Geb Zodiac Sign

Geb, the God of Earth He is the primordial God of the Earth, patron of this planet and everything on it. He is the husband of Nut, goddess of the sky and father of all snakes. He is a god praised for fertility, life, death and healing. His power is so great that even a laughter of his could cause an earthquake.

Traditional Dates of Old Egypt: February 12 -February 29, August 20 -August 31

Dates after the Greek influence (none)

Geb Zodiac Sign Those born under the influence of Geb have strong and powerful instincts which can be a source of great creative or destructive power! They bring luck and prosperity to everything around them and their creativity can bring out miracles in their career. They might need some time to be discovered, but once people get to know them, they make everything to keep them around.

This may also cause problems as people depend on them, depleting their energy levels. Those born under the influence of Geb need to find a way to break free from what others ask from them. They regularly need to cut off parasitic relationships and look for ways to replenish their energy capacity.

Symbols – talismans for Geb Zodiac Sign: mountains, the planet earth, snakes

Animals: Geese, Snakes, Bulls, Barley

Colour: Brown and green

Compatibility: Horus and Set

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