Death and the Zodiac Signs

By the time humans discovered Astrology, they tried to figure out how long will the live and how will they die. However, they also discovered that Death is very difficult to predict. So before I start analysing the Zodiac Signs let me tell you that it needs much more than an article to find out how are you gonna die. Death and Astrology On the other hand, Astrology shows our weaknesses and disadvantages. Looking at someone’s natal chart is easy to understand how is this person affected by nature and his/her environment. This is why we can see and predict your body’s weakness by only looking at your Zodiac Sign. This is called medical Astrology.

Death, is a much more complex issue. It takes a detailed natal chart and many calculations to predict the cause of it – usually by a powerful Fixed Star with which a Planet conjuncts or causes a major aspect. Furthermore, how we die is predicted by examining the 4th and the 8th house. The house of Cancer (which is also called the Womb or the Tomb – ironic huh?) and the house of Scorpio. In these houses, the details are shown. Can your Zodiac Sign predict how you Die?

  • No, at least not exactly.

But it shows many aspects on the same subject. Do you know in which Sign your 8th House begins? Good.

Keep this sign in mind. Which Sign is the strongest in your Zodiac Circle? For example, a strong Scorpio will give much information on the Death probability as it show our natural tendencies. Either way this is just an idea. You will need more information about your Natal Chart. Once you have it go back to this article and see more.

  • How Your Zodiac Sign influences Death?
  • Is Astrology trying to tell you something?
  • Let’s see it with a sense of humor.
  • This article is for educational and entertaining purpose only. Death is only a doorway.

Aries: Blood Orgy The cause of death under the influence of Aries is almost always blood related. Car accidents and murders almost always have to do with Ares-Mars, the Governor of Aries. Dying from bleeding caused by metal tools or sharp instruments along with violent causes are related with Aries. Also, any type of accident related to extreme sports or dangerous activities are also influenced by Aries. Tools and Causes: Bleeding, knife, guns and gunshots, explosions, terrorism, murder, accidents. Head injury. Meet with other Aries Witches in – it’s FREE.

Coming soon: Your Daily Predictions on Qooest + Magical Newsfeed Taurus: Death visits Home This Zodiac Sign is the one which loves spending time at home around their fireplace, reading books with a good company. Taurus is more prone for accidents at home and especially in the kitchen, a place which somehow affects them the most and ruled by Venus, their sweet governor. Tools and Causes: Kitchen tools and food gone bad. Injuries caused indoors, breathing or ingesting poisons, neck injuries, eating disorders. Meet with other Taurus Witches in – it’s FREE.

Coming soon: Your Daily Predictions on Qooest + Magical Newsfeed Gemini: Dying for Freedom This is the Zodiac Sign influenced by Hermes-Mercury. Gemini loves to breaks free from anything that holds them behind. They drive fast and they love motorbikes. Their reckless behavior and the fact that they love to multitask, make them prone to accidents with cars or any other means of transportation. Either you drive or you do something else. Never combine them. Tools and Causes: Injuries and accidents caused in tube stations running to catch the train. Car / motorbike accidents. Lungs and the respiratory system is sensitive. Quit smoking. Meet with other Gemini Witches in – it’s FREE.

Coming soon: Your Daily Predictions on Qooest + Magical Newsfeed Cancer: Drowning from Sorrow This zodiac sing is ruled by the Moon-Artemis-Diana. The great lady of the Night Sky blesses Cancer with emotions and the gift of empathy . Strong emotions always fill the heart of Cancer causing them many emotional-related issues. Sleeping or eating disorders, stomach ulcers or even heart and respiratory issues. Tools and Causes: 5 packs of beers and 12 boxes of pizzas. Overdose of anti-stress medication or painkillers. Hight blood pressure. Meet with other Cancer Witches in – it’s FREE.

Coming soon: Your Daily Predictions on Qooest + Magical Newsfeed Leo: Dramatic Death Leo is the only Zodiac Sign which is governed by the Ruler of our Planetary System, the Sun-Apollo. As they are the sons and daughters of the Sun they feel their royal origin. This is why they instinctively seek attention and admiration. However, this can also be a lethal trap. Their brave actions or the ones which attract public attention affect their heart. Tools and causes: Their coronary system and their hearts are the most sensitive parts of their body. Of course they can always stomp over their huge bags of shopping. Or of course hitting on a bus while trying to fix their hair.

