Are You Attacked In Your Sleep?

When we are Sleeping, we tend to be more sensitive to psychic phenomena as we tune down the mundane. Our brain is programmed to work mostly with the material world. Therefore, when in sleep mode, our magical self wakes up and is ready for some interesting journeys. You see, our Soul thirsts for Magic. And Magic Exists, whether we believe it or not. There our numerous entities out there, both good or evil, and we have already encountered them. Forbidden Wisdom – Are you Attacked in Sleep? Ancient Egyptians believed that our body has several mortal and immortal bodies within. One of the Bodies is called Ba. Although is often translated as Soul, that’s not the whole truth.

Ba was depicted as a bird with the head of a person. The Ba was attached to the body, but released after death and/or sleep. Egyptian Mages and Witches used their Ba or channeled other entities Ba to perform magic. What Ba ‘sees’ or experiences can be translated back to feelings. There are many signs when we are attacked during sleep. Some of them are: Persistent Nightmares – usually involving the same characters

Keep waking up during the “Witching Hour”

While in Sleep Paralysis you ‘sense’ negative entities

  • Although we will devote a whole new Article on ‘Sleep Paralysis’ we should tell you that it is a phenomenon, when we wake up from deep sleep but for few seconds, our body is frigid but our mind is alert.

    Actually, this is a time when can project in the Astral Plane with little effort as our Astral Body is activated.

  • When our Astral Body (Ba?) is activated we go on ‘Magic Mode’. Our magical powers are enhanced and we can sense what’s going on, multiplying our intuition’s capability.
  • If we wake up in Sleep Paralysis and we feel the presence of a hostile spirit, then this entity was probably attacking us few minutes ago. Our Astral Body tries to make us understand this the ‘hard way’ because we did not pay attention to previous stimuli. It tries to tell us we have to Shield our Aura.

You wake up with scratches / bruises all over you

  • If all these previous phenomena don’t alert you the connection with the negative entities might get more intense.
  • Although these entities cannot directly affect you, they will try to attack your energy matrix. If for some reason they will succeed, or if somehow the connection is stronger than expected, the attack might get more physical. There are many who report waking up with bruises or scratches on their body, even at places that they could not have done it by themselves.
  • These phenomena are important signs you should not miss.

    If this happens you need to banish negativity at once.

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