Saturday, 22 July 2017

Astrology Today: Sun is going to pass the borders of Cancer to enter its own Zodiac, Leo. The conjunction between Sun and Mars becomes strong, although it will reaches its pick on the 27th. The Moon races to meet the Sun in tomorrow’s New Moon, and in the meantime it forms a conjunction with the retrograde Neptune and an opposition with the retrograde Pluto. Our energy levels and stress are heightened. Our imagination, and inspiration are also heightened, but they are not clear, and we have a tendency to avoid reality, and withdraw in our own mind’s world. Also, all our magical and psychic abilities are stronger.

We feel a need to escape, and it is a good time to do so. If you can go away for the weekend and have some kind of enjoyable vacation, do so. Preferably somewhere near a water body, such as sea, a river or a lake.

The luckiest signs will be Cancer, Pisces and then Scorpio. The less lucky ones will be Capricorn, Virgo and then Taurus. Leo is empowered greatly, but also stressed a lot. If you are calm enough you can use these energies for your benefit, otherwise they’ll cause you some uneasiness.

Aries: You need your rest and to take care of yourself and your love and maybe your children, but your thoughts are elsewhere. Most probably on work and career related matters. A visit to a spa will be a great treatment to yourself today.

Taurus: Your tendency to socialise gains ground, but don’t hold your hopes too hight. Bad arrangements or stressful unexpected events may occur. Avoid philosophical kind of conversations. You may have some problems with the foreign countries or people from there.

Gemini: If you can’t leave your everyday life behind you today you’ll be faced with many problems and fear money related. Most of them imaginary. The rest, you overestimate their value. Sexual energy is heightened, but it would be wiser to channel it to magic rather than sexual engagement.

Cancer: You feel powerful and capable to accomplish anything. This feeling is much stronger than yesterday, and this is good, but avoid overestimating yourself. Foreign counties and people from there seem very supportive, but sometimes more than they are.

Leo: You still shine like the sun, and this is something you’ll do for some time to a degree or an other. Today calm down. Rest and take a good care of your health and relax your schedule. Engaging in sex with new lovers? Be extra careful for venereal diseases today.

Virgo: Your love life and your relation with your current lover or spouse torment your mind. You feel disappointed, pessimistic, betrayed or hurt. Cheer up. Things are not as bad as you see them today. Love magic is very strong today for you.

Libra: Relax. Let me say that again: Relax! This is a day for you to rest and take care of yourself, your health and your home. Work and career seem important, but don’t do too much for them today. Meeting with friends to have fun, will be a good advice too.

Scorpio: Your inspiration and imagination both for career matters and your love life goes berserk today. This can be channelled in a good way or a bad way. You need to be calm and enthusiastic in the same time to achieve the best. Some problems with or from siblings and close friends may appear.

Sagittarius: Your home and family seem to take up most of your time and thoughts today, and mostly in an unpleasant way. Some money related problems may occur, not all of them as important as they seem. Sex fun is favoured, but don’t expect too much. If you working in the sex industry be careful in every aspect of it.

Capricorn: You feel a need to discuss your love and marriage with your siblings or close friends. Do so, it will clarify things for you, as your personal judgement is clouded now. Try to explain the situations realistically though. Cheating seems easy today. Try to channel this energy into your marriage or relationship if possible.

Aquarius: Your energy levels seem to improve, but keep resting a little more. Keep your mind away from bad thoughts. Forcefully if needed. You tend to think the worst case scenarios today, and they are mostly unfounded. You’ll realise that in a day or two.

Pisces: Love life is still favoured. Are you getting married today? This will be good. Do you form a relationship today? Also very good. Your social circle is stressing you, but other than that it is a good day for you.

Astrology and Magic: Beauty, love and sex spells are benefited, but even more so manifestation of wishes of any kind.

That’s all.

Have fun and enjoy your day.