Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Astrology Today: We somewhat sense for about a week now that something great is going to happen. If it hasn’t already manifested, this can be occur today. Even if not, this energy will be active for almost an other week, but today it reaches its maximum power. It is the triangle of Venus and Jupiter that cause it. With the Moon supporting, weakly as it may does, both these planets today too, this will be a overall lucky day. Minor problems in communications, transportations and with technology may occur, but nothing too great.

Taurus, Gemini and Libra should be the luckiest and more blessed zodiacs of the day, while Aries, Scorpio and Sagittarius will be the less blessed, but still blessed, ones.

Aries: You still trying to find your inner balance but it seems easier today and you can find support from your siblings, close friends and partners, life or business ones. Target your dreams and do the best you can today and for the coming days to achieve them.

Taurus: If you want to start something new work related or financially related, this is the time to do so. Expanding your business, beneficial agreements and the likes of those can happen today. Are you on holiday or have free time? Get out. A new love interest may appear.

Gemini: Less stressed day than your previous, but an excitement can awake inside you. Let this inspiring feeling drive you now. Your kids, if you have any, can brighten your day. If you are in a relationship, things improve. If you are single, this is a good time to start searching.

Cancer: Your main focus is in home and family related matters, but mostly pleasantly. In the same time, your intuition raises and so does your wish to engage yourself with more spiritual stuff.

Leo: Still trying to focus on yourself, but once again you want to be social. Not a big surprise for the ever social Leos, of course. Your luck in this matter is good too, now, and you receive great pleasure from there. Just don’t forget yourself.

Virgo: You of the sign of Virgo always care much about your career. Today it evolves nicely and proactively and this tread will continue for a few days. New job opportunities, expanding your business and gaining unexpected money are things you can expect.

Libra: If you took good care of yourself yesterday, you are probably healthy and feeling ready for whatever may come. You also feel your inner strength growing. Start studying new subjects you wanted to and you’ll improve there quickly and easily.

Scorpio: Your usual sexuality and sixth sense are even stronger and more present today. They demand your attention, so give it to them and enjoy. Problematic friendships may bother you a little or even you may find out a friend of yours is not what you thought.

Sagittarius: Your spouse, your business partners and your social circle will play a big role in your life today and mostly a good one. You may find yourself overwhelmed by them though. Try to keep your cool and your balance.

Capricorn: Take care of whatever you need to regarding your job and career. It’s a good day to do so. Seeking new job? You’ll be lucky. A promotion, expanding or salary raise are also favoured today. A visit to a spa and taking care of your body can provide you with great benefits.

Aquarius: Love life is good and happy for you today. A new love interest may appear for the single ones and they may be from a foreign country. Travelling, abroad or not, is also favoured, and it is a good day to start your vacations.

Pisces: Your work and everyday routine demand your attention, and they can be improved greatly with a little effort. Your sexual instinct reaches a pick and it would be a good advice to satisfy it.

Astrology and Magic: Love spells and wish fulfilling spells are still favoured today too, and also sexual attraction spells and sex magic in general. Here are a few:

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy your day.