How to become Famous

Here we are going to see a simple spell which can help you achieve fame on whatever you do. This spell can help professionals who need fame, such as politicians, actors, singers, authors, poets , etc, but also, everyone else who desires to be famous for any reason. Although in such professions usually greater fame means greater income, this spell doesn’t guarantee the latter.

What you will need for the spell:

  • Frankincense
  • Orange essential oil
  • Carrier oil
  • Golden candle
  • Optionally, Crown of Success sachet powder

How to cast the spell to become famous: Start on a Sunday. Wake up before sunrise and go to you bathroom. Light the candle and the incense. You can anoint the candle with the orange oil for better results.

If you want, invoke the blessings of Apollo . Alternatively, use your own praying to invoke the blessings of the Sun. Then, take a shower. Make sure the incense is still burning and will continue so until after you have finished your shower.

Dry yourself and smoke yourself with the incense while saying seven times:

“May I be bright as the Sun who breaks the darkness of the night. May all people admire me as they admire the Sun.”

Use the oil, which you have diluted in the carrier oil, and with this anoint your self starting from your feet up to your Solar Plexus. Then from your hands towards your Solar Plexus. Finally, from the top of your hand down to your Solar Plexus. Extend your arms and legs to make a whole-body star. Then repeat the incantation for at least seven times. Feel free to say it more than seven times if this is necessary.

While doing so, imagine the light of the Sun entering your body from your feet, your palms and your head, and going to your Solar Plexus. There it forms an inner Sun. Imagine this inner Sun becoming bigger and bigger until all of your body is in this Sun. See the rays of this Sun spreading to the whole world. Then finish the visualisation, and blow the candle.

Dress as you would normally do. Sprinkle some Crown of Success sachet powder in your shoes, if you have chosen to use it.

Repeat this ritual for 21 consecutive days. Then repeat this 21-day ritual every 3 months, until you have achieved the amount of fame you desire. Of course, do your best to become famous with your earthly activities as well.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Always take all fire safety precautions and never leave candles burning unattended.
  • Never use undiluted essential oils on your skin. Even more so orange oil.
  • Avoid direct sunlight after applying orange oil for at least two hours.
  • This ritual should finish before sunrise. Just before, would be perfect.
  • If you translate the spell in your language, use the meaning of “break”. It is an important part of the spell. “Break” insinuates a sound, and not just an image.

Finally, if you want your carrier oil to have a special meaning, refer to our upcoming article about carrier oils. As a general advice I suggest sunflower oil for this spell.

So, that it. Have fun and be famous!