Mut Zodiac Sign

Mut (also known as Maut), the Mother of All Her name means “Mother” in the ancient Egyptian language. She is a very ancient deity, associated with the primordial waters from which everything was born and created. (Remember that the Creation begun when a pyramid sprung from these waters and Phoenix-Bennu sang for the first time). As the most ancient force of power, all pharaohs tried to identified their origin with her!

Traditional Dates of Old Egypt: Jan 22 – Jan 31, Sep 8 – Sep 22

Dates after the Greek influence (None)

Mut Zodiac Sign Mut is the wife of Amun-Ra. Those born under Mut’s influence have an over-protective attitude towards what they consider to be precious. This applies to both objects and people. They tend to devote themselves to a purpose and this is sometimes a source of pain as they can get disappointed.

Mut grants them with a powerful intuition, capable to penetrate all that is hidden. Their true power is not easily manifested as they need a powerful ally – consort to express their full potential. Once they found this special someone they can create miracles. They will keep looking for the perfect one until they are sure they’ve found him/her.

Symbols – talismans for Mut Zodiac Sign: Primordial Waters, space

Animals: Vulture

Colour: Black, dark Blue

Compatibility: Amun Ra and Thoth

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