7 Magical Herbs to Grow at Home

Yes, it’s no news that Witches love herbs. It’s no news either that we love to grow them and establish magical connection with them. Just like they communicate with totems and spirit allies, Witches protect and nourish their plants and grow them like living allies. Well, these are 7 Magical Plants which are easy to grow and provide amazing magical energy. Magical Herbs for a Witchy Home! 1.Basil (Easy to grow? Yes) Not only it can provide you amazing taste in your pesto sauce, it brings all kinds of Blessings when grown at home. It is considered one of the most powerful and blessed herbs of all and of course Witches love it! Basil needs your love to grow.

Remember that sufficient amounts of Sun and Water are the keys to grow Basil both indoors and outdoors. IN TIMES OF FINANCIAL CRISIS, cut a small branch and boil it in water ON FRIDAY. Additionally you can add some drops of Basil Essential Oil. Wash the floor of your house with the infusion. Learn more about the Magic of Basil here! 2. Bay Laurel (Easy to grow? Yes) Another magnificent herb to boost the taste of your food but only can bring magical energies. Bay laurel can turn darkness to light as it is one herb associated with Apollo , god of Light and All blessings.

Seeds grow quickly and they also need enough watering and light. IN TIMES OF NEED, take one dehydrated leaf ON SUNDAY. Write your wish on it and burn it – always take fire safety measures. Watch the video on how to do it here. Learn more about the Magic of Bay Laurel Here! 3. Dandelion (Easy to grow? Yes) Dandelions are associated with Hermes – Mercury and the element of Air. Dandelion is used for Wishing and Truth spells . Dandelions don’t need that much to grow, after all it may be odd or better witchy… as it is usually removed from gardens.

It can endure almost anything. TO CALL A SPIRIT/DEITY TO HELP YOU, take one dandelion and blow it to the air, ON WEDNESDAY. It is believed that Dandelion seeds will carry and deliver your wish to the spirits when you blow them into the air. 4. Lavender (Easy to grow? Yes) Lavender is one of my personal favorites as its gentle presence at home can drive away insects and all kinds of evil. Lavender is valued a lot in magic and can bring peace, security and love. Growing lavender is considered pretty easy.

TO CALL A NEW LOVE, fill your house with lavender pots and put some lavender essential oil in the oil burner, ON WEDNESDAY – and on waxing moon. Tell your wish out loud! Learn more about the Magic of Lavender here. 5. Violet (Easy to grow? Average difficulty) One of the most magical herbs, Violets, are sacred to the Fairy people and are attracted to them instantly. These odorous flowers radiate beauty and magic. Violets are not easily grown and it requires knowledge like the pH of the soil etc. TO BRING A FAIRY AT HOME, burn dried violets ON FRIDAY.

Call for them and leave on windows homemade cakes and milk. Write on a small note you wish and leave with the offerings. 6. Chamomile (Easy to grow? Yes) This is the herb of the Sun associated with all its blessings. A sunflower praised by witches of the Sun and Fire. Chamomile is easy to grow and it can be used as an herbal tea or added to herbal mixtures. TO WARD OFF NIGHTMARES, make a sachet with dried chamomile and put it under your pillow, ON SUNDAY. Learn more about the Magic of Chamomile here. 7. Rosemary (Easy to grow? Yes) Rosemary has a special place in Magic as given by the Ancient Greek religion.

It was used widely to sanctify and decorate altars, temples and sacred grove. The herb has the amazing quality to cleanse and rejuvenate the mind and the aura of the afflicted person and it can help significantly in home cleansing and purification rituals. It cab be grown quite easily. TO CLEANSE YOUR AURA + UPLIFT YOUR ENERGY burn Rosemary along with myrrh and frankincense. Always take fire safety measures. Learn more about the Magic of Rosemary here.