How to see your Past Life in your Magic Mirror

How to see visions of your Past Life in your Magic Mirror We’ve seen how to simply make your own Magic Mirror and then how to see visions in it . Now it is time to go half a step further and learn how to see visions of our Past Life or lives in our Magic Mirrors.

I said “half a step”, because this is still a divination and vision-seeing procedure. But it is a necessity for our upcoming “jump” to a magical use of the Magic Mirror. Indeed, our next post on them will teach us how to receive powers and talents we had in our previous life, through the Magic Mirror.

So, how to do it? First and most importantly, you must be by now accustomed in seeing visions in your Mirror. If not, practise more on that step before starting practising your past life recalling. You need to be able to start seeing your vision fast enough, or else you won’t be able to see enough of your past life before the vision vanishes.

Before starting the procedure perform a purification in the room you’ll be working. It is a good practice anyway but it is quite important for this procedure. We are opening a window to Spirit communication here, even though we are not summoning spirits. We are trying to actually download memories from our Spirit, and not our mind. Therefore, a Spirit communication.

Also, apply some aniseed oil on your Third Eye and Crown Chakra. Never use pure essential oils directly on your skin. Dilute them in a base oil. Olive oil will be the best choice for this procedure.

Then sit in front of your Magic Mirror and start the procedure. Let the mirror guide you to the initial vision. Then, depending if you have ever before seen your past life or not, follow the procedure.

If you have never seen your Past Life before: Start by asking the Mirror to saw you something from the previous day. “What did I have for a lunch yesterday?” or something like that. See the vision. Thank the mirror and continue by asking simple questions of your past.

The important thing is to ask questions you already know the answer. You can easily recall it without the use of the Mirror. And also, to always going even further to your past. A day ago, a week ago, a month ago, a year ago, five years ago, and so on. Don’t go back and forth. Only back.

If by the time you’ll reach your baby-self you feel tired, thank the mirror and end the procedure. You obviously need some more practice to make your Mirror work faster and easier. Repeat daily or at least regularly until you can reach that time without getting tired.

You’ll be surprised of how many more things about your past you’ll be able to remember by doing so. The minds gates of memory are opening, and this is necessary for the Spirit’s gates of memory to open.

When you have reached your baby-self and still can go on, ask the Mirror “What was the happiest moment of my previous life?”

Then, let the Mirror show you the vision. That’s it! Now you are in your Past Life. You can start asking questions about it. You can go back and forth, time-wise, in it. Whenever you feel you are starting getting tired. Thank the Mirror and end the procedure.

It is a good practice before concluding the procedure to ask something about your current life. Then thank the Mirror and end the procedure. Of course, if you are using a different Magic Mirror for the Past Life, then this precaution is not necessary though.

If you have seen your Past Life: If you already have visited your Past Life and can recall a memory of it, then you can probably reach there (or is it “then”?) easier.

Sit in front of your Mirror. Let it show you the initial vision. Then Ask it to take you to that memory. Let’s say you remember a birthday party of yours of your Past Life. Keep the memory in your conscious mind and say to the Mirror, “Show me this birthday party of my previous life”.

Even if you have seen your Past Life, this method may not work properly for you. If so, then use the previous method. Some people re-lock the before-birth memories. You may be one of them. In some other cases, for several reasons, what you thought of being a Past Life memory can be a few totally different things. Keep this in mind as you may find out your Past Life to be something totally different.

Whatever the case, when you feel tired, thank the Mirror and end the procedure. It is a good practice to ask something about your current life as a last question, unless you are using this particular mirror only for Past Life recalling.

That’s it. Have fun, and always be safe.