Saturday, 29 July 2017

Astrology Today: Moon will form a hexagon with retrograde Saturn and later on the day a triangle with Venus. Both of them are good aspects, and even more they keep the power of the opposition of these two planets very week. This aspect has lost most of its power and it’s hardy in effect today anyway, so the blessing radiance of the Moon will give a great help. Especially for Sagittarius who is, for long time now, under the influence of Saturn.

So, in short, I would call this a good day. Sagittarius and Gemini will enjoy most of its benefits, and therefore I say they are the luckiest ones. Aries and Capricorn need to be more careful.

Aries: Quite a spiritual day this is for you, but, in most cases this doesn’t mean solitude. On the contrary, your spirit awakes through communication, interaction and conversation with others. Re-awakening past spiritual talents is easier today.

Taurus: An overall pleasant day for you. The emphasis is on the money. You may gain some, your income may raise, but also, you may spend more, but in things that are important to you and gives you pleasure. Helping others, also is a possibility. Old scars may awake, but this is an opportunity to heal them.

Gemini: This is probably a happy go lucky day for you. At least the most of it. You give and receive love. You offer and receive joy as well. You may feel less active than usual, but you are not bored. A good opportunity to relight the fire in your current relationship.

Cancer: Your emotions are your main focus today. How do you feel about your self, your life, your job and about the important people of your life? Try to understand all these. Don’t let them overwhelm you. Embrace them lovingly and start healing them. The upcoming eclipse empowers these aspects even more.

Leo: Your social life is very pleasant for you today. You shine there and you are more seductive than usual. Money may improve through your socialising. Also, an ex lover, a “lost” friend or a child or child figure who is not in your everyday life may appear. Whoever of these is, they will bring you joy.

Virgo: Your job is important today, even if this isn’t a work-day for you. Relationships with co-workers probably get better, on way or an other. Career plans may be made or the ones you have all ready made will start manifesting. Home also calls for your attention. Mostly pleasantly, but, as said, mostly so.

Libra: We don’t usually advice travelling during an eclipse, but since the upcoming eclipse hardly, if anyhow, affect this sector, you do some. So, today is a good day for travelling. Starting your vacation is great, but also an escape or a business trip will be positively influenced. Spiritual, inner journeys are even more blessed.

Scorpio: Saturn until today restricted your love life one way or another. Not only this aspect has lost most of its power today, but also the Moon emphasise the beneficial aspects. So, today is a good day for your love life. Your emotions may be overwhelming and unbalanced though, so be a little careful about them. Avoid expressing, or feeling, much jealousy.

Sagittarius: Things are calmer today in almost all the important parts of your life. You are more in peace with yourself, and your social circle seems supportive too. Problems with the spouse or business partners today also calm, or even find a solution. Your financials may receive a bit of a blessing too.

Capricorn: I would call it a peculiar day for you. Being Saturday you may not feel all its influence, as they focus on work related matters mostly. Your emotions about work are strong. You may feel extra happy or utterly discussed with your current job. Calm the emotions and receive the message yourself is trying to convey.

Aquarius: Have you cast a spell to summon the perfect somebody for you? If yes, today you may actually find them. If not, this is a good day to cast such a spell. Even if you are not searching for somebody your kids and social circle will keep you happy today. A good book, a visit to a museum, or any engagement with spirit-awakening art may present more gifts than you would expect.

Pisces: Your home, family and social status are important for you today. Your feelings in these areas are strong. Home and family will mostly satisfy you, but your career and social status will probably seem somewhat disappointing. Instead of pitying your situation, understand what needs improvement. Then act upon it.

Astrology and Magic: Cleansing your way to success of any kind is what is mostly favoured today.

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy your day.