TONIGHT: the biggest asteroid ever skim Earth

Don’t miss the chance to see the largest asteroid will pass by Earth tonight closer since -at least – 400 years. It is going to be the closest visit of the asteroid between 1890 and until at least 2500. This mountain sized meteor will come and say hello to our celestial neighbourhood. NASA says this is the largest asteroid to pass so close by, since the agency started tracking near-Earth asteroids (click here to read more from NASA). But don’t worry. Tonight is not going to be the day Earth is destroyed, like on Deep Impact or Armageddon.

On the other hand, tonight, is going to be the night, when the biggest asteroid pays a close visit to our beautiful planet. Don’t miss the chance to see “Florence” – as this celestial object is named – with the code name 3122. Asteroid Florence will fly to Earth “Florence” will come as close as 7 million kilometres, to Earth on September 1 2017. You cannot watch it without proper equipment. You will need a telescope. Of course, if you don’t own a telescope you will be able to watch it online! Remember, the meteor pays no threat. We are not going to be lost like the dinosaurs. The celestial object will pass far away than the moon.

Feel safe and have a wonderful, Celestial Night. Astrology: Astrologically speaking, the largest asteroid passing through Delphinus symbolises news in diplomacy. A war might be on the verge of breaking out but something always changes. The forces of evil try to corrupt the planet but right now balance prevails. Let’s dust off our wands and spread love and peace. Read today’s Daily predictions here.