Levitation that Works: “Light as Feather, Stiff as Board”

There’s a party ‘trick’ I’m pretty sure we’ve all played at some point. “Light as Feather, Stiff as Board”. Well, let me tell you my experience first, because this is not a trick but Practical Magic. I’ve been drinking with some friends at my early 20s and one proposed to play this levitation ‘trick’. They explained me how it works and – yes – it sounded pretty ridiculous. It’s worth to mention that I had not watched ‘The Craft’ Movie by that time. If you have not watched it yet, do so. It’s AMAZING. “Light as Feather, Stiff as Board” But I said, what the heck. Why don’t we give it a try.

I truly believe – and I believed it back then too – that when so many people gather thirsting for magic, Magic Will Happen! It was a summer afternoon and it was getting darker. The Sun was setting and we were outdoors in the woods near my best friend’s country house, breathing the light breeze coming from the tall mountains around us. The scenery was so perfect, we actually thought that we were breathing magic. I truly believe, that anything would be possible at that time. Not only levitation. ANYTHING. So, one of our heaviest friends sat on the stairs and four other men (including me) circled him.

We tried the “Light as Feather, Stiff as Board” and it worked instantly. It was amazing. I felt the power in my hands. We were amazed. One of our friends even got scared and pulled his fingers. Our muscled friend landed heavily on the stairs making a painful noise while he gained a nice big bruise. At this moment, I was sure that this is no trick. Something happened back there. Repeating the ‘Levitation Trick’ It goes without saying that we tried it several times this night. And we tried it the next night too. Always with different people. I even had the chance to levitate. YES. I LEVITATED! It was amazing.

Watching yourself been lifted in higher, leaving the ground. I was thinking ‘why on earth isn’t this the most popular thing’ and ‘why no scientists have not ever observed and experimented on it?’ Of course, they did and the knowledge is restricted to small circles. Failing the ‘Levitation Trick’ Few years later, after I met new friends, who were actually mages and witches, I told them about the trick. We decided to try it after a ‘seance’ with some spirits. We were 5 practitioners. A part of me wanted to ‘show off’ although I mostly wanted to see the look on their faces and taste again this ‘practical magic’. But it failed. We tried again. It failed again. Why?

I think I know the answer. But let’s see the Levitation ‘trick’ here and how it works… Practical Levitation. How to Perform it.

  • You need five people. One person sits on a chair. Pick an ordinary one, not an armchair as it will make it less practical.
  • Ask the one who sits on the chair to focus on feeling light as feather. Remind him/her to feel lighter.
  • Gather the other four around. Tell them to stand at the four corners of the chair. Two at each arm pit and one at each knee.
  • Now tell the 4 to extend the two pointing fingers and put them under the armpit and knee of the sitting person. This means, one will put the fingers under the left knee, the other one under the right knee, one will put it under the left armpit and the other under the right armpit. Try to lift the person. You realize that you CANNOT levitate the sitter.
  • Now, each of the 4, put a hand over the middle person’s head. Start clockwise. Start with the person standing on the right armpit of the sitter. Tell the person to put the right hand on the sitter’s head. Continue with the one standing on the right knee.

    Tell the person to put the right hand on the sitter’s head. Continue with the one standing on the right knee. Continue with the one standing on the left knee, and then with the one standing on the left armpit. Now the person who stands on the right armpit puts the left hand on the sitter’s hand. Complete the circle.

  • The hands face down. Push down the hands – without touching the head or each other’s hands. Now, right above the sitter’s head, you’ve made a stack of 8 hands.
  • Take few minutes to breathe normally. Feel the warmth of the energy flowing through your hands that the head of the sitter.
  • Additionally you can Now you can chant “Light as Feather, Stiff as Board”. Repeat as needed. You can skip the chanting but it will help you focus and synchronize your energies.
  • Once you all feel this ‘warmth’ of the energy, quickly remove the hands. Tell everyone to clasp their hands, extend the two pointing fingers and put them under the armpit and knee bend of the sitter.
  • Lift up with the fingers the sitter at the same moment. The person who sits on the chair will be lifted ridiculously easy.
  • You may also see the chair levitate too.
  • DO NOT pull back your finger as the person will probably fall.
  • Feel the energy of Levitation. Enjoy the moment. Breathe MAGIC!
  • Direct the sitter back to the chair.
  • CONGRATULATIONS. You’ve just made someone levitate. It’s your turn now!

Why ‘Practical Levitation’ Works:

  • Because Magic is true. Now you CAN prove it yourself in a very easy way.
  • Levitation works because we are not made only of flesh and blood. We are made of energy.
  • Combining the energy of 4 + 1 people magic is stronger. It’s the first rule of Ceremonial magic.

Why Levitation NOT always work:

  • Because Magic is energy.

    When Energy is blocked (because someone of the group radiates negative energy or is afraid, or for any other possible reason…) Levitation will not work. Try clearing your Aura first.

  • Not all moments are the same. You know from Magical Recipes Online that stars play a very significant role. That’s why we have the Daily Predictions . And soon you will have them on Qooest – our band new platform and app!
  • All places are not the same. You know that some places a blessed while others suck up the energy of the ones living nearby. These are the haunted places .
  • Some of the participants are cursed or have their magic blocked for some reason. Do you suffer from negativity ? Is you energy being drained by psychic vampires ?

Have you tried it? Tell us your experiences.