Bast Zodiac Sign

Bast (Bastet), the Mistress of Love and Protection Bast is the one who Ra summons to help him against Apophis. Although he first summons Sekhmet she is very violent and hurtful to people. Bast is more loving and protective to humans. She makes the ultimate sacrifice as she vanishes in another Realm to keep Evil away from this World.

Traditional Dates of Old Egypt: July 14 – July 28, September 23 – September 27, October 3 – October 17

Dates after the Greek influence (none)

Bast Zodiac Sign Those born under these influence are kind and loving invasive and natural tendency to protect. Their intuitive nature can help them discover and fix problems which may arise although they also have a tendency to attract issues. They are very keen observers and they make excellent judges of human behaviour. As the personification of cats their curiosity is extremely powerful and guides them one discovered paths.

They have playful and loving nature make them great consorts, friends and partners. They understand from a very young age that this world is only a part of a greater puzzle. Thus they keep on searching for wisdom and magical knowledge. Their help is always invaluable and people turn to them for guidance and advice.

Symbols – talismans for Bast Zodiac Sign: the sistrum

Animals: Lion, cat

Colour: red, blue and black

Compatibility: Horus and Sekhmet

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