Sunday, 16 July 2017

Astrology Today: This is a very active day for the Moon. It doesn’t change the Zodiac sign, but it will form one strong aspect after the other during the day. It will start with an opposition with Jupiter, then form a triangle with Mercury, then a square with the Pluto, then a triangle with Saturn, then a square with the Sun and then it will triangle all its nodes. Remember that Pluto and Saturn are in Retrograde motion.

As we see, funnily, we have a negative aspect, then a positive one, then again negative, then positive, then negative and then positives. And this form of instability should be expected during the day. It’s also hard to say which zodiacs will be the luckiest ones today and who the less blessed as your complete personal natal chart will be much more of importance than your zodiac sign. But, if I have to name some blessed ones, I should go with Aries and then Leo and Sagittarius.

Communications and log term plans and life causes will be more favoured today, while expanding will face difficulties and our intuition will be full of misinterpretations, although it will be strong.

Aries: A good day for reconnecting with friends and loved ones. Also a good day to talk through misunderstandings. Avoid taking high risks of any kind though, and also overspending in games of luck.

Taurus: Your family and who you consider family will play a major role in your day. Most probably a positive one, but it can be stressful in the same time. Your concentration and imagination are heightened and help all spiritual and mental work, but if you lose control of them they may cause problems.

Gemini: Excellent and joyful communication and interactions with close friends and siblings. If you are in a stable relationship, it will also be benefited today. In meeting new potential lovers you may face some problems, so be cautious.

Cancer: Your money management intuition is good, and it is also possible you’ll receive some unexpected money. You also feel like your career intuition is strong and clear, but it isn’t so. Take notes of your ideas and re-examine them in later time.

Leo: Your going out mood is still present, and it still is something you’ll find both enjoyable and beneficial, if you manage to do it. It may not go so smoothly as yesterday, though. A father figure may play a strong role in your day.

Virgo: Your intuition is still strong, maybe stronger than yesterday. Keep in mind, though, that strong as it may be, it’s not necessarily clear. It’s a good day to magically build your future, but only if you already have a good idea about what you want. Otherwise, just purify your karma.

Libra: A good day for meeting people. You actually feel the need to be surrounded by many of them most of the day today. Chose your company wisely though, as having fun, or quite the opposite, depends on your choices. Old school mates are in general a bad choice today.

Scorpio: Are you seeking for a new job? Are you thinking of changing your career? If so, this is a good day to start thinking, or even searching your new occupation, but don’t make decisions. You may even proposed a new job. Again, don’t accept or decline the proposal today.

Sagittarius: Express yourself. This should be the advice of the day for all Sagittariouses. You usually probably do so, but lately, you feel uncomfortably doing so. Release yourself of these chains today and express yourself. Just take care to not overdo it.

Capricorn: A very spiritual day for Capricorn. A strong intuition and a strong curiosity on spiritual related subjects will play major roles in this day. Study, but avoid experimenting in unfamiliar fields today.

Aquarius: Your social life is still important for you today. You seek to be with others and communicate with others. You also mostly enjoy being with others, but today you prefer to be with whomever you consider friend than meeting new people.

Pisces: Health is a major subject for you today, although, in most cases there is no much reason of concern. Diet and achieving an overall good health is your focus. This is good, of course, but you have a tendency to overdo it today, so avoid pursuing a huge amount of food supplements or taking extreme decisions

Astrology and Magic: A very powerful day for wish fulfilling magic if you know what you want. If not, play safe and work with bad luck and karma cleancing.

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy your day.