Spiritual Advice for all the Zodiacs – August 6 to August 12

General Spiritual Advice and tendencies of the week: Hope is the main focus of this week. Unfortunately this doesn’t mean everything is going to go smoothly. In some cases things will inspire or encourage our hopes, but in some other occasions we’ll have to keep hope against all odds. Well, we didn’t expect the week “hosting” the eclipse to be easy, did we?

What I want, though, to make perfectly clear is that what this week’s energies are all about is to empower our hopes. The good way or the bad. So, don’t despair. Keep your hopes strong and alive. Trust that better days are coming. And they will come.

Keep in mind that despair and fear are translated by the Universe as hopes and wishes for bad things to happen. Since this week’s energies will empower our hopes, make sure you focus on what you really want to achieve in your life. Not whatever you are afraid of.

Spells to help you this week: Some of our spells and articles that can help you make the best of this week are these:

Spiritual Advice for Aries: Things in your life probably don’t feel perfect.

Maybe not even good enough. And for some of aspects of your life this feeling is old and strong. Work on these feelings. Challenge yourself to accept the possibility of a wholesome change in these parts of your life. An positive one, of course. Visualise this change, or work in any spiritual and not spiritual way on this change and FEEL the joy of the new reality you are building. This will be the most important part of whatever you are trying to achieve.

Spiritual Advice for Taurus: Similar to Aries, you feel some aspects of your life aren’t good for ling time now. Even more you have done what you thought to be the best you could do to change the situations there. So, now you feel tired and disheartened. Awake and feed the hope in these cases. Spells and efforts you’ve done and don’t seem to have brought any fruits, gave a strong signal to the Universe of your wishes. And even if you can’t see it yet, Universe works to realise this wishes of yours. It’s not the time to abandon effort and hope. It’s exactly the opposite what you should do.

The darkest hour, after all is just before dawn.

Spiritual Advice for Gemini: Abundance is still the focus of this week. The eclipse, after all, challenge it for you. As we said the previous week, abundance doesn’t refer only on money, but yes, money is included in the meaning. You may have thought of plans to work on, even without trying to think any of them. If this haven’t occurred to you on its own, do it now. And feed these plans with hopes of success. Overflow them with this feeling so much so that it will be impossible for doubt to enter.

Spiritual Advice for Cancer: A book store, a library or even the internet can be the best places for you to awake, feed and express your good hopes for a overall happy life. You feel like you don’t know how to make your life happy. That’s alright. You can learn! Find books or whatever else and start learning. Seminars on spirituality and the like may seem a good idea too, but I would suggest you leave them as your last option. Learning in your own and in your slow pace is what is better for you right now. And of course, put your knew knowledge in action to create your happiness.

Once again, do not underestimate the importance of other people’s happiness in the composition of your perfect life. Include it to whatever you are trying to achieve.

Spiritual Advice for Leo: Feed your hopes of victory this week. Make them healthier and stronger. If you haven’t looked back to your previous victories to inspire you and support you, do it now. It doesn’t matter how small or great these achievements were – Remind yourself of them. Then go deeper. What led you to these victories? What were your thoughts and your feelings while you were preparing for those victorious battles? Don’t think of the help you’ve received, and don’t consider any previous achievement as a lucky event. You’ve created every such victory. You’ve even brought towards yourself the help and luck.

Spiritual Advice for Virgo: You love your routine, and it brings you some sense of joy or, at the very least, security. But it does restrict you. Escape your routine this week. Do whatever you can do in the everyday life to achieve that, but do even more in the mental level. Do things differently. Express yourself differently. Closer to your inner thoughts and wishes. Let the wind of change blow away your worries and bring you hope.

Spiritual Advice for Libra: I could very well advice you to look at previous week’s advice. And actually do so. If you have acted upon offering love, then you may receive more love than you are used to receiving and your hopes to feel beloved will raise. If not, start acting upon this now. In any case, empower the hope of receiving love from all around you. Your hope and wish – not your demand. And once again, remember that offering love to yourself is a brilliant practice.

Spiritual Advice for Scorpio: Life brings you face to face with many, if not all, your problems. If you are lucky enough, this will happen only mentally. Once again I’ll remind you of Buddha’s words. Our thoughts create the world around us. And your thoughts, you can control. So, instead of getting overwhelmed by negative emotions, keep your hopes high. Visualise your worry-free life. And then, when you’ll be full of this optimistic feeling, plan your strategy.

Spiritual Advice for Sagittarius: The time has come to see yourself as the king of your world. Be a kind and loving king, though. But yes, visualise yourself as successful as you want to be, and fill yourself with positive vibes and hope. You can achieve this life. Hope for it. Believe in it. Receive it!

Spiritual Advice for Capricorn: Focus on what you wish. Focus on healing and bettering things and situations you don’t like, but do it while focusing on whatever you want to bring into your life. Not the problems you want to get rid of. Start acting on the little things. Those who are easily and quickly achieved and also the ones you have the most control on. By dealing with them you both make your life more the way you want it to be, and you feed your hopes the rest will be done too.

Spiritual Advice for Aquarius: Harmony and tranquillity of your mind and soul is important now. Bring them inside you. Even if you can’t turn them to a constant state of being, you can bring them as often as you are willing to do so. Meditation can help. Even if you don’t feel very spiritual right now, the Balancing Breathing is a very simple technique that can help you a lot. Trusting others with your problems and seeking their support can also help. But focus on the solution. Share your hopes to and let their love and enthusiasm support them. Of course, choose wisely the ones you’ll share them with.

Spiritual Advice for Pisces: Abandoning progress is something easy to happen this week. Don’t. Keep your determination on bettering your life. Keep asking yourself what you can do right now to better yourself and your life and keep following your own advices. By doing anything, however small, you can, you are coming closer to your final goal. After all, the thousand mile trip starts with a single step, as we all know.

Have fun and a blessed week!