What to do When things get too spooky

Let’s be honest. When we practice magic, we sometimes experience weird or scary stuff. Well, maybe at first some are scary. The more we practice magic we tend to protect ourselves from the mistakes of the past. Moreover, the more experienced we are, the better we know what to do when things get too spooky. Talking of spooky… Halloween has come and so our new service. The name of it? Qooest . Be the first to know what’s all about. Join and Win! Visit our Homepage. When Magic gets Spooky… Frankly, Witchcraft is spooky for everyone outside our magic circles.

The very subject of our Craft can become a source of fear. There are many witches, mages and sorcerers who abandoned their Craft after facing a very intense experience. I know plenty of these guys. Fear is a very bad advisor. It pushes us to act irresponsibly due to the speed of our reactions. We tend to act instantly thus irrationally. This is a guide of to-do list in order to avoid traumatic experiences. Moreover fear, opens Gates in the Astral Realm – read here more about Witchcraft, Dark Arts and its traps. This actually invites whatever you are afraid of. We need to control our fears.

Moreover, when we are engaging in magical rituals we intentionally try to “Open” gates and portals to the Astral Realm. By walking away from a spell that scared us, we actually leave these portals opened. NEVER DO THAT. From these portals all kinds of evil can enter. Close the portals. Know thyself. Thus don’t do anything that scares you. This is the most important advice of this article. Do NOT engage in any activity you do not feel comfortable with. Just because your friends invite you in a spirit seance it does not mean that you have to attend it.

(See here Safety instructions for Spirit communication) Moreover, just because a friend wants you to participate in a black magic ritual “to see weird stuff” does not mean that you have to agree. In conclusion, do not do anything you don’t like. I know that sometimes curiosity drives us to do things we may not be prepared to face. But you are the master of yourself. You can quit whenever you feel like. You are not obligated to follow you friends. Not even your curiosity.

  • Finish the Ritual (if you are already in one)

No matter if you are in the middle of a Séance and you understand that the spirit you are talking to is not what you thought 5 minutes ago. It also doesn’t matter if you are in the middle of a magical ritual. Witches always advice us never to leave the magic circle before we finish the ritual. The Magic Circle is a sacred space. Moreover, there are quicker ways to finish the ritual. If you don’t know an easy one, MAKE ONE. Let’s say that you are in the middle of Séance and you get scared – let’s say by an earthquake.

No matter if the earthquake is real or not – because there are demons who can “create” an earthquake effect – , have always in mind an INSTANT way to finish the ritual. For example, before starting the ritual, program that if you say the phrase “Blessed be” while sprinkling holy water and the ritual will be finished. Again, do not engage in Black Arts. Do not summon something you cannot banish. Of course, if it’s not a matter of life and death (like an actual fire or earthquake, or a heart attack) finish properly the ritual / spell / seance. Dismiss the forces you’ve summoned. Close the portals you’ve opened. Announce the spell over.

Use your magic broom (if you have one, if you don’t make one). Banish Spookiness At least when I do magic, well, most of the times, I use enhancers. Bright candles, spiritual music, not electricity, incense etc to raise my vibrations – see how you can do it too. If you are like me then you have to stop the Witchy Aesthetics like right now! Turn on the Lights, stop the magical music, blow out the candles and incense in a safe way! Look around you. Are there any candles still lit? Blow them off too! Keep calm. Put a regular radio on.

Listen to Arianna Grande, or Justin Timberlake or anything that you cannot correspond it with magic. Safety first Once again, check if you have left any candles on. Sometimes fear makes us reckless. Ask yourself if there is something else you can do, to ensure safety. Holy Water Sprinkle some Holy Water. This will banish all negative energies you may have invited. Go out Leave the place you’ve performed the ritual. Make sure everything is safe before leaving! Go out and forget the spooky stuff that just happened. Maybe meet a friend and talk about other stuff. You may want to go to the supermarket to buy some stuff. Anything non-magical would do the trick.

Do not drink alcohol – at least not tonight. Have a good meal – preferably with meat if you are not vegan/vegetarian. Return for success Once you’ve finished your mundane stuff, return to the place of the ritual. You must feel calm by now. Follow our instructions for grounding ritual. Become one with the Earth and banish the excessive energy . Once you’ve finished the grounding ritual, Pray to your Guardian Angel – see here how to seek help from your Guardian Angel – , or God/Goddess. Ask for their guidance. You may also want to spread the Tarot, or consult with other forms of divination.

Take notes The worst thing it can happen is to make the same mistakes. Open you Book of Shadows of your Magical Journal and take notes. Write down whatever happened. Become creative. What could have gone wrong? What caused this spooky stuff to happen? Write down your thought. Remember, it may not be what you think right now. Prepare for a Cleansing Ritual No you don’t have to do it right away. Frankly I would advice you to do it when you feel ready. Do not rush this cleansing ritual but also do NOT neglect it. Make the preparations you need.

The spooky stuff you’ve experienced may be caused by a curse that is on you. Of course, not all signs are omens and not all bad luck are curses. But it may happen. Moreover, what you’ve experienced may had left an astral imprint on your aura which you HAVE to banish and heal. Remember, Witchcraft is a wonderful art. But sometime it can become messy. We should have the Wisdom to deal with it. Our safety should ALWAYS come first. Also, the fact that we are Witches does not mean that we lack of common sense.