Daily Predictions for Friday, 8 September 2017

General Daily Predictions: Today the Moon from Aries will form a triangle with Venus in Leo, and then start forming a triangle with Saturn in Sagittarius. Although the latter will manifest early tomorrow and will affect the whole day, it starts acting today. Venus is, after all, in a triangle with Saturn, so the effects will be more “visible”. No matter how weak the triangle between Saturn and the Moon will be (for most of today), Moon will be activating the whole Venus-Saturn triangle for about two days – today and tomorrow. This also means that it will highlight the hexagon between Saturn and Jupiter as well. Today more brightly than tomorrow, when Moon will oppose Jupiter.

For more information about Venus triangle with Saturn and Saturn’s hexagon with Jupiter, read the articles about the Saturn-Jupiter hexagon.

So, this will be a mostly calm, but optimistic, creative and happy day for the most of it. Love life, beauty, money and the arts will be in the spot light for all zodiacs. For some more than others, of course.

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius will be the luckiest zodiacs of the day. Aquarius, Gemini and then Libra – especially later in the day – will be the most stressed ones. Stressed, but still benefited.

Daily Predictions for Aries: A brilliant and happy day is this for those born under the power of Aries. Thing in work are going smoothly. They can go much better than smoothly if your job is of an artistic type. Music, painting and fashion related jobs, even more so. Love life and the sense of your own beauty are very strongly in your mind. Weather in a happy way or not depends on the individual circumstances, but, if they are in a good way, take notice of what you like and make it even better. If they are in a bad way, take notice of what you don’t like and heal or correct it.

Daily Predictions for Taurus: Taking care of your home can be the main focus of this day. Even those who won’t have the time to do so, they will probably think of it – probably too much. Cleaning, tidying, redecorating… things like those are what you are feeling compelled to do. Family can also play a role in the day. Better and happier than you expect in most cases. Exception to this will be if your mother, or an older sister, or some similar figure, has problems.

Daily Predictions for Gemini: You’ll be in a very social mood during the day. You feel the need to be with others, communicate with others, show them you love them and you care about them. For most of you, achieving this will be an easy task, but some will have to put a little effort. In any case, if you manage to satisfy this need of yours, it will be a mostly happy and fulfilling day for you.

Daily Predictions for Cancer: Money is the main focus for most of you. What you earn, what you would like to earn and what kind of job you would prefer to do are some of the thoughts that will come in to mind. In the same time it is very possible to spend some money today. Mostly for either beautifying yourself, or the place you live or work. Or maybe all of these.

Daily Predictions for Leo: Your need to express love and feel beloved is great today and you’ll probably do the best to satisfy this need. You feel charming, and this charm is visible to others, so it won’t be such a difficult task. Keep in mind that, at least for today, your mind is the most charming part of you. Express yourself and your ideas enthusiastically and lovingly and inspire those around you, listening to you. The attention you’ll gain this way will be more than enough.

Daily Predictions for Virgo: If there is a zodiac that has great potency in love and beautification magic today, this will be you. Unluckily we are in a waning moon, but still work as much as possible on the subject with spiritual and magical means. Do your relationships tend to follow a constant, unwanted pattern? Today is the best day to investigate this pattern, realise what causes it and heal it, or start healing it. The answer is in you. Your thoughts and attitudes summon to your life the partners and situations that follow this pattern. Realise that, and you’ll have the power to change your fate.

How to Change Your Behaviour Instantly can provide you with an easy way to fix this issue right now, so to make the most of Venus’ beneficial aspects and the beneficial influences of the sextile between Saturn and Jupiter.

Daily Predictions for Libra: An active social day. A little stressful but pleasant. It’s easy to gain people’s admiration with your talents and abilities and this makes you feel good about yourself. Your life or business partners are some of those you are focusing on more today, and things progress well with them. Once again, a little stressful from time to time, but well nonetheless. Humanitarian causes also can play a role in your day. Either by such causes asking your help or by you offering it anyway.

Daily Predictions for Scorpio: Work is very important today. Very favoured too. A proposal that looks fully beneficial for you, may be offered to you. Think twice, but don’t be too sceptical. If, after considering it carefully, it still feels good, go for it. Those of you in a marriage or a relationship will probably find yourself supporting your other half in their professional life as well.

Daily Predictions for Sagittarius: A mostly happy, although probably in a calm way more than in an exiting way, day for you. Younger Sagittariuses, and especially students will enjoy the day even more, and maybe a little more excitingly. Love life can be very pleasant today both for the singles and for those in a relationship. Especially so if you are visiting a foreign country, or meeting with people visiting yours.

Daily Predictions for Capricorn: Today take a good care of your emotions. They tend to be intense. In some cases the outwardly cause is great enough for those intense emotions to raise, but in most cases it’s not. Of course, if this emotions are happy, enjoy them. But being overly jealous without a good reason is not what you need to do. Depression and a tendency to be extra touchy, again without a good reason, are also possible. So, do take care of your emotions today, and everything will go nicely.

Daily Predictions for Aquarius: This day will be better for those in a relationship or a marriage. You feel very connected to your special somebody. In some cases you may feel like losing yourself to them. If this is your case, then it may be a little unpleasant a day, but in most cases, you’ll feel very loving and beloved. Those not in a relationship will have a pleasant day, if they arrange to meet with friends. Friend’s friends can be exciting in more than a friendly way.

Daily Predictions for Pisces: Work and money are important in your mind today. You tend to decide what to do, and your mind is quite clear, so your decisions are wise. Procrastination is your worst enemy, so try to avoid it. Better will be the day for those working in something related with beauty or art. If you intend to start a program in a gym this is a nice day to initiate it. The same goes for those who want to start a dietary program either to gain or to reduce their weight.

Astrology and Magic: Beautification magic and love magic are more powerful today. Especially the kinds of them that heal situations and remove problems.

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy your day.