Coffee Potions

Coffee is our favourite magical potion, one we cannot start our day without. Have you thought that each coffee beverage you prepare, what you actually do is to prepare – a quite sophisticated – magical potion? Coffee potions are real. And to be more precise, what we drink – can define us! Coffee Potions: what your coffee says about you! The following, is a list of the most common Coffee Potions. If you actually own a coffee shop, send us a message on Facebook and we will help you create the best menu ever… Read the list. How do you prefer your coffee says a lot about you. We are what we eat and drink right?

Moreover, you can actually alter the magical potion you so fanatically order, just to make things more magical. Do you need more power? Add chocolate. Do you need protection? Add raspberry. It may sound silly but Kitchen Magic is one of the oldest forms of magic. What we drink or eat is transmuted into magical energy. Of course, if you’ve haven’t done so earlier, you can read more about Coffee Magic by clicking here! Soon you will be able to buy Enchanting Coffee Blends from our e-shop. We are brewing something really magical…. So, what would you like to drink your Coffee with? Who Are you?

***Nothing: Prince/ss of Fire Oh my dear you are taking the purest form of the coffee energy in this way. Pure coffee magic means that you love its taste and acknowledge its distinctive magical powers. You are “addicted” to Mars – Ares – the planet of action. This potion is a magical energy bomb. You love honesty and you don’t want pretty words covering the truth. You love challenges and you love to Win. ***Milk : Child of the Moon If coffee is sex, then milk is love. You actually add in a Martian potion some drops of Moon – Artemis – Diana.

The more milk you put the more love you want to add to your life. The best thing you can do is meditate on self-love. Be careful though. These two planets – and energies – don’t easily get along with each other. You are creating an explosive magical potion! This is a potion of intense spiritual and sexual powers too. If used wisely can enhance your magic and bring fruitful results to your spells. ***Sugar: Priest/ess of Balance and Beauty This magical substance is associated with Venus – Aphrodite. Sugar is the most common add-on to coffee and it’s really obvious why. Mars and Venus are the perfect couple.

This is the most balanced magical potion adding to the “lust” of Coffee. This magical potion wakes up our libido and gives us the strength to move on. If this is your favourite potion then you subconsciously want to live your life to the fullest and find the quickest way to free yourself from all troubles. * **Honey: Priest/ess of Aphrodite Although it’s kinda odd to drink coffee with honey some love it this way. Honey is associated with the Sun – Apollo, and Venus – Aphrodite. If you choose you coffee potions in this way you are a priest/priestess of Magic.

Although you don’t realise it, magic run in your veins and you actually spend the magical energy every now and then. Hence you need to replenish it. What a great way to replenish you magical energy? ***Cream: Lord/Lady of Protection This add-on has the properties of both the Moon and Venus. Therefore it adds to the sensual effect of our favourite beverage. The person who prefers this magical potion has in fact a burning desire for love and affection. Adding cream to your coffee, you in fact raise walls of protection. Take the energy you need but please remember to act. Next time you may need to pour some cinnamon on. Why? Read right after.

***Cinnamon : Lust for Life’s Adventures One the world’s favourite Coffee Potions is Cappuccino which has cream and cinnamon. Cinnamon is in fact powdered fire. It tastes like fire, it burns like fire. Adding cinnamon to coffee is like adding gasoline to fire. The potion is fire itself. People who choose to add cinnamon in their coffee drinks, they lust for passion in their lives. With every sip, their instincts are awakened. Use it before any type of magic which require passion or fire. ***Caramel: Delicious Witch Adding caramel to your coffee drink is like adding more spirituality.

This thick taste creates a lunar aura around your drink helping you – as a witch / or mage – to perform more demanding and complex rituals. Caramel is added in challenging times to ward off negativity and bring blessings at home. ***Chocolate: Lord/Lady of Awakening This is also an ingredient traditionally associated with Mars – Ares – the planet of action. Adding chocolate to your drink in fact you open your chakras to act – as if you are preparing for something huge. Chocolate can help our aura shine brightly and bring out the most creative part of ourselves. If you add chocolate in your coffee you are amongst the ones who are capable for nearly everything – anytime.

***Almond: Commercial Genious If you love almond taste in your coffee then you actually add spring, air and fire in it. Almonds are amongst the tree who bloom first, signalling the coming of spring – hence it’s association with, Mercury – Hermes , Air and Fire. The scent of Almonds is also believed to bring solutions in financial problems. If you choose almond (in any form – almond milk – almond scented coffee) then you definitely have a need to heal and bring balance to your financial status. ***Chestnut / Hazel: Money Witch Choosing chestnut for your coffee is a signal that you need to “breathe” free from emotional wounds and financial troubles.

Sometimes, financial problems have their roots in emotional wounds of the past. Chestnuts are used in love and money spells. Their scent will help us heal the wounds of the past and promote prosperity. Adding its power in your coffee potions is in fact a very good way to empower it with money and love attracting magical energies. ***Pecan: Career Witch Pecan is associated with Air and Mercury – Hermes, therefore its energies are drenched with communication abilities. The rich taste of pecan can help us with our Throat Chakra and enhance our aura.

Pecan coffee can make us more appealing and enchanting prior to interviews and can also help us remove obstacles in our career – or find a new job. Maybe you’ve neglected yourself by choosing a career not suitable for you. Or maybe you should do something to make your work life better! ***Coconut: Master of Protection Are you this type of Witch / Mage who love the rich aroma of Coconut in your coffee? Well My dear you are attracted by the Moon – Artemis – Diana and vice versa. Coconut opens our third eye chakra uniting us with the powers of the moon and spirituality. It also has to do with protection.

Are you in trouble? Check here if you are under vampiric effect. ***Macadamia: Wealthy Witch Not very popular but this aroma can add to the money attracting properties of coffee. If you choose you coffee in this way you may need to find solutions in your financial issues but on the same time you need to be spoiled by riches. Indeed coffee (as seen in Coffee Magic article) is used by witches to attract customers and money. Adding macadamia aroma in it, can enhance the money drawing ability.

*** Vanilla: Master of Attraction Also known as “Witch’s best friend” vanilla is a master attracting herb. It can be used in almost ALL kinds of attracting spells – to draw love, money, sex , new friends etc. If you add Vanilla in your coffee then you subconsciously want to open up to the world and search for new opportunities and horizons. You really need to make new friends and explore new possibilities. Vanilla scented coffee is also very sensual and prepares us for love! ***Ice Cream: Awakened A song of fire and ice! This could be the title for this multi-functioning potion.

It contains fire and water in a rather complicated way. The one who chooses to drink his/her coffee in this way is on the verge of discovering something really important about their spirituality. You are surrounded by very strong energies both potent for good and evil. Time to break free from evil and embrace the good! ***Pumpkin: Dragon of the Earth Symbolising the fruitfulness of earth, pumpkins are extremely potent in healing rituals and money drawing spells. A person who chooses coffee with pumpkin is in fact drinking a coffee rich in Earth’s energies. Do you need to be more patient? Pumpkin can help us in grounding .

***Blueberry / Blackberry / Raspberry : the Great Protector Are you addicted to the taste and enchanting scent of blueberry? You definitely feel the need to be protected! This magical potion can help you raise walls of protection all over you. Next time you are about to drink you favourite coffee remember to mumble a few magical words of protection to enhance its power! ***Strawberry / Cherry: The Enchanting one Strawberries cherries and an angel’s kiss in spring, my coffee potions are really made from all these things! These are potions for love! It can really add up to any magical procedure you’ve begun to find love. If you keep on choosing this you need to find ways to bring love in your life!