FENG SHUI: Never store anything under your Bed especially…

Bed’s Feng Shui. It is really important? But first things first. What is Feng Shui? As we read from our previous article on Feng Shui remedies for better (and more) sex: Meaning exactly “Air and Water” Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system of geomancy and astrology, inextricably attached to Tao, the Chinese Philosophy and Religion. This ancient technique utilizes the powers of the earth and the stars to make your life better. The Golden Rule of Feng Shui: Feng Shui has many rules. One to know the ways of the Chinese masters has to study and practice Tao for many years.

Although Feng Shui is really difficult to master we can all follow simple rules which all lead to one simple truth. Energy should always flow freely. Nothing should act as an obstacle in the way the Energy flows. This applies in almost anything in your home and your life. Should anything act as a symbol that we are trapped in the past, this is something we have to get rid of. Bed’s Feng Shui: Bed is the place where we spend over a third of our lives. This is the most personal furniture of all. According to Tao masters this is the place we have to focus in order to achieve better health and life experience.

Our bed’s feng shui – if bad can bring diseases and all kinds of spiritual and/or physical obstacles towards our overall progress. Masters can diagnose “the roots” of illnesses or other kinds of traps. They even believe that the bad feng shui of our beds can attract demons and/or other negative entities – like angry and hungry ghosts. Here we will try to keep you safe from all kinds of traps. Everything about your bed is connected with your personal energy. Hence, everything on your bed can either enhance or deplete your energy – chi. Let’s start with the base Rule of Bed Feng Shui: NEVER keep anything under your bed. Why?

Because Chi – energy has to circulate freely above and below you. Everything has energy. Therefore, everything we keep under our bed affects our personal energy matrix. Keeping things under our bed can potentially affect our:

  • Health
  • Good luck
  • Personal Relationships
  • Progress

Of course we know that we do not live in a perfect world where we all are able to live in huge houses and keep our stuff everywhere we choose. If that’s the case and you live in a smaller apartment where the space under your bed is invaluable then you have to do some cleansing. Remove all the things under you bed.

Clean the space properly and then smudge it with some Sage, Frankincense and Basil . (Why? To get rid off negativity of course and attract all kinds of blessings.) Keep only things that is related to bed and sleeping like some pillows. Remember they all have to be EXTRA clean and ready to use!

There are some things you HAVE to avoid keeping under you bed:

  • anything that reminds us of a bad memory – sadness will eventually blend with our chi
  • pictures and gifts from past relationships – it brings bad luck to our romantic life
  • worn – torn clothes and shoes / anything dirty – it drains our vitality
  • Potpourri or any kinds of dead plants – can bring illnesses
  • broken / damaged items – sabotages our good luck
  • gadgets we no longer use – it corresponds to metal (ancient Chinese element) and brings us fears and uncontrolled situations

So to sum up, if possible store nothing under you bed.

If you have to, then always pick things you need for sleep and keep them organised and clean!