Thursday, 27 July 2017

Astrology Today: From today on magic needs some more effort and concentration than it needed until yesterday. This happens not just because our psychic abilities are not enhanced by the stars any more. The eclipse’s influence is starting to become more obvious causing tides on our emotional and astral energy. Those who can keep themselves clam and under control they are the strong and lucky ones, the others will face more difficulties.

Moon enters Libra. This will ignite inside of us a will to create order and balance in our world through our interactions with people. It will also awake an impulse to create a more beautiful environment around us. But this tendencies won’t be very obvious today. The Moon stresses both the most difficult planets, Saturn and Chiron, causing a few problems. Even more, these planets are both are retrograde. The good news is Sun now accurately conjuncts Mars. This gives us plenty of energy to work with whatever comes our way, but this energy can also feed our stress and tendency to brawl.

A difficult day for most of us. Probably not a very bad day, but a difficult one. Especially for Sagittarius, Gemini and then Virgo and Pisces. A mostly good day for Libra, Aquarius and Leo.

Aries: Your mood needs some attention. You move from enthusiasm to depression and urges to fight and back again all day long. Being extra careful is essential for people working in hospitals, asylums and the like.

Taurus: Don’t expect too much this day out of anything. You probably feel a little out of balance and thoughts of how your personality is lost or suppressed by others occur often during the day. Relax and meditate. It’s one of those days. It will pass.

Gemini: Your co-workers and partners seem to stress you more than usual today. You may even find them extremely incompetent. Your opinion can be based in reality but today you over-react. Keep calm.

Cancer: You tend to feel confused about anything and everything today. Don’t let things bother you too much. Your mind is clouded, your emotions are unbalanced and your routine is out of order, but it’s not the end of the world. A better tomorrow is coming.

Leo: Do you have well made plans for this day? Well, don’t be very surprised if most of them, or even all of them, don’t come to pass the way you wanted. You are in a lucky period, so let the day develop the way it tends to and make the best of whatever comes your way instead of trying to force your ways.

Virgo: A very stressful day for you today. Your family, home, your spouse or current lover, your close friends and your partners, in short, all important people in your life, stress you today and cause you a foul mood. Try to relax.

Libra: Your work and routine might stress you today a little more than usual. Much easier if you are on holidays. Be a little more careful about your health in any case. Bright side? Healing energies are powerful and if you seek to become a healer, this day can present good opportunities.

Scorpio: Artist and those involved in artistic or creative work should take the day off if they can. Otherwise don’t make any huge decision and try to not overthink things. Your judgement is not clear and you also feel not respected. None of those is a good advisor. Love life and sex life also may suffer a little.

Sagittarius: You feel incapable to express your love and care for the important people of your life. Even when you try, you are usually misunderstood. Better turn in to your inner realms and express love and respect to yourself and mentally to all those important people. This way you’ll avoid any misunderstanding and you’ll feel much better.

Capricorn: You feel somewhat inferior to others today. Self-esteem is not the strong point of a Capricorn, but even more today. Your inner fears and negative thoughts awake today and speak loudly. But the commotion they make is greater than whatever cause the uproar. Try to deal with these thoughts calmy.

Aquarius: Can you avoid spending money today? If yes, do so. If not, spend as little as you can. You can have some problems from your social circle too. But your ability to find the proper solutions to the subjects that raise is good, so take advantage of it and heal these issues.

Pisces: If you can face yourself calmly and lovingly you can heal many of your insecurities and inner fears today, but you most probably can’t. Try to be with good friends instead and talk about insignificant things. Headaches or other kind of minor yet disturbing pains may appear today. Take proper care of them.

Astrology and Magic: A good day for healing magic both for the body and the soul. Banishing negativity is also strong enough.

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy your day.