How to become seductive – Candle Magic Spell

Here we are going to see a candle magic spell to make you more seductive. This is not a spell to seduce a certain someone, and in any case, it’s not advisable to use such spells. It is a spell to enhance your charisma, sex appeal, and attractiveness. It will help you become more noticeable and it will also make things happen so that people who find you seductive to be around you.

This spell is using the power of candle magic, and fire. It is directed to an object, which in its turn will turn you to the seductive person you want to be. This object can be a talisman or charm of your choice, a perfume, again of your choice, or just a photo of yours. Personally, I believe a charm or a perfume will work better than a photograph, but do according to your believes.

Choosing the right object: The talisman or charm can be a charm made exactly for this reason, but it can be also an inconspicuous object you’ve bought, or made, for this reason, as well. A wrist watch, a ring, a necklace or anything alike can work perfectly. If you choose to use a ring, consider using a ring of the thump finger, as it is the finger of Venus.

The most important part in choosing the object is that, in your eyes, it makes you more seductive one way or another. It doesn’t matter if other people you already know agree with your opinion or see your point. Of course, don’t discuss it with anyone. Just choose what you think is best for your case. You can cast this spell upon clothes as well, but I wouldn’t suggest that for several reasons. The most important is that you can’t wear these clothes all the time, and you need something you’ll have attached to your skin all, or most of, the time.

An object you already have and rarely have used can work fine, but avoid an object you are using for long time now. This object has become part of the current you, the you who needs this spell.

The perfume can be a magical oil for this reason, an essential oil (diluted, of course) which is considered as having seductive abilities or you consider it seductive, or a ready made perfume which you like and you feel sexy and seductive wearing it. Again, I would suggest against using your everyday, usual perfume for the same reason mentioned above. Try something new. Colognes you can tamper a little are perfect for this spell, as you can add a few drops of a magic oil of seduction or an essential oil, to further its seductive powers.

If you choose to do this, there is a point of the ritual you can add the drops, so don’t do it in advance.

Magic oils of seduction: There are a lot of ready made magical oils for seduction. Most of them are based on, or are consisted purely of, clove essential oil. If you want, you can use this oil. Dilute it, of course, and we’ll see how to dilute it. Clove essential oil can cause skin irritation, or even an burn, even diluted. Some skins will need an oil of 1% clove essential oil in order to be safe on them. If you have no experience with this oil, start with a 10% solution, try it in the inner part of your elbow. Let it be there for some hours and see if you need to dilute it even more.

Clove essential oil has a peculiar odour. Many find it unpleasant, but for almost everybody is somewhat aphrodisiac, even if they don’t realise it.

A recipe you can easily make yourself, famous for its abilities to raise the wears sexual magnetism is this: 70% Patchouli, 30% Cinnamon. Of course dilute it in a carrier oil. Cinnamon essential is also a strongly irritating oil and can cause skin irritations and burns even more easily than clove essential oil, so make sure you use enough carrier oil for the mixture.

Keep in mind that even if you are not charging a magical oil, you’ll need one to represent seductiveness for anointing purposes.

Choosing carrier oils: Whatever mixture or essential oil you choose to use, always dilute it, as rare are those who don’t irritate the skin, at least a little, and all will cause irritations on a sensitive skin. Carrier oils can give to your magic some fine details, so choose them accordingly. Grape seed oil is a very common one to use. It is the most colourless and odourless of all natural oils. Make sure you buy fresh oil, and preferably keep it in the refrigerator as it doesn’t have any natural preservatives and therefore a very short life spam. Adding some Vitamin E can be helpful. Sweet almond is an other very common and general option.

It’s relatively odourless and has much vitamin E to give it a long life.

Use olive oil as a carrier if you are looking for a rich(er) or an older partner. Use sunflower oil if you are looking for many. Apricot kernel can bring you a younger lover, or a more playful one. It also tends to protect the inexperienced ones. Peach kernel can help you find a long lasting lover and life partner. Jojoba is good if you are pessimistic about finding a lover.

Sunflower can bring you many, or too many, lovers, and a very exciting sex life. Good relationships are possible, but if you can choose wisely. Avocado is a good oil, if sexual pleasure and passion is the main target. This doesn’t exclude a good relationship with much sex. But be sure you really want much sex. Sesame oil can bring you more sensual lovers. Yes, it is very similar to avocado, but sensual and sexual can be different things, some times.

If you are going to add drops of your mixture in a perfume, cologne, or anything alike, keep in mind that carrier oils won’t mix nicely with the alcoholic solution, so you need to shake well the bottle every time before using the perfume. Magically speaking, this isn’t a disadvantage. It’s just a practical inconvenience.

Blessing oils: It would also be good to have a general blessing oil too. Frankincense, myrrh, the mixture of them are very commonly used for these reasons. Try myrrh for more sexual oriented adventures, or frankincense if you are looking for a spouse.

Benzoin is also a good choice as a blessing oil. Try this if you feel discouraged and you are looking for a peaceful, down to earth, relationship.

Jasmine would be my top choice for this spell. A sacred oil, therefore very appropriate for the blessing part. It also has very erotic, sexual and sweet energies. You can choose to focus on whichever you prefer. It is a summoning agent as well, so, even better. Jasmine can be used both as a blessing oil and as the target of the spell. Its smell is considered somewhat feminine, but if you are a woman or you don’t mind wearing such a perfume, use it.

Good quality jasmine essential oil isn’t irritating for the skin, as it is already diluted. What you usually buy as jasmine essential is a 5% solution of the essential oil. If you choose to buy the pure essential – you’ll know it from the price of it – a few drops of it are enough to create a 100ml perfume.

