Repeating Numbers and their Meanings

Do you usually catch yourself noticing the same repeating numbers? Do you watch the clock and see the same numbers (like 11:11) again and again? This is not a coincidence. It is really important to understand that there are very few possibilities – extremely rare to be exact – to keep on noticing these same repeating numbers over and over again. Repeating numbers is a sign of spiritual awakening (see more signs of Spiritual Awakening here).

When this happens, our cells and our astral bodies are synchronized with the universe and therefore we channel very important messages for us and our lives the ones we love. Messages we cannot receive in another way.

So instead of thinking: “ooooh that’s a coincidence…” bear in mind the folding list of consequently repeating numbers.

11, 111, 11:11, 1111 The Wake up Call If you repeatedly see these numbers then you just received a very important awakening call from the universe and the forces above. It means that your magical forces, have – for some reason – stop being idle, and try to alert you! 1 is the Number of the Magician, the beginning of every Tarot Deck (see here more)

This may happen because for some reason you could’ve already chose the moment to receive if our full feedback from your past live. If you’re already witch then you should probably try a divination method (like Ceroscopy) to see which Force is trying to contact you. If you’re not a witch, then you should probably stay alert for the next 48 hours as you’re probably about to experience a karmic event.

22, 222, 22:22, 2222 Secrets and Balance If you repeatedly see these numbers then the universe is trying to alert you about the secrets that may not be accessible to you right now. Two is the number of the High Priestess, the second card of any Tarot deck. The high priestess is the keeper of all divine secrets. She’s the one who is aware of the Akashic Files.

This may also means that your partner, your wife or husband, or your best friend need your attention now. This is why number two is a symbol of our other half, the one who makes us feel complete. This may be the time you meet your twin flame – twin soul as some call it!

33, 333, 3:33, 3333 Completion If your repeatedly see these numbers then the universe is presenting you an important omen of total and divine completion. You may need to align your spirit, your mind and your body together in order to achieve greater balance. Meditation maybe an extremely valuable source of information for you right now.

This may also be an omen divine healing. Maybe you’re a blessed by the high forces to have a fertile and healthy life. Three is the number of the Empress in every Tarot Deck. The Empress is in charge of the Earthly and material plane. In many decks she’s pregnant bearing the new and unshaped. It may also be an omen of abundance.

44, 444, 4:44, 4444 Set the foundations If you repeatedly see these numbers then the universe is trying to tell you that you need to set the bases for your future. 4 is the number of the Emperor in any Tarot deck. 4 is the number of the four elements, fire air water and the earth. These other foundations of anything in this plane of existence. (See here how to tap into the Elemental Forces)

This is an omen that you need to materialise your plans and set new goals. You are more likely to succeed right now! Tap into the magic of the Four Elements!

55, 555, 5:55, 5555 Let Magic in ! If you repeatedly see these numbers then the universe is trying to tell you that you need to let your spirit work miracles in your life. 5 is the number of the High Priest – Hierophant in any Tarot Deck. This is the number of Miracles, made by the one who is aligned with the Higher planes Existence. 5 is the number of the Fifth Element, the Spirit (Ether in ancient scripts).

Seeing this number means that you need to embrace yourself, embrace your life, embrace your job but try to put more spirit and magic in it. You need to let magic IN !

66, 666, 6666 Follow the Light If you repeatedly see these numbers then the universe is trying to alert you on balance and beauty. 6 is the number of Venus, the planet (and Goddess) which rules beauty and harmony. Although it has also been associated with the devil, the number 6 is a very auspicious sign.

Six is the number of the Lovers in any tarot deck. It’s a number of choices based on beauty and harmony. Seeing these number is a reminder to follow the Light!

77, 777, 7777 Wisdom Comes first If you repeatedly see these numbers then the universe is reminding you that Wisdom should come first! It is the number of Magic, the number(s) of the Egyptian God Thoth. He rules magic and all wisdom. These numbers is a powerful omen that you need to open up your eyes to see the truth (see here the Truth spell) . You have been mistaken and this is your chance to find out what really is out there!

If you are a witch and you cast spell, it also means that you need to re-evaluate the balance of pros and cons in your spells. It is a reminder not to use black magic and to focus in the Light. Choose wisely!

88, 888, 8888 Real Power comes from within If you repeatedly see these numbers then the universe is watching over you and it knows what you are going through. However, it’s also a reminder that true power comes from within and that your if your heart is pure you WILL manage to conquer all difficulties. 8 is the number of Strength in any tarot deck. It usually depicts a maiden who is managing to tame a lion only with her pure heart and soul.

You need to have more faith in the higher forces. If – for any reasons – feel isolated from God(s) you need to refresh you relationship with the divine forces. Meditation is the key to your success!

99, 999, 9999 End is near If you repeatedly see these numbers then the universe is reminding you that the end is near. This may be good or bad. 9 is a symbol of eternity. A circle of experiences is closing. Lets make sure that at the end, it all works out great for us. Try to close this “circle” with as much positive feedback as possible. This is the most powerful Karmic message of all numbers.

9 is the number of Hermit in Tarot Decks. The hermit knows all about Karma. You need to be wiser and find whats missing from what you are already doing. Finish your work. And make room for the new… because it’s coming and it’s probably going to change your life!

00, 000, 0000 Back in the Void If you repeatedly see these numbers then the universe is trying to remind you that you need to rest. You need to push the REFRESH button. Take a step back. Get back to the Void, where nothing exists yet all comes from it. In a more practical way, get some sleep, listen to relaxing music and rest. Try this hatha yoga breathing technique to harmonise your body and energy.

Zero is the number of the Fool in every Tarot Deck (although some associate the Fool with the Number 22). The Fool is the Beginning of all. (Read here more about the Magic of the Fool).

This is a very important message from the above. You need tap into the Divine power of creation. Although you should rush to act right now, you need to get back your strength and energy you’ve lost in the way. Take as much time as you need. Make sure, you got your power back!