5 Signs When Dark Witchcraft Targets You

Witchcraft is the Art of the Wise. An ancient Magical art which probably is as old as human race itself. Magic is the art of changing – bending reality in order to create a new one – more pleasant to the spell caster. As you can understand those who practice magic possess power and power often corrupts. Thus, Magic is not exclusively used for benevolent reasons. Sometimes, Witchcraft targets the innocent and causes troubles like a disease. And as a “spiritual” disease, there are symptoms and there is a cure. Let’s dive into another Lesson of our School of Witchcraft – Dark Arts Defense.

Origins of Magic The Word Magic itself comes from the Persian word “makuç” which belongs to a religious group of the ancient Mesopotamia who practiced ceremonial witchcraft. From this times the word “magi” and magic conquered the whole world. There are many schools of Witchcraft. It’s our school of Witchcraft, where we teach that messing with free will is a crime against others and ourselves – as we are all connected. There are other schools however which teach the Dark Arts. We should not close our eyes in front of truth. Hence, this is the article to know the symptoms of Aura damage when Witchcraft targets you. Symptoms and Signs when Witchcraft targets you 1.

Fear shocks us The most important of all signs which link to all psychic attacks and types of Evil Magic is Fear. Whether a demon has been summoned or other types of parasitic entities the first thing that try to accomplish to the target is make him/her get scared. Of what? Most times nothing in particular. The bewitched from dark arts individual is afraid of the dark although there is nothing there, is afraid of his/her life although s/he is perfectly healthy etc. Why Fear magnifies Dark Magic: Well the part of our brain that is responsible for fear is very close to what we desire.

Hence, our aura translates our fears like something we want. The more we fear something the more we desire it at some level. And what we want we attract. Therefore what we are afraid of, most of the times we somehow attract it. Fear opens Astral gates from other realms making it easier for the demons and the dark arts to affect us. Antidote: Fear Management should be our first concern when we suspect Witchcraft targets us. Ruby Crystal will help us a lot! 2. Guilt and Shame devastates us The second most “popular” demonic tool is guilt.

This doesn’t mean that guilt is demonic or evil but it’s most of the times useless. Do we feel guilt of something we’ve done? Let’s apologize! But most of the times, when Witchcraft targets and attacks us, the feeling of guilt is completely irrational. We feel ashamed for our bodies, for feeling erotically aroused and so on. What happens when we feel ashamed or guilty? Self-hatred of having these feeling at the first place. Why Guilt and Shame magnifies Dark Magic: Self-hatred feels our heart and acts like the tides which slowly but steadily melt the rock – any rock. Until we manage to banish the guilt and the feelings of shame we will never be free from this threat.

Banishing guilt and shame DOES NOT equal banishing of our ethical barriers. On the contrary it helps us embrace our moral values more actively. Filtering these feelings is also extremely important as most of them are completely stupid – like being ashamed of our body. Ask yourself: “why am I ashamed of our body?”. Meditate on it and banish this dark feeling. Antidote: Love for ourselves and self-acceptance is the antidote. 3.Confusion disorientates us One of the most common symptoms of demonic influence is to mess with our heads. The first thing a demon wants to achieve is to prevent us from thinking clear. Demonic influence cause confusion and a sense of not being able to clear our heads.

Why Confusion magnifies Dark Magic: When we are confused we tend to make bad choices. This prolongs the effect of the Dark Arts making room for next attacks. We are feeling absent-minded at work, we spend much time looking for our keys and we cannot put our thoughts together. Antidote: Meditation and grounding will help us repel this effects. 4. Troubled Sleep exhausts us We spend roughly 1/3 of our time at bed. Through this time our body and mind resets and often we project in the astral plane receiving information and healing from our spirit guides, our guardian angel or other entities.

Our sleep is a small death which leads to our waking up – the rebirth. In ancient Greece, Death is brother to god of Sleep and god God of Dreams. Every Sleep is like passing to the other side and when we return – when we wake up – we are reborn. Demonic entities lurk in the dark causing insomnia and bad dreams in order to prevent us from sleeping like we used to. Demons use the patterns of our body in order to destroy us. They may not have power over us but they have learned through the ages, how our body works. This is their key.

Why Troubled Sleep magnifies Dark Magic: Dark Witchcraft targets this procedure causing pain and discomfort. When dark magic attacks our sleeping pattern (through insomnia, nightmares etc) it want to keep us from replenishing our energy. Demons and Dark Arts feed from our energy. When we are depleted we are easier targets. Antidote: Summon your Guardian Angel every night, right before you go to sleep. 5. Hiding is admitting defeat Humans are social creatures. We are all connected. Our hearts are synchronized. The more time we spend with people we love the more balanced we feel. We feel whole again when we feel loved and appreciated.

But when Dark Witchcraft Attacks we tend to hide from other people. It’s one thing to regularly want to spend time with yourself and another to constantly and persistently avoiding any other human being. Why Isolation magnifies Dark Magic: When we feel that no one understands us we feel alone and helpless. Dark Witchcraft targets our friendships and relationships. In this way we feel disappointed from people we love and we drift away. When we “hide” from the ones who love us, we make it more difficult to be rescued. The touch of our loved ones is becoming a rare experience and disappointment from our lives increases. Antidote: Forgiveness is the key.

Forgive yourself and the others who might have hurt you. Forgiveness is not an act of weakness but a step towards self-control and empowerment. When you forgive you also know how to protect yourself from future similar problems. In Conclusion When Evil Sorcerers and Dark Witchcraft targets you and attacks your life you should try to remain calm. Panic does not help. Cast detection spells (like this one using just one egg) track evil magic. If you feel you cannot deal with it ask help from a professional.