7 Magical Days of the Week – every Day is Witchy

Why aren’t the days of the week 5 or 10 or 12? Why 7? Is there a special power in it? Well YES! In the ancient World, astrologers and mages worked with the energy of the ‘7 Planets’. These 7 celestial bodies – which are not all planets – embody the diverse magical forces and energies from which everything is born into creation. Each ‘planet’ has a distinct vibration which can be directed and channeled in every magical work. This means of course that the day we are born is very important for our Personality and Destiny. Check here what it means if you are born on Monday or Thursday…

Each of the 7 Magical Days of the Week has its own Magic What does this mean? It means, that on Friday for example, if we engage in any kind of romantic activities, we have more chances to succeed. In the same manner, if we go for a job interview on Wednesday we will probably be more charming, thus we are going to have more chances to get the job (providing that Mercury is not Retrograde). Each day is perfect for a type of activity but we can do even more to attune to its power? One way is to wear certain colours which are associated with each God/Goddess – Planet.

See more about Colour Magic here! In a few words, the powers of the Gods – Planets are enhanced in their special day. Follow this guide for a Blessed and Magical Week. MONDAY ? Moonday – Lundi in French, is the Day of the Moon. The Day of the Moon is the most potent day for all kinds of Magic. Magic: Monday is actually the equivalent of the White Candle. Today you can work any type of magic. Colour: Silver, White, Light Grey Activities: Anything to do with your home is favoured. Meeting powerful women on Monday is also considered very wise.

Other related areas which are favoured:

  • Nutrition related projects (who starts a diet other than on Monday?)
  • Anything that has to do with wide Audience and Women
  • Fertility
  • Divination
  • Anything that has to do with the Sea and ships
  • Chemical related stuff

TUESDAY ? Mardi in French, is the Day of Mars – Ares. The Day of Mars is potent for anything that has to do with sports and masculinity. Magic: Today you can cast any spell that has to do with defence or fighting back evil. It is also a great day for courage spell and vitality enhancing ones.

Colour: Red Activities: Anything that has to do with men, sports and courage is favoured along with:

  • Sports and all athletic activities – especially the ones that involve competition
  • Meeting with military men and women (along with police)
  • Consult with mechanics
  • All jobs that have to do with using tools

WEDNESDAY ? Mercredi in French, is the Day of Mercury – Hermes . This is a great day for all kinds of travelling, money exchanging, commerce and communication. Magic: All spells that have to do with prosperity, communication and travelling are favoured. Use this day if you want to learn anything – truth spell.

Colour: Light Blue, Yellow, Purple Activities: As god of Communication, Mercury – Hermes blesses all activities in this area along with:

  • Travelling
  • Establishing – reestablishing contact with anyone
  • Internet related activities
  • Commerce
  • Public relations
  • Studying
  • Getting a new phone / or computer or any smart gadget
  • Advertising
  • Solving quarrels

THURSDAY ? Jeudi in French, is the Day of Jupiter – Zeus, king of the Gods. This is a perfect time to expand and broaden your horizons. Opportunities are now more easily followed. Magic: All magic that has to do with attracting opportunities.

Colour: Royal Blue, Deep dark Red Activities: As Jupiter – Zeus is the king of Gods, this day is perfect to address your boss or any socially high-ranked individual:

  • All spiritual and religious matters are favoured
  • Contact universities
  • Meet with your boss, or high-ranking people
  • Arrange and begin a long-distance journey
  • Ask advice from lawyers
  • Any kind of merging and expanding

FRIDAY ? Vendredi in French is the Day of Venus – Aphrodite, Goddess of all Love and Beauty. A perfect day to deal with anything that’s under Aphrodite’s reign. Magic: All love spells, beauty spells and spells for peace are favoured.

Colour: Green, Pink Activities: The activities that have to do with all these subjects are favoured:

  • All matters of Love
  • Anything that has to do with beauty and aesthetics
  • To ask a favour
  • To begin a cooperation / partnership
  • Art – all kinds
  • To bring back peace
  • To go shopping for clothes and perfumes
  • For all kinds of celebrations and anniversaries
  • To decorate your house
  • For gardening flowers

SATURDAY ? Samedi in French, is the Day of Saturn – Kronos, the father of Zeus, god of time. Magic: The day of Saturn is great to deal with long term problems.

It’s is also very potent for banishing and cleansing rituals. Colour: Black, Dark Grey Activities: Although on Saturday resting is the best activity, there are some thing you can do with much success:

  • Anything that has to do with mining and minerals.
  • Everything about heritage.
  • Meeting with your grandfathers and grandmothers.
  • Check safety of your house / car etc
  • Great for study
  • For any activity that requires patience and devotion

SUNDAY ? Dimance in French, is the Day of the Sun – Apollo, god of the Sun. As Apollo is God of all Blessings, his day is almost perfect for nearly anything.

Magic: All types of Magic are enhanced – especially the ones that involve blessings. Colour: Yellow, Golden, Orange Activities: Almost all types of activities are favoured:

  • Anything that can bring you joy
  • Anything that can bring to you success and blessings
  • To ask for a promotion
  • To reconnect with your kids
  • To play
  • To LIVE

So, this Week, let’s all attune with each Day’s Magic. Each Week is Witchy! This can amplify our powers!