Predictions: New Moon in Scorpio – November 18

General Predictions for the New Moon in Scorpio: Neptune will be rather active during this Lunar Month. Mercury keeps stressing Neptune, but this aspect will be over by the 22nd of the month. On the 25th, though, Sun will start stressing the planet. This square will be accurate on the 3rd of December.

Venus, on the other hand, supports and blesses Neptune, and this aspect will be active until the 25th of the month. This is after Neptune will turn in direct motion. Jupiter also supports Neptune via a triangle, and this aspect will be accurate on the 3rd of December. It will be active, though, until the 12th of October 2018. Informatively, the triangle will again be accurate on the 25th of May and on the 19th of August, 2018. Amongst all this activity, Neptune, during this lunar month turns in direct motion on the 23rd of the month.

Venus will form a hexagon with Pluto on the 21st of November and Mars will form a square with Pluto on the 19th. Both these aspects will be active almost the whole waxing moon. The latter until the 6th of December.

As you may have noticed, many things happen on the 3rd of December, the day of the Full Moon. Even more, Mercury, on that day will turn retrograde. But we’ll see this on the Full Moon’s article.

During the waxing Moon, Mercury is in conjunction with Saturn. We’ve started sensing this conjunction, barely, on November 17. The conjunction will be accurate on November 28. It will be active, though until the 14th of December. Naturally, the retrograde Mercury will conjunct accurately Saturn once again during this period. This will happen a few days after the Full Moon, on the 6th of December.

In the same time, as we’ve seen yesterday, Mercury also forms a hexagon with Mars. As we’ve said, this hexagon was accurate on the 17th of November, and it will be accurate again on the 6th of December and active until the 13th of December . This is a few days before the next New Moon. So, this aspect will affect the whole lunar month. Until the 3rd of December, more auspiciously so, as Mercury will be in direct motion until then.

Mars also forms a hexagon with Saturn. We’ll start sensing the energies of this hexagon today, on the day of the New Moon. On the 6th of December this hexagon will be accurate. It will be active, though, until the 26th of December.

The triumvirate of Mercury, Mars and Saturn will play the protagonist’s role during this lunar month. Even more strongly and auspiciously during the waxing Moon. Mercury inspires and motivates Mars, and Mars supports these inspirations with energy. Saturn helps us manifest these inspirations. This is a very active and productive period. During this period, our minds will also be active and clear. Even when there are short-term aspects that cloud the mind, we will maintain enough clarity. Mars with Saturn may give us some stress and oppress our energies when they are stressed, but when they are not, they will help us to create our reality.

Services and products of health, beauty and love become interesting. Purchasing such products and services is auspicious. Selling them is profitable. A more philosophical and spiritual approach of the same subjects is also benefited. This means, engaging meditation, hypnosis, or even magic for these matters can be very effective. If you try magic, use spells that require visualisation. Also reading literature, or science about these subjects becomes interesting. Writing such books and articles receives inspiration. Promoting such books receives luck. Studying this subjects becomes interesting and easier. Advancement in these studies may be achieved with minimum effort. But also, all studies receive some blessings.

Meditative and hypnotic techniques will be strong and capable, for all purposes. Especially on matters of health, beauty and love. Healing through such methods in particular will be very strong. The same goes for communication with other planes and entities, and for empowering our sexual stamina. Especially for men.

Until now, sex and beauty were the keys of love. Now the mind starts becoming just as important. From the 2nd of December on, it will take the leading role. Metaphysics in particular, until the 2nd of December, and same spiritual or intellectual interests in general, until the end of the lunar month, become more important for a healthy and happy relationship. Finding your partner in such groups and communities is favoured.

Overall, this is a beneficial lunar circle, and a very beneficial and very magically potent waxing moon. Wish fulfilling magic is very strong. Especially if you engage meditation, visualisation, or hypnosis.

Jupiter is still strong and will remain strong the whole period. So, do refer to the Jupiter in Scorpio article , as well.

Predictions for Aries: This is going to be a very good and productive month for students, and all those who are studying any subject. Especially the ones mentioned in the general predictions. Of course, this is a general trend, but for you even more so.

The way you see and experience the world changes too. Unlucky incidents may initiate or encourage this procedure, but, for the most of it, it is your own choice. Finding books, seminars, or other means to further your efforts is easier. It may come to you almost naturally and effortlessly.

Business partnerships becoming stronger, healthier and more productive. If you are seeking a new partner this is the period to find one. People who match your desires are coming towards you. This can also be the start of a romantic relationship as well.

This lunar month doesn’t really helps you to find a new relationship, but nor it sends the opportunities away. Meditate on what you want, and seek them in groups of similar minded people to raise your odds. Those already in a relationship, though, will have a nice, pleasantly quite period with their spouse or lover. Can you arrange some vacations with your important someone? This can be of great help, or pleasure, depending on the current condition of your relationship.