The incense: You’ll also need an incense. Once again jasmine would be my top choice. The combination of jasmine and rose would be another, simple, but good choice. There are also many ready made magical mixtures to help you. Choose according to your beliefs and hunches.

The candles: Then, you’ll need three candles. One to represent you, one to represent the sexual energy, and one to represent the divine energy you are summoning to help you.

The candle representing you can be your zodiac candle, a candle of your favourite colour, a white candle, or an orange candle. Orange is the colour of attraction, and therefore I would suggest using an orange candle, as you want to represent yourself as attractive.

The candle representing sexual energy will be, of course, red. It’s trough this energy that you’ll become more seductive. The candle representing the divine energy depends on the energy you are summoning.

If you are summoning Venus’ help, green is the usual colour. Pink can also be used for her if you are focusing more in the Goddess Venus or Aphrodite than in the planet. Keep in mind that the Goddess is mother of love (Eros or Cupid) but goddess of lust and beauty. If you choose to invoke her, instead of the planetary energy, make sure sex is what you are seeking the most. Lord Sukra’s colour, deity of the planet Venus, is white.

Lord Kama’s colours are red and blue. You can choose either one. Eros, Cupid and the divine Hummingbird are considered to like pink, although I can’t say there is any source I know proving it. Lady Kundalini’s colour is red. Once again a sexual Goddess more than erotic. Moon’s God Khonsu is known for his seductiveness and his ability to make you seductive. Use a white candle for him. The same goes for Soma/Chandra the Moon God of the Hindu tradition.

The Sun as a planet and many solar deities are known for their brilliant seductiveness. Use a yellow or orange candle for the Sun and most of solar deities, like Surya. Use white for Apollo and Savitar. For St Michael, use golden or yellow. Of course, if the deity you are summoning has a favourite colour, use that one.

These are just a few examples of the energies you can summon. Summon one that you trust and use the appropriate colour. If you don’t know which this would be, use a white candle. Avoid some common traps like Vesta/Hestia as she indeed blesses a marriage and a family, but she is a virgin. This is not the appropriate deity to summon for this spell.

Getting ready for the spell: And finally the spell! Prepare your altar as you would do usually. Then create a triangle with the candles with the one representing you on top, the one representing the deity on bottom left, and the one representing the sexual energy of seductiveness on bottom right. Place the photograph, the perfume or the amulet in the centre of the triangle. Put the incense burner in front of the candle representing you.

Use the blessing oil to anoint the candle representing you and the one representing the deity. Use the seductive oil to anoint the red candle representing the sexual energy. See here how to anoint the candles .

While casting the spell wear clothes that make you feel sexy and seductive. Nudity is an option, of course.

The spell to become seductive: Light the incense and take a few relaxing breaths. Focus your mind. Then light the candle representing you saying:

“Here lights my faith that this … makes me seductive and attractive. I now glow seductiveness.”

After “this” you name the object, such as talisman, watch, ring, perfume, whatever. If you are using a photograph instead, you’ll say “this spell”.

Give a moment or two visualising yourself glowing a golden-orange aura of seductiveness. Make it a little more to the red if you ask mostly for sex. Make it a little more to the yellow if you are promoting your youthfulness.

Then light the red candle saying:

“Here lights my increased sexual energy. I am seductive, so everybody says, as this energy becomes part of me.”

Give a few moments in visualising being around people of the qualities you are seeking and listening them saying you are seductive. Feel the joy of it.

Then light the candle of the deity saying:

“… gives his/hers/its blessings here and blesses this charm for me. Its energy raise day by day and my seductiveness increases this way.”

In place of “…” you’ll say the name of the deity. “Its” Of course, instead of charm name the object or say “perfume” or whatever is appropriate. If you are using a photograph, say “spell”.

Once again, give a few moments in visualisation. Visualise your seductive aura growing bigger and bolder and people saying even more enthusiastically how seductive you are. Feel good with this. Give emphasis to this feeling. You want to be happy being seductive after all.

Now anoint the talisman with the seductive oil. If you are using a cologne, now is the time to add the drops of the seductive oil in it. If you are using a photo, just anoint the four corners of the photo with the oil. Then put a drop of the oil in each palm and intensively rub them against each other until you feel them hot. Then place both hands, palm down, over the perfume, charm, photograph, whatever. Feel the seductive energy (the golden orange energy) flowing through your palms into the charm. Feel also the candles sending their energy into the charm (or perfume, or photograph). While doing so keep repeating continuously and steadily:

“I am seductive, I know it’s true. I am seductive, everyone knows it’s true. My seductiveness grows stronger each day. It seduces, it entices and brings what I want my way.”

Repeat this as many times as you need, until you’ll feel that the object has stop receiving energy. Let the candles burn to the socket.

Of course, always take all fire safety precautions and don’t leave candles burning unattended.

How to use the object: If you were charging a talisman, charm, watch, ring or anything like this, wear it, if possible, all the time. Not only when you are out and searching. But when you are out and searching, keep rubbing it from time to time to energise it even more.

If you were charging a perfume, wear it daily, even if you are staying home. A drop or spray is enough. Of course, when you are searching, use it as you would use a perfume.

Both for the talisman and for the perfume, when I’m saying “searching” this includes through internet meeting sites or social media. The other persons may can’t see the talisman or smell the perfume, but their magic will get though.

If you were charging a photo, have the photo somewhere you can see it everyday. Your wallet is also a good choice. When you are searching, if it’s possible, have it somewhere close to you. If you are searching in the internet, having the photo next to your monitor would be the best practice.

That’s it. Have fun and be seductive!