Dream Incense – Magical Recipe

There are many ready made formulas, as well as complicated recipes of incenses intending to help you with your dreams. This very simple recipe of Dream Incense we are going to see in this article is, to my experience, probably the most potent one.

The Dream Incense recipe: It is indeed so simple that we can hardly call it a recipe. So, to prepare this magical recipe, you just need wormwood and essential oil of lemon. If you want, you can add some mugwort as well. Avoid it, though, if you are not sure you can control any situation that may occur. Mugwort will open the astral gates much more, and much less carefully. Other than dreams, entities, not necessarily of a good nature, may also visit you in your sleep.

So, mix half a teaspoon of dried wormwood with three drops of lemon essential oil. If you insist in using mugwort as well, have 2 parts wormwood to 1 part mugwort, and again three drops of lemon essential.

How to use the Dream Incense: Burn the incense on a charcoal disk, in the your bedroom. Leave the smoke there for about half an hour. Then air the room well. Then go to sleep.

Do this for no more than three consecutive nights. If you continue, the dreams will be very vivid and will disturb your sleep. The effects of the incense will last for a few days after the use, too. If you use it just once, you’ll probably have vivid dreams for about three days. If you use it for three consecutive nights, your dreams will be vivid enough for about a week.

Both mugwort and wormwood can become very toxic . Make sure you air the room properly after burning the incense. Never use mugwort or wormwood when you are pregnant. Actually, don’t use it if anyone in the premises is pregnant. Also, if nausea occurs, air the room again, for many hours, and don’t sleep in the room.

This incense doesn’t choose the dreams you are going to see. It just makes the dreams you see more vivid, and you remember them when you wake up. In an upcoming article we are going to see a spell to order a desirable dream.

With all precautions, you can use this incense, just to remember your dreams, for your entertainment, but also to help you in all kinds of dream magic, including lucid dreaming . It can also help you with astral travelling.

Don’t use essential oil of wormwood and mugwort. Well, you’ll probably won’t be able to acquire these oils anyway, as they are highly toxic and lethal. The magical oils of the same name, are synthetic oils that mimic the scent and try to mimic the magical properties of the botanicals. In my opinion, they aren’t as potent as the botanicals.

So, that’s all. Have fun, and enjoy your dreams.