9 Symptoms of ‘Soul Loss’ – One of the Darkest form of Magic

Magic can be good and can be bad. It can heal, it can help you recover, it can help you thrive. Unfortunately, it can also cause severe problems and inflict pain. What makes magic bad? 1. The intention 2. The means we use. One of the darkest forms of magic inflict what we call ‘Soul Loss’. Learn more about Dark Witchcraft here. What is ‘Soul Loss’? ‘Soul Loss is a constant state of fear, caused by spiritual means’. This anxiety is so strong that actually feels like there is something eating us from the inside. It is often manifested in a form of traumatising experience which brings on the surface everything we’ve ever feared.

The Old Ones believed that this status actually results to a detachment of part of our soul, hence ‘Soul Loss’. What Causes ‘Soul Loss’ ? Many spiritual and magical means can cause this constant state of fear. Let’s see some.

For a dark practicioner, fear is a way to establish spiritual connection. If we are prepared and we can control our fears, Dark Magic can NEVER influence us. Moreover, this is a way to realize that we keep hiding and repressing our instincts and passions. Because frankly, my dear, fears are just misguided passions. What are the 9 Symptoms of ‘Soul Loss’ ?

  • Lack of Satisfaction in Life. Less sources of pleasure.
  • Fatigue. It feels difficult to do even the simplest things and for no medical or biological reason.
  • Sudden listlessness for anything that may interest you in the past. Apathy.
  • Memory Loss – having difficulties to recall important things / information. It almost feels like you are not the same person anymore.
  • Sleeping issues. Insomnia. Troubles to wake up. Nightmares and fearsome dreams.
  • Love feels boring. Inability to feel or express Love. Feelings are shallow.
  • Cynicism for life. Almost Nothing impresses you. Life feels meaningless. Tendency for ‘bad habits’ like overdrinking, smoking, drugs etc.
  • Shame. You feel embarassed by what you’ve done in your life.
  • Feeling disconnected with Divine Forces. You feel abandoned and/or unworthy for Divine Love and Protection.

These are the 9 Symptoms of ‘Soul Loss’. What can you do about it? How to Heal ‘Soul Loss’:

  • Consult with your medical doctor. YES. These symptoms feel like depression and you could use some personalised advice. It is extremely important to ask for medical help and discuss any ways you want to try for healing – medical or not. Your doctor can help you sleep better and help you with anxiety. This should ALWAYS come first. Now, let’s move on with magical ways.
  • First and most importantly, Learn to Love Yourself. Embrace you who are, who you’ve become and change what you want. It’s the most important step for healing. Unleash your Shadow self.

    Know your passions. Fuel your healing process with the energy of your passions.

  • Witchy Way against Depression . Aromatherapy can give you a helping hand to help you defeat the dark forces. It may work slowly but it does work steadily.
  • “Burn Frankincense along with Myrrh and Rosemary to Uplift your energy”. This has actually been proven by scientists that these can help you overcome your fears. See more here.
  • Cleanse your Chakras. Meditate on your energy matrix. Try to “diagnose” your aura.
  • Use multiple spiritual and magical ways for protection.

    We have shared with you the Old Ways for protection. See here more again.

  • Summon the Powers of Archangel Michael . He can help abolish the dark energies.
  • Ask help from your Guardian Angel. Write him a detailed letter.
  • Grounding can help you neutralize negativity. Perform his technique frequently.
  • Do the Lotus Mudra – magical gesture. It can help you find Light and fight Darkness.