Predictions for Taurus: With Jupiter in Scorpio, and even more with Jupiter forming a hexagon with your love planet Pluto, love life will remain a main aspect of your life until next November. Your governor, the general love planet, also helps right now, so there is extra focus on the subject. Luck too. Sexual attraction and emotional fulfilment are the main things you are seeking in a new lover. These will ignite your interest. These are also the qualities of yours you promote, and should promote. If you are already in a relationship, try to listen to your partner, and express yourself to them. Also, do engage in sex as much as possible.

These will better your relationship, even if bettering isn’t really necessary.

But this lunar month, work and money are also a main focus of yours. If you like your job and receive satisfaction from it, you’ll have a great progress. If not, you’ll be looking for a new one. And you can find one. The restrictive Saturn may cause your knees to tremble under the thought of changing your job, or career, but it does that not to stop you, but to make you feel certain for the desired change. If you actually try to make this change, Saturn will help you achieve better results.

Careers of all kinds based on magic, money, sex, health and beauty are the luckiest ones, and the ones receiving more blessings. But, all careers are benefited during this month. Your income may also raise, or the (new) job you are doing may give you much more satisfaction.

Predictions for Gemini: Love life is probably the main issue of this lunar month for you. Finding a new love is possible. Go out and have fun. Enjoying yourself during this period can benefit you in more ways than you can consciously comprehend. But enjoying yourself in places potential lovers can see you can bring you a new lover. Your having fun seems sexy!

For those already in a satisfactory relationship, this is a nice period to spend more time with your special someone. Try to enjoy your time with them, and make them enjoy their time with you. Healing issues and problems in your relationship is also favoured. As most of the time things will be good, or better than good, it is easy to just forget these problems, but don’t. Saturn watches over this aspect of your life and you don’t want to see it’s strict face.

Finding new friends and new business partners is possible, and auspicious. Your kids’ love life may become important for you during this period. If that’s the case, trust more, control less. Even if their choices don’t seem to be perfect, according to your opinion, they may be perfect for them. So, if your kids are happy, be thankful for that.

Predictions for Cancer: Family plays important role in your lives this lunar month. For the most of it, it will be a pleasant thing, but there will be times it will be quite a stressful one. Focus on the positives though. This is a period to heal and strengthen your bonds with your family. Starting your own family is also possible and auspicious.

Your job is also important. Clarifying situations there, improving your work position, or finding a new job are all receiving many blessings. Do what is needed to achieve any of those, and do it confidently.

Health is a little sensitive this period. There is an extra astrological emphasis on it, and this means that when this emphasis receives stress, your health may face some dangers. But, the rest of the time, for the same reason, your health is good and your healing is strong. Health issues in the family may stress you somewhat. In most cases though, old such issues are getting better, new such issues are not that serious.

Changing your home, or redecorating, renovating it and things like those are all favoured. Selling your property as well as buying new property are both auspicious. Real estate agents can be very busy.

Predictions for Leo: This is a very nice lunar month for you. Your mood is in a good condition most of the time, socialising becomes part of your daily, so to speak, schedule and it is happy. This will be true both for the cases your socialising is for your job, and when it is for pleasure. Meeting with clients, finding new clients and things like those are very favoured. Clients and co-workers trust you more easily. Even more, your co-workers are more helpful, supportive, or – at the very least – less of a bother.

Love life also becomes luckier and happier. Finding a new lover is easier. Bettering the situations with your current spouse, or lover is very feasible. And advisable, too, if there are any real problems in your relationship.

There are no strong negative aspects regarding your job, but neither strong positive ones. This means, things will be basically as you know them and without much stress. In some case, to make the “without much stress” part true, improvements may actually happen. But, you probably expect them, or even have scheduled them.

This is a mostly happy month, and your happiness brings happy situations more than the other way around. It is true that you may have to force your smile in some situations, but the more you are doing this, the more the situations change in order for them to offer you a genuine smile.

Predictions for Virgo: Money is happy this lunar month. And this is probably the only thing most of you want to know right now. Money does seem very important for you, but it will be happy. Of course, it probably won’t fall from the skies. You need to work for it, one way or the other, but it comes to you, it serves your needs and it satisfies your desires. At least the important ones.

Expanding your business, investing money to other business, and similar tactics seem auspicious. Of course, think carefully and ask the opinion of an expert, before investing huge amounts of money. Spending money to make your home more cosy, as well as, to help your family, is also possible. But even these come with pleasure. You seem though, to be more careful in the management of your financials than usually. As far as I can say, this is a wise choice. Stinginess is a cause of misfortune, but so is wastefulness. As long as you avoid the edges, being a little prudent, is a good thing.

