Saturday, 15 July 2017

Astrology Today: Moon has entered Aries and progressively forms a sextile with Venus in Gemini. Thus, our inner hidden courages comes forth and we are becoming more spontaneous and we feel ready to take on new challenges. But we need to be a little careful as we also tend to be a little risky and therefore more prone to accidents. A beneficial day for all love matters. Having better communication, expressing our romantic tendencies and a having little more courage, is good thing both for those in a relationship and those seeking one.

Especially beneficial will be this day for Aries and Gemini, of course. On the other hand, Libra and Sagittarius need to be a little more careful, although probably it will be a good day for everyone. But let’s see all signs.

Aries: Not only you’ll be lucky in romantic subjects, but also you’ll feel the love of your friends and those you feel like family. You also are able to express your love better.

Taurus: You feel a tendency to withdraw in yourself fighting an other tendency to get out and meet with people. Think what you need most and enjoy it to the maximum.

Gemini: You express yourself better in a group or in presence of many people. Go out, have fun, and either find a new lover or let your current relationship admire your brilliance.

Cancer: Everything, and especially romance, have a veil of mystery covering them. This is both exciting and scarring. Enjoy your day, but don’t make haste to take important decisions.

Leo: You always enjoy going out and having fun. Even more today, and you’ll be really lucky this time. Also, a good day for travelling.

Virgo: Your intuition and your sexuality are heightened today. Trust your intuition and express your sexuality. Your professional life also brings you some satisfaction today.

Libra: Good day for travelling, but if you drive, do it a little more carefully. You feel an overwhelming need for love, receiving and expressing it which, if you don’t control, will make you moody and reduce your luck in love matters.

Scorpio: A weight is lifted in your romantic life and good things are happening today there. Your feelings reach better the ones you care about and their feelings reach you more successfully. A day to enjoy sex too.

Sagittarius: A stressful but pleasant day overall. A good day for weddings and wedding proposals. Also, you may find out that a new member is coming in your family. Whatever the case, relax and see the beauty of this day.

Capricorn: Especially beneficial this day for those in a relationship. You feel very pleased with your partner and your life with them. Those seeking a new relationship may encounter many people they don’t like first, so I suggest you’ll work today some magic to bring the right one.

Aquarius: A very good day for your romantic life and for your social life. You seek to be with others and you really enjoy their company, and they enjoy yours. If you are single, a miracle can happen today. If you aren’t, then your partner my re-fall in love with you.

Pisces: You enjoy this day better with your partner or your family and friends. It is a day to feel pleased with whatever you have and realise how lucky you already are. Money matters also progress well today.

Astrology and Magic: A very good day for all love spells, but also good for money/job spells. Check some of our love spells here:

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy your day.