Fallen Leaf Magic – Each one has power

As the Autumnal Equinox approaches, more and more leaves start falling down the ground. Each one is drenched with the matured energy of the tree it belongs. Every fallen leaf is part of something greater as it bears an invisible link with the mother tree. Witches and alchemists might collect some leaves in order to make potions or cast powerful magic. Fallen Leaf Oracle Should you found your first fallen leaf on Autumnal Equinox, it is considered to be an omen for all Winter. Is it from an apple tree? Love and fertility comes your way. Is it from a Hazel tree? Expect news in your finances. Or maybe it is from Rowan tree? Then protection is needed and patience.

Each tree is associated with a virtue and a type of magic. Fallen Leaf Magic Exactly like the Oracle, you can use the list below in order to collect leaves to use in your spells and potions. See here the list of the Sacred trees of the Druids for more insight. Moreover, you can find and use more correspondences from old and reliable books like the ones of Scott Cunningham or Judika Illes – see below. How to use the Fallen leaves? You can inscribe your wish with a magical ink – like dragons blood ink – and burn it. (ALWAYS TAKE FIRE SAFETY MEASURES).

Another way is to keep them as talismans but do not exaggerate in the number. One or two will do the trick. The dehydrated – fallen leaves is actually bad Feng Shui. If you desire to store some, do it in bottles. Do not hang them on walls – except from the talismans / enchanted ones. Apple Tree leaf: Apples symbolise wisdom and occult knowledge. A fallen leaf from an apple tree can also be used in beauty spells, love and fertility spells. Furthermore, the Apple’s leaf can be used for both protection/banishment and attraction. Ash Tree leaf: A tree of magnificent powers, a tree linked so much with Witchcraft and all kinds of enchantments.

A fallen leaf from ash tree can be used to summon forces of magic, fairies and elves. Bay Laurel leaf: The sacred plant of Apollo can turn darkness into light. Use the power of the bay-laurel leaf to cast powerful wishing spells – see more here . Moreover, you can use it in banishing spells, healing spells or spells to enhance your magical powers. Birch Tree leaf: Birch was associated with Cerridwen and Merlin the all-powerful Mage. Therefore, birch is considered an extra powerful tree, balancing both the creative and destructive forces of Fire. Use the birth leaf to channel the powers of fire and replenish your energy.

Cedar Tree leaf: Cedar is a tree associated with healing magic. It is used by occultists to bring balance the energies of a house and promote vitality. Cedar tree leaf can also be used to banish energy stagnation. Use it also for purification. Elder Tree leaf: The Elder tree is associated with the Crone of the Great Goddess. It is also called “Old Lady of the Trees”. Use the power of this special tree in order to achieve greater awareness in the spiritual plane. Moreover, it is used in really strong healing spells and rituals. Hawthorn Tree leaf. Hawthorn was associated with the deities, spirits and festivals of Mayday, also called Beltane. Beltane’s magic promises love, fertility and creativity.

Therefore, use the fallen for these kinds of rituals. Hazel Tree leaf: This tree was considered a living source of Wisdom and its hazel nuts a powerful tool for creativity and inspiration. It was believed that Hazel trees grew near sacred sites and magical places. Use Hazel’s fallen leaf to bring back magic in your life. It is also used for love and money spells. Maple Tree leaf: A magical tree associated with love and fertility. Use the magic of a maple tree’s fallen leaf to bring romance back to your life. It is associated with Water and our emotion. Tap into its magic. Oak Tree leaf: Druids and Greeks shared the Oak as the King of all plants.

The word “Druid” itself means in Greek “by Oak”. The Oak symbolises the Divine Power. The Royal origin of this tree makes it extremely valuable in Druidic ceremonies and rituals. Hence, use the Oak leaf to bring you power and stability in your life. It is also used in banishment spells. Olive Tree leaf: The tree of Athena, mighty goddess of Wisdom is a symbol of prosperity and abundance. Use the leaf of olive tree to bring balance between you and the earth. Also, you can use it in healing spells. Pine Tree leaf: It is directly associated with fire and mostly the forces of protection. Therefore, use pine leaves to banish evil and change the energy of your house.

Burn pine leaves – with safety – to cleanse your aura and ward off negativity and evil entities . Therefore, you may want to use cedar or sage afterwards as the energy of pine is too strong. Rowan Tree leaf: We find it in Lore as the “Lady of the Forest” due to its close association with Brigid , Goddess of Wisdom & Protection, keeper of the Sacred Flame. Moreover, Rowan trees growing in sacred sites and stone circles have been considered extra potent. Use the Rowan’s fallen leaf for protection from all evil.

Vine Tree leaf: The way it sprouts and swirls always amazed the druids and even now, the Celts love to blend Vine”s ability to interconnect in Celtic Knots and other mystical symbols. Hence, we use its fallen leaf to bring inspiration and enlightenment in our lives. Do you seek answers? This leaf may be the key!