This is a good lunar month for you to set the foundations for a brighter future. Do your best to work on that, whatever it means for you. This may include emotional healing, forgiveness, and things like those. And if you strongly believe this isn’t your case, then I suggest you think again. For this is the case for all humans, and for all situations. And even clearer so, for you during this lunar month.

Predictions for Libra: This lunar month, and especially the waxing moon, can help you create your reality the way you want, and manifest your dreams. There will be some luck in achieving those, at least concerning money. But the Universe calls for your action as well. The skies promise to greatly multiply the results of your efforts. They don’t promise to make the effort in your place, though. So, do act upon your goals, even if just a little.

Trade of all kinds is the kind of business that receives the most blessings. If you are trying to start such a kind of business, then do your best to do it before the Full Moon, on the 3rd of December. Expansions and promotions of existing businesses of this kind is much favoured until then, as well. The waning Moon is better for correcting mistakes, or finding ways to make things simpler and more efficient.

Bettering your social circle and life is also favoured by this lunar month. New friends may appear. Existing friendships get better, or, more accurately, healthier. This means that some friendships may end, if their foundations are unsound. Others, where there are strong foundations, but some problems, they may express these problems loud enough so that you won’t be able to overlook them. And don’t. This is a good period to solve these problems.

Predictions for Scorpio: Your financials are getting better this lunar month. This will manifest mostly as a healing process, rather than by raising your income, although, this may also come. Reducing your debts, finding ways to cut unnecessary expenses, finding the same things you want in better prices, and things like those will happen. To a degree, this will happen even without your intention. But if you put your mind in to it, you may save more than you can imagine.

Financials can also be improved in the long run, as well. Acquiring equipment, hiring useful personnel, or similar tactics that, despite the fact they cost you at the moment, they are going to raise your profit in the near future, are possible. If you need to do such things, try to do them until the Full Moon.

Business that require creativity and imagination, or empathy and intuition will have a very productive period. This includes psychologists, artists and diviners, but not just them. If you are trying to make a name, or set up a business in these fields, this is not time to relax. Make the most out of it.

Predictions for Sagittarius: Mental activity and spirituality are very important for you this lunar month. Studying, investigating, or otherwise acquiring new knowledge is favoured. Although this is true for any subject, knowledge and skills about technology is the kind that receives the most boosting. If you want to learn computer programming, for example, this is a great period to do so.

Internet and high-tech gadgets will play an important role in your lives during this lunar month. Occasionally a stressful one, but the final outcome will be mostly pleasant and beneficial. You may acquire, or find yourself in the need to acquire, new such equipment. Your social media, and especially you professional profiles, may raise in popularity. Do the best you can do about that, and you’ll have very promising results. Advertisement can also give you good results. Personal internet activity too, just not as strongly as professional.

Searching in the inside is also favoured. Understanding yourself, discovering your own secrets, and bettering your relationship with yourself are all possible even without your conscious intention. Do this consciously and you’ll have great results. Emotional healing, and healing of your not so beneficial ways of thinking and feeling can take place. Raising your vibrations and bettering existing spiritual skills, too.

Your spouse can also become important this month. Although the procedure may not be always pleasant, the end result will be a beneficial one. Deepening and healing your relationship with them is possible. Supporting them in their problems and goals, as well as receiving support from them is also possible.

Predictions for Capricorn: Career is very important for you during this period. Expanding your business, finding a new, or a better, job and bettering your professional life in any possible way is possible. Put your energy into it and you’ll achieve the results you want. At least to a satisfactory degree. Psychologists, artists, parapsychologists, mediums, and similar professions will receive the most luck and blessings. Managers of artists, too, as well as those selling art.

Your public image also becomes important, and occasionally obsessively, or stressfully so. Avoid the obsession and reduce the stress about it. Other than that, I see no wrong in trying to acquire a better public image, or raising your social status. If this is what you want, work on it during this period, and especially until the Full Moon. Politicians, and other people who’s public image is part of their job, can have a very good lunar month. But also, they are the ones mostly in danger for scandals and things like those, during the periods and days Capricorn receives stressful aspects.

Seeking a relationship that can support your social growth is also possible. It also receives much luck. This sounds more soulless and egotistic than it is for most of you. People of power and social status seem sexy and admirable to you. They also take notice of you, more easily. Helping you in your dreams is the side effect and not the cause of the relationship, in most cases. If your existing relationship is such a person, then expect some help from them. If you are in a happy relationship, but not with such a person, this blessing may manifest in a more friendly than romantic way.

Predictions for Aquarius: This will be a very productive lunar month for students, authors, poets, teachers of all kinds, and similar professions. It can as well be quite a stressful one, too, but productive nevertheless. The internet, book stores, libraries and similar places – or “places” – can become your second home. Try, though, not to use research as a tool of procrastination. Use it as a tool of achieving your goals.

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