Spiritual Advice for all the Zodiacs – July 23 to July 29

General Spiritual Advice and tendencies of the week: The spiritual vibrations this week turn around and now they encourage us, or sometimes force us, to face our darkness. We need to face our fears, real or illusionary and work with them to overcome them. Even a partial success is better than trying to suppress them or forget about them. We are also encouraged to cleanse and purify our energies.

For whoever has experience with a spiritual path this shift of energies comes to no surprise. The previous weeks we started creating beneficial changes. It is natural that our fears will surface. Dealing with them will help and ease our progress and better the results. I know this phase is usually unpleasant, but it is a useful one nonetheless.

Spells to help you this week: Some of our spells and articles that can help you make the best of this week are these:

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Spiritual Advice for Aries: You fear overall perfection. In fact you think if an aspect of your life is really good, another should suffer to keep an imperfect balance. The same fear can express itself as expecting bad things to happen after a very lucky and pleasant period. Realise these fears are illusionary. You have every right to be happy for ever in every aspect of your life. “I now and for ever accept all round happiness and welcome it.” This is a mantra that can help your work.

Spiritual Advice for Taurus: The fear you are mostly called to face is the one of the rapid change. You try to create a change in your life through action and spiritual means, and then you don’t really want a miracle to happen. You want the change to come piece by piece, slowly and naturally. It is true this is a way for the change to happen, but not the only way. Accept the possibility that your dreams and wishes can manifest themselves in the time spam of a day or even a moment. “I joyfully welcome all beneficial changes now in my life.”

Spiritual Advice for Gemini: Thin of yourself living in an abundance of money. You have as many as you want to realise all your wishes. Not only as much as you need to cover your needs. How do you feel about that? Are you wholeheartedly happy? Probably not. What do you fear this prosperity means? Why do you feel guilty about having all this money? Why you think this is an impossible task? Find the answers to these questions and then work with them.

Spiritual Advice for Cancer: Material subjects like money, a good paid and in the same time pleasant job, and health feel important. But can you have them and still live a nice, balanced and overall happy life? Or do you feel like you have to sacrifice an other part of your life to gain these blessings? You don’t. You can be happy in every aspect of your life. “I now and for ever accept all round happiness and welcome it.” This mantra will work for you too, although your point of view is a little different than Aries’ one.

Spiritual Advice for Leo: You successfully present yourself to others as a strong, optimistic, successful and confident person, but you fear you are not so. You’ve done mistakes in the past and you have your share in failures both in work related subjects and in your love life. The fear of an upcoming failure and the memory of the failures of the past is what you should work with this week. “I believe in my self and in my success.”

Spiritual Advice for Virgo: Although you were more focused on work the previous days, you thought it as way to be happy and erotically successful. And this is why to most of you it is your insecurities and fears about your love life that have awaken and demand your attention. Do you feel cursed in this aspect of your life? Were the Fates that cursed you or is it an evil spell? Cleanse your karma, and banish any evil spell. And even more repeat to yourself “I now am becoming happy and lucky in love. I deserve it.”

Spiritual Advice for Libra: For most of you the fears you should face will be work oriented, but they can also be of other subject where you try to improve yourself and the situations. Can I actually do it? Is there any hope of success? Do these questions pop in your mind regularly? Reassure yourself of the fact you can create any improvement you want. Don’t force your fears to stop talking though. Listen to them and face them.

Spiritual Advice for Scorpio: Continue your self expression as much as you can. Artistically is a good way but try other ways too. You are asked to accept the fact you are you. People will love you for who you are, and those who don’t do so, they actually are not important. Accept your right to be you, to express yourself and therefore to exist and have your own dreams.

Spiritual Advice for Sagittarius: I believe you’ve done some progress in the previous weeks. Even if you didn’t actually act towards this, situations forced you to a degree to realise that you are more blessed than you think and things are better than you think. What do you want to achieve and you are afraid of taking a step towards this goal? This is where you should focus now. Start acting on this.

Spiritual Advice for Capricorn: If you worked on expressing love to people around you, things, probably, already look more balanced and pleasant, even if just a little. Keep expressing your love to others, mentally, and through words and actions, but remember to express your love towards yourself. Your fear is that you think you are egotists. Caring for our selves is not the same as caring for our ego. By expressing love to ourselves and caring for them, we actually express love and care to the ones that love us. So release this fear and love yourself.

Spiritual Advice for Aquarius: Do you fear admitting you are happy and lucky? Are you afraid of smiling and acting silly? Or, are you afraid of spending some money on your wishes, just because they are not necessities? Face these fears courageously. “I have every right to enjoy my life and to be happy and lucky.”

Spiritual Advice for Pisces: Can I advance my career and in the same time have a good relationship? Or, can I have a good relationship while I don’t have a proper job, or a satisfying income? Yes, and yes. Fears like these, ones that relate your financial and emotional happiness are present. Work with them and face them. “Yes, I can be emotionally happy regardless my financial status” or “Yes, I can be both financially and emotionally happy”. Chose the one that suits you better and use it as often as you can.

Have fun and a blessed week!