Meet with other Leo Witches in – it’s FREE. Coming soon: Your Daily Predictions on Qooest + Magical Newsfeed Virgo: Escaping details by dying It’s no secret that Virgo is ruled by Hermes-Mercury. A smart planet which blesses them with an uncanny capability for analysing all aspects of life. They are keen in finding solutions and they tend to overestimate this ability. Hence, they stick with more and more details affecting their digestive and nervous system. Constipation is a perfect example. They keep the poison inside trying to analyse its cause and ultimately it destroys them. Tools and causes: Any troubles relating to intestines and constipation. Accidents due to their anxiety.

Choking on their nails from over-biting them. Meet with other Virgo Witches in – it’s FREE. Coming soon: Your Daily Predictions on Qooest + Magical Newsfeed Libra: Beauty in Death Libra is ruled by Aphrodite-Venus the planet of Beauty and Harmony. They will try hard to keep themselves fit and beautiful. Sometimes they overdo it though. Death can be associated with plastic surgeries or diets. Dehydration is a very common issue. Moreover, chronic anxiety can give birth a self-destructive person who is spoiled in drugs or alchohol. Tools and causes: Anything relating with kidneys and hydrations. Furthermore, problems related with the anxious personality. Accidentally inhaling too much of hair spray.

Meet with other Libra Witches in – it’s FREE. Coming soon: Your Daily Predictions on Qooest + Magical Newsfeed Scorpio: Mysterious Death Scorpio is ruled by Mars, the planet of action and heroism. However, they are also ruled by Hades-Pluto, an also brave and mysterious god of the Underworld. Their whole lives are drenched with mystery and secrets. Therefore, their death could not be an exception. It might also go beyond death. Letters and information from the grave might puzzle the ones they loved. Tools and causes: Knives and sharp objects, guns or poisons might be related to their death. Murders, sex and crimes can also be the key.

Oh and did I mention sex? Meet with other Scorpio Witches in – it’s FREE. Coming soon: Your Daily Predictions on Qooest + Magical Newsfeed Sagittarius: Death from over-Optimism Sagittarius is ruled by the King of All Gods, Zeus – Jupiter. Thankfully this gives them a subtle good luck which accompanies them for all their lives along with hope and optimism. But life is life and it has to end at some point. Death related with Sagittarius is death from long distance travelling by mysterious exotic diseases or accidents in transportation. Even the death however, has a sense of hope and optimism. Another distant journey…

Tools and causes: Death by choking on lucky charms. Accidents while traveling. Exotic diseases. Jet lag syndrome. Capricorn: Sages die too As they grow older these guys become somehow younger. This odd effect has to do with Kronos-Saturn, god of Time. It seems that their governor keeps his gift for later in life. Death related with Capricorn is a death which has an impact in society or where they worked. Capricorn attracts power and their death equals a change of an Era. They tend to grow old and die from natural causes. Tools and causes: Natural death from an old age. Choking from pills.

Meet with other Capricorn Witches in – it’s FREE. Coming soon: Your Daily Predictions on Qooest + Magical Newsfeed Aquarius: Shocking Death Their bizarre nature usually results to a shocking death. In all their loves, the seek to be unique, one of a kind. This tendency makes them choose interesting yet dangerous paths. Joining social parties or even occult groups may end lethal. Death related to Aquarius has to do with Saturn and Uranus, their two Governors. It is believed that social activities might be linked to the way they die. Tools and causes: Choking on their hands-free kit. Drinking too much. Partying too much.

Pisces: Escaping Reality Pisces is ruled by Zeus-Jupiter and Poseidon-Neptune. Their enchanting personality has been blesses by these two brothers. Their mermaid nature make them live half their lives in a dream world. When they get back to reality they might get sick and depressed. Hence, they might seek help with drugs and alcohol. Everything relating to chemical substances and bad mood is related to death influenced by Pisces. Tools and Causes: Alcohol. Too much alcohol. Way too much alcohol. Did I mention drinking? Drugs? Depression? Meet with other Pisces Witches in – it’s FREE. Coming soon: Your Daily Predictions on Qooest + Magical Newsfeed