Daily Predictions for Tuesday, 19 September 2017

General Daily Predictions: This day will be a little more stressful than the previous two. Not really bad, but somewhat more difficult. Moon from Virgo will oppose the retrograde Neptune in Pisces, form a triangle with Pluto in Capricorn and a square with Saturn in Sagittarius. In the same time the Sun from Virgo opposes the retrograde Chiron in Pisces. This is probably the most important aspect of the day. It is on its pick today, but it will be even stronger as the day proceeds and tomorrow, when the New Moon will also oppose Chiron. Therefore, this aspect will colour the whole new lunar circle.

It is active ten days now, and it will be active practically until the next Full Moon – barely then – on the fifth of October. During this period our past is vivid and strong. Walks hand to hand with us, but not in a friendly way. Our past experiences and mistakes are those who accompany us, and try to keep us from moving on and progressing. This is a challenge. Not an advice. Chiron is a teacher, much more unpleasant than Saturn, but still a teacher. Forgiving and releasing the past and past mistakes and moving on towards our goals and happiness is what we should do.

Getting overwhelmed by them and stopping our progress is the easy thing to do under such influences, but it’s not a helpful thing to do.

Capricorn, Gemini and then Taurus will be the luckiest zodiacs of the day. Pisces, Sagittarius and Virgo will be the most stressed ones.

Daily Predictions for Aries: A productive day with some difficulties, especially if you intend to do some changes in your job. A little more difficult if you are going through an interview or somersaulting similar. Also some all health issues or phobias may come in mind, but probably just in mind.

Daily Predictions for Taurus: It will be a happy day for the most of it. Love life is favoured, but not much. Some issues may appear there in order to be solved. Money is tight but not really bad. Maybe you invest more than you feel comfortable to do, but the investments will pay you back. Friends will feel distant even when you are with them today. Examine the reason this feeling appears.

Daily Predictions for Gemini: This day is a little peculiar. You relationship with your current lover or spouse will colour it. If the relationship is good, strong and healthy, the day will be mostly a pleasant one. If not, then stress and problems may appear out of nowhere. Career unfulfilled dreams may haunt you. Think how you can make them true today to whatever degree instead of regretting not having followed them when you think you should have done so.

Daily Predictions for Cancer: Work can be challenging at times. Especially because some things you have worked hard to establish there seem like they are falling apart. But they just look like they do. Keep your cool and “reinforce” them. It will be an easier task than you may think it will. Students having exams may face some difficult subjects. If you are studying for exams of any kind, avoid selective studying.

Daily Predictions for Leo: You still have a tendency to send too much in pleasures and luxuries. Or, you may realise that you have already spent too much on such things. If the former is true, keep this tendency under control. If the latter is true, what has happened has happened. Think what you should do from now on. Lover, love interest or spouse may also be somebody you overspend on. Try to avoid the “over”.

Daily Predictions for Virgo: This is still a day of power for you. But not an easy one. Family, home, and your relationship – existing or not – can stress you and even cause a feeling of disappointment. Do not allow this to happen. As said, it’s a day of power. Focus, forcefully if necessary, on whatever you want, and invest your time and energies there.

Daily Predictions for Libra: Dreams and nightmares, literally and figuratively speaking, can haunt you a little today. If they are dreams, you may feel tempted to enjoy them more than you should. If they are nightmares, the bad feeling they bring may become overwhelming. Both these won’t help you much. Use the information they carry to manifest the dreams in this time and place the best you can, and forgive and release what cannot be done.

Daily Predictions for Scorpio: You are with people most of the time. This can be a nice thing at times, but the problem is that you have other things you want to do as well and people consume more of your time than you were willing to offer to them. Try to schedule your day better. Money is tight but you still need to spend some in your ideas and inspirations. As a general advice, I would say spend it, but with caution.

Daily Predictions for Sagittarius: What people say for you, your career, your family etc becomes a little more important for you today than usually. This happens either because something that reaches your ears intrigues it, or, in many cases, because your mind thinks this way today. But what is really important is not what people think about all these, but how you feel about them.

Daily Predictions for Capricorn: Today your mind is very capable. You tend to focus more on the negative aspect of things, but even this tendency is, in fact, under your control. Focus on the positive aspect and on what you want to achieve more than on the problems you have to face, and you’ll make a satisfactory progress, and you’ll feel better in the same time. Avoid asking for advice, or receiving unasked for advice, from people, well-intentioned as they may be, who have given you bad advice in the past.

Daily Predictions for Aquarius: Career feels more important today than it usually does. Money is a part of it, but not the whole thing. Regretting past mistakes isn’t a productive thing to do. Learn from them, and do the best you can do now to proceed and, why not, excel.

Daily Predictions for Pisces: Your business partnerships can stress you or annoy you more than you expect today. Legal issues, settlements and the likes can also cause you some stress. In most cases all these are just stressful, but nothing gets worse. On the contrary. Things are getting better, and this is the stress that is caused by the change. Be excited more than stressed.

Astrology and Magic: A potent day for all magic, but an excellent day for healing, self-healing, karma healing, and healing of the past.

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy your day.