Signs When Everything is about to Change

Life is not a linear path. On the contrary, it’s a circular path and many things remind us what has already happened. This world is built on patterns and this is why we can predict the future. Knowing what has happened gives us a fair advantage to foresee future events. That’s the art of Omens. The art of Divination. When things are about to change you ‘feel it in the air’, you ‘smell it in the water’ like Lady Galadriel . It’s not shame to know that most of the times, Universe surprises even the most qualified astrologers and mediums. However, there are some things that happen right before a major energy shift in our lives.

These things happen to make us ready for the Change. Like the Signs which happen when we walk on the Wrong Path of Life , these omens will send us a message to be ready and receive a huge energy boost. Do you feel the Change? 1. Freedom Change happens when we want to liberate ourselves from Past debts. These debts sometimes are manifested in form of routine which makes us feel sick. Are you fed up from your life? Do you desperately need something new? When our Life is ready to end as we know it, we feel the breeze of freedom shaking our past. Nothing can stop us anymore.

We are different and we can feel it. Nothing can shock us. And this is freedom. This is exactly what attracts this New Life. 2. Numbers When things are about to change you r epeatedly see the numbers 1 and 9 over and over again. These are the numbers of the Ends and the New Beginnings. Every-time you look at you clock you see these numbers repeating a premonition. These numbers seem to appear almost everywhere driving you crazy. You try to figure out how can this still keep happening. Well… it can dear! 3.

Animals Most usually, when transformation is near you keep seeing butterflies and dragonflies and other animals which symbolise for you the change that’s coming. Butterflies and Dragonflies are believed to be the spirits of our Ancestors trying to make room for the End. Don’t try to figure out where these butterflies are coming in the middle of winter. Just go with the flow. Get ready for the Energy shift. 4. Omens Usually these omens occur as dreams. Do you keep seeing weird symbols while you sleep? Do you regularly wake up remembering a vivid and powerful dream rich in symbolism? Omens don’t have to appear only while you sleep but also in real life too.

Weird symbols in the clouds or even a graffiti sign on a wall may try to prepare us. Do you receive the symbols? Furthermore, you might experience a prolonged deja-vu feeling. This unique sense wakes you up like you know what’s going to happen. A very common omen of Change is the Sacred Phoenix. Phoenix symbolises the absolute change that’s coming. The Lord of the Jubilees tries to make us ready for the life’s games. 5. Libido For some reason, almost everyone who is on the edge of discovering a new Path of Life, experiences a surprisingly enhanced libido.

Like time has rolled back and you magically feel young again, ready to participate in Life’s greatest mysteries. This increase of Energy levels is usually translated from your body as enhanced libido. Make sure to guide this energy in order to experience pleasure and the Awakening .