking your Menstrual Blood might be an unsafe practice. Blood is rich in iron and it can cause digestive problems and diarrhoea.

Moreover, blood is a material to cultivate almost all bacteria and viruses. Hence is can give you all kinds of infections. Drinking another’s Blood may also infect you with diseases (HIV virus, hepatitis etc). Ask your medical doctor if you plan to try it. Coming up… simple ways to use Menstrual Blood in your Everyday Magic!

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