Reclaim your Puberty – An age reversing spell

In magic there are many beauty spells. Some of them, like our Magic Mirrors of Beltane – A beauty Spell , can be used for age reversing. But there are also many spells that they intend to do just that. The one we are going to see here is a simple one, intending to turn us back to the most brilliant form of youth – the puberty.

What to expect from this spell: Can it really work? The material world is but an illusion. This includes our bodies. Magic ans spirituality have taught us this since ancient times. Physics has proved it, too. As Buddha taught us, our world is a creation of our thoughts. And Christ taught us that whatever one believes one can do, they can do it. If throwing a mountain in to the sea is possible, why not age reversing?

Will this spell turn you back to a teenager? This depends on what you believe and expect this spell can do for you. But even if you put a little faith in this spell, it will give you some results. It may not turn you back to a teenager, but it is most likely that it will make your body look younger, and your soul feel younger, to a degree.

The “soul” part is very important. Not just because of the saying, “I’m as young as I feel”, but because, spiritually speaking, we age because our soul gets tired of this world. Look at a teenager, and see who they enjoy every experience to its full extend. Of course, they also experience the negative experiences just as wholeheartedly. If we want to be young and wise, we need to enjoy the experiences our lives provide us just as wholeheartedly and enthusiastically as a teenager does, but let the negative experiences pass as painlessly as possible. We are going to see a spell to reawaken our enthusiasm for life in a upcoming spell.

Who to summon for the age reversing spell: This age reversing spell summons the help and blessings of Goddess Ivi, the divine personification of puberty. The very name of hers, Ήβη, actually means puberty. Pronounce both “i”s as “ee”s rather than “I”s. Goddess Ivi belongs to the Greek Pantheon. If you believe in an other divine personification of puberty or youth, substitute the name for the one you believe in and trust. The spell will work just as fine.

What you will need for the age reversing spell: You need two golden candles to dedicate to the Goddess, or whoever you are asking to help you.

You’ll also need a pink candle to represent yourself as you are becoming.

For incense use lily, if you can. You can also use the essential oil of lily in a oil burner, if you prefer. If you can’t acquire either of these, try rose, or whatever feels youthfulness for you.

Optionally, you will need four more golden candles to represent the blessing of puberty coming to you.

You can also use some oils to anoint the candles. You can use the lily essential oil to anoint all the candles. Otherwise, you can use Blessing oil to anoint the candles dedicated to the Goddess, High John for the four extra golden candles, if you are using them, and Controlling for the pink candle.

How to cast the age reversing spell: There are two ways to cast this spell that give different instruction about the repetitions of the incantation, the days needed and the time you dedicate to the visualisation process. First I’m going to give you the general structure of the procedure, and then explain the two different methods. So, when you see “appropriate time” or something similar, look down to each method to find out what “appropriate” stands for.

Prepare your altar with the two golden candles and, if possible, a picture or a statue of the Goddess in between. If you can’t find one, use something to symbolise her. A lily bouquet will work finely.

Have your incense burner or oil burner in front of the statue of the deity, and then the pink candle. If you are using the extra four golden candles, form a circle with them around the pink candle.

Anoint the candles . Light the two golden candles and the incense. Say the following while doing so, and then, a simple, made by you, invocation to the Goddess, asking what you want in your own words.

“I offer these to you Goddess Ivi. In return bless me with the bright youthfulness of puberty.”

Then light the pink candle saying:

“Here I stand, young and bright, as puberty becomes mine again.”

If you are using the extra golden candles, light them in a clockwise way, saying:

“Here is the bright light of puberty coming my way, to bless me.”

Give a few moments to the candles so that the flames will become steady and strong. Then repeat for the appropriate number of times:

“Oh, Ivi, divine spirit of puberty, send your golden light of puberty to me, and make me young again.”

Then visualise for the appropriate time yourself young in appearance, enjoying your everyday life as young in soul.

Then, open your eyes and blow the candles in the reverse order you light them.

The method of 11: One way to cast the spell is, to repeat this procedure for eleven days, then pause for eleven days and then repeat. In the eleventh day you let all candles to burn out completely. You continue like this until you have completed eleven sets of eleven days. This is a complete spell.

After then, you give about one and a half month to yourself for the full extend of the results of the spell to manifest. If you are satisfied, but you want to become even younger, repeat the whole spell. This means, eleven sets of eleven days.

If you choose this method, you repeat the incantation for eleven times, and you keep your visualisation for eleven minutes. It is better to use candles that will be capable of burning for 6 or more hours, so that you won’t need to replace them during the eleven days. Once again, every 11th day, you let the candles burn to the socket.

The method of 101: The other way to cast the spell is to repeat the procedure for 101 days. This is a complete spell. Then you give three months to yourself for the full extend of the results of the spell to manifest. Then, if you decide you want to further the results, you can repeat the spell.

If you choose this method, then you repeat the incantation 101 times everyday for the 101 days. You keep the visualisation for at least 30 minutes, but you can keep it for more than that. The more isn’t always the merrier. You need to end the visualisation before you get tired or lose focus.

When you see that a candle won’t be able to remain lit for the whole next time, let all the candles burn out completely, and replace the whole set the next day.

Which method to use: So, which method will have the best age reversing effects? This depends on you. Theoretically, the second method is more powerful. But, if you can’t discipline yourself to keep repeating the spell for more than 3 months daily, then it won’t give you good results.

Also, if you can’t keep your concentration on the visualisation for at least 30 minutes, without losing focus, get tired, or awake negative feelings, then the spell won’t be successful.

So, as a general advice, I would say, if you are experienced with this kind of procedures, choose the second method. If you aren’t, choose the first method. But once again, this is a general advice. You may be able to keep your focus for hours and repeat procedures daily for months or years, and still, the first method to be able to give you better results. This depends on you alone.

If you choose to use the first method, take notice that the 11 days of pause, are just as important. Don’t make them more or less. It is eleven days.

Finally, always take all fire safety precautions, and never let candles burning unattended.

So, that’s all. Have fun and enjoy your youthfulness.