7 Very Simple Magic Tricks for Love

We’ve seen here the 7 Very Simple Tricks for Prosperity . Following the same manner, we’ll see now seven simple ways to attract love, using everyday materials and means.

Trick 1: Add about three table spoons of dill in about 3lt of water, and boil. When the water starts boiling, lower the fire and keep boiling for about half an hour. Strain and add this dill water in your bath water. Relax in your bath and think positive thought only. Submerge your head at least three times. This will enhance your attractiveness.

Can you acquire dill seeds? It is said that if you add them to a drink it acts as an aphrodisiac.

Trick 2: Are you a man or a woman interesting in finding a female lover? Powder some Bay Laurel leaves and add them to your everyday perfume. Are you seeking a man instead? Do the same with orange blossoms.

You can do this by adding a few drops of the essential oils instead, if this is easy for you to do. The magic will be even stronger.

Trick 3: Keep Lavender buds wrapped in a piece of muslin cloth in the drawer you keep your undergarments. It is believed that the members of the opposite sex will be all over you. Renew the buds every three weeks, preferably on a Friday.

Traditionally, this trick is for heterosexual coupling, but some say it works equally well for homosexual coupling, too. Lavender isn’t expensive, so if you want to try it, it isn’t too much of a problem.

Trick 4: Licorice has many attracting abilities, and other love related abilities. A simple trick employing the power of licorice is simply to chew a piece of it. The root, not the candy, of course. According to tradition, your kisses will be unforgettable. Of course, for this trick to work, you need to kiss the other person.

It is also said that licorice can awake your own libido. Do you feel that your soul and body are inactive romantically and sexually? Try doing the same thing daily.

Trick 5: Wrap some dried passionflower in a piece of silver foil. Hold this talisman in between your palms in a praying posture and ask from it to bring you luck in love. Use your own words. You can simply say “Bring me luck in love”.

Keep this simple talisman with you all the time. The watch pocket of a pair of jeans is an ideal place to have it, when you are out. Your pillow case is a good place to have it when you are asleep. If it is damaged somehow, burn the botanical and throw away the silver foil. Then make a new one.

Trick 6: You can do the same trick with some powdered orris root, instead. Orris root will make you more alluring, while passionflower will make you more lucky. They work together well, so, why not trying have a talisman with both orris root and passionflower?

It is also said that if a couple has problems in begetting a child, the man should drink ginger tea and the woman orris tea before engaging in sex. I don’t know if this actually helps anyhow, but, of course, ask your doctor before trying this recipe.

Trick 7: Most of us know the superstition dictating that kissing under the mistletoe brings good luck to the couple. But what if you don’t have such a person in your life?

Take some mistletoe and burn it saying what kind of people you want to attract. Gather the ashes in a piece of paper or leather. Rice paper or parchment will work the best. Have this talisman near your heart. You can put it in a locker. It is said that within a month you’ll have many such persons asking for your love.

That’s all. Have fun and always remember: The best love attracting charm is your generous love!