Daily Predictions for Sunday, 3 September 2017

General Daily Predictions: Today the Moon from Aquarius will oppose Venus in Leo. This will give some new emphasis to our love life and our emotions, but in a stressful way. Mars, also in Leo, forms a perfect conjunction with the still retrograde Mercury. We’ve analysed this peculiar conjunction in the predictions of the 31st of August .

I also recommend to take a look on the hexagon between Jupiter and Saturn and the triangle between Uranus and Mars . Mercury, of course, also forms a triangle with Uranus, although not a perfect one, and it won’t become a perfect one, as before reaching the proper degree, Mercury will start moving forward again. Despite that, the triangle exists, weak as it may be, and will be active until the 15th of September.

The influence of this triangle is very similar to the one of Mars’ triangle with Uranus, so it will be a little difficult to realise it. Mercury’s influence is more calm than Mars’, but Mars’ influence is stronger, so aggressiveness and fighting spirit will be present. Mercury will mostly add an originality to our ideas, and also, will encourage us to study subjects different, or very different, to the ones we are used to studying or we are, to some degree, experts in them.

This of course, can mean that actual students may change their courses or even schools. This isn’t a bad change. In most cases it isn’t really a sudden decision. Mercury is retrograde today and tomorrow, but Uranus will remain retrograde for the whole phase, so in some cases this means that we find the courage, inspiration and opportunity to study subjects we wanted to study, but kept ourselves from studying them for whatever reason.

So, yes, Moon will form a inauspicious aspect, but the day will be good on every other subject than whatever this aspect influences, because the strong, long lasting aspects, not only are very active and beneficial, but also, they complete and support each other harmonically.

All fire signs are very lucky today, but Leo can be very stressed as well. Aquarius also needs some attention.

Daily Predictions for Aries: Artists of any kind can feel somewhat disappointed by themselves today. It’s like your talents and inspirations don’t work properly for you today. Relax. Tomorrow you will be back to normal. Avoid playing games of luck today. Also, be extra careful if you are dating, or trying to, through internet or similar services.

Daily Predictions for Taurus: You feel uncomfortable in your home today and you are trying to make it better. This on its own is a good thing, but you feel some frustration today, and this isn’t a good thing. Don’t make haste in deciding what you should throw away and what you should buy. Just clean up and tidy. A mother figure or your actual mother may stress you a little more today too.

Daily Predictions for Gemini: This day may bring some discouragement to students, but don’t give too much gravity to the situation. Things will look better tomorrow. The same can happen to those receiving lessons in other kinds of schools or seminars. A few misunderstandings may happen with friends and siblings or sibling figures. Especially if there is a distance between you and them.

Daily Predictions for Cancer: You have a tendency to spend a little too much in products and services you are expecting to make you look better and sexier. Make good use of the influence by taking care of your appearance and body the best you can with whatever means you already have. If you need to spend money on this, think twice and try spending as less as possible. Your judgement on the subject is not very clear today.

Daily Predictions for Leo: For those of you who are in a relationship or a marriage this can be a really peculiar day. The events and the situations in most cases will be nice and pleasant, but the feeling you’ll have can be the exact opposite. You tend to focus on the problems of the relationship. What your partner lacks or isn’t and how you either deserve something better or deserve nothing at all. Single ones may redefine what they are searching for.

Daily Predictions for Virgo: A challenging day for those working with the arts, including the magical ones. Not bad. Just challenging. Also some problems may raise in your love life. Try to avoid being too shy and to reserved and to express your wishes a little more courageously. If you do so, most of the problems this day brings to your love life will vanish into thin air.

Daily Predictions for Libra: If you are planing a surprise escape for you lover or spouse, you probably need to re-think the whole thing. At least inform them about your plans. Surprises may go wrong today. Social life is also a main focus for you today and it needs your attention as well.

Daily Predictions for Scorpio: You may feel the need to brag a little about your job or career plans today. Hold your tongue. This isn’t the right day to do something like that. Especially to your family or people you feel like family. They are very possible to crash your enthusiasm. This doesn’t mean their intentions are bad. Just that their thinking or acting is incompatible with yours. At least for today.

Daily Predictions for Sagittarius: It isn’t very wise to travel today. If you have to, be extra careful if you are driving, or be prepared for some distress if you are using other means of transportation. I’m not expecting serious problems and accidents, but there is no need to have any of them, even if they are not that serious.

Daily Predictions for Capricorn: Jealousy is not a good advisor. Today, nor your intuition is. React calmly to whatever happens, and ask for explanations instead of guessing what happens, or what your partner’s actions mean for your relationship with them. Your usual tactics in your job can be less effective today. You may need to bend it a little.

Daily Predictions for Aquarius: You may feel a little too attached to your other half. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing to happen from time to time, if you have a real-life, present-time other half. Just make sure you are not becoming pressing and obtrusive. But, if you are not in a relationship right now, this tendency is something you really don’t need, so try to tame it.

Daily Predictions for Pisces: Your body shape seems important today. You probably feel dissatisfied about it. A proper diet may be important, but in most cases you are unwilling to follow one. Same goes for exercising. You may be more than willing to plan things like these and take the right decisions, but it’s highly unlikely you’ll follow these decisions of yours. And you may shouldn’t. Ask the advice of an expert before finalising what you are going to do and what you won’t do. And also, ask for the support of a friend to raise the possibilities you’ll actually do whatever you are planing to do.

Astrology and Magic: Love and beauty is powerful today. The problems the planets bring to us are omens about what we should focus on healing, after all.

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy your day.