How to Raise Your Vibration

In my last few articles I have been concentrating on energy and the process of grounding excess energy. This article is going to venture into another kind of energy work and look at raising your own personal vibrational frequency. So this is how you can raise your Vibration! What does “Raise your Vibration” mean? Everything in the Universe has its own vibrational frequency, and when we interact with people, external forces, even nature has an effect on our personal vibration. It’s not only out external interactions but our thoughts, feelings, attitudes and actions all affect our own frequency. What we create with our mind will be manifested, and that will change the reality in which we live.

The saying “where attention goes, energy flows” is very appropriate. Our mind is a powerful tool, and we can invent, create and harm or destroy things with our thoughts – we can make progress in our lives, reaching for our dreams, however we can attain our dreams though our actions, but we can equally destroy any progress you have made through the thoughts you have and what action you take. This sounds very frightening, doesn’t it; but for me the most frightening part is the truth that most people don’t know or realise they are vibrating at a low frequency and throwing out these energies. These low frequencies don’t just affect you but they also affect people around you.

Quantum Physics has proved that everything in the universe has a distinct energy frequency, and your energy’s vibrations can be changed by your everything in your day to day life whether it be your thoughts, your beliefs or your actions. What happens when your Vibration is Low? When your vibration is low you answer questions with low vibration answers, you wear low vibration colours, your overall mood is low and you struggle to pull yourself out of the low vibration valley. It has a snowball effect and it can be triggered with something as simple as a single thought.

When you are surrounded by other people who are also vibrating at a low level you have a choice, you can either join them in this low vibration valley or you can pull away and protect your own energy. When you have a low vibration, you aren’t able to fend of those who try to feed off your energy. Raising your vibration isn’t always the easiest thing to do because it requires changing how you think, how you act and most importantly how you react to people, places and situations. Ways to Raise Your Vibration When you are working to change and raise your vibration it is a very steep learning curve that isn’t easy to navigate.

Changing how you think is actually remarkably hard and it’s easier to give up than to fight to change your way of thinking. It’s not a one-time fix, it is something that you have to practice day in and day out; It takes time to change negative thought patterns Journal ing – get a new journal or note book and write down the thoughts you wish to have, that reflect the things that you would like to see happen. When you write something down by hand you are actually using more neurons than you do when you are just sat typing at a computer…

[Which is ironic because that is what I am doing right at this moment. Even though I am sharing with you via a digital medium, I also keep a journal where I write personal things but also one where I write down my magical musings. I found keeping the two-separate helped me to see where my low energy was coming from. I discovered that my personal thoughts and feelings about myself and my day-to-day life were the source of my low frequencies.] Breathe Deeply… and fill your lungs – When you take slow deep breaths you are bringing more oxygen into your body which in turn will raise your vibration.

When you breathe deeply you automatically start to feel relaxed, and this has a direct effect on the brain and the nervous system. Contrary to what you may think a calm vibration means it’s a high vibration Smile – This may seem like something very simple, and it is really. A smile can deter the lowest of energies, and the most determined energy thieves. [For me it is my cat/familiar Phoenix. She is a very special kitty because she redefines the meaning of the words daft, crazy and outright stupid…

she makes me smile and that’s all that matters] Beauty – another very simple thing, but finding something beautiful and appreciating that beauty can raise your vibration from the deepest of valleys. You only need one thing, and that thing can be anything. A flower in your garden, a bird flying in the sky, a child’s smile, a nice tidy area of your home that’s recently decorated. It can literally anything that is beautiful to you.

[for me it is my crystal collection, and all of the amazing specimens that I have collected over the years.] Gratitude – you may not realise all of the blessings that you have in your life, and it can be very difficult to pin point what you have to be grateful for when you have a low vibration, but when you start writing lists of what you are grateful for you are re-training your brain to focus on what you have in your life that is good, in turn raises your vibration.

[I try to do this at least once a month so I can keep myself in a grateful and positive frame of mind and not fall into old bad habits and ways of thinking about myself and the world around me] Meditation it has been proved that meditation can help to heal your body and mind but it also helps you to raise your vibration. When you meditate you are striving to think of nothing which is a neutral place and therefore helps to attain a higher vibration.

Get Rid of Old Junk – We tend to hold onto a lot of emotional baggage that weighs us down and stops us from getting ourselves out of the Low Vibration Valley. The negative thoughts, feelings and experiences can hold us back from really embracing the positive changes that you want to make. [I did this after a previous relationship that I felt was holding me back from embracing the new chapter in my life. I wrote a letter which had all of the things I felt was holding me back, and once I was finished I burned it as a physical representation of letting the past go] Be Active – exercise, dance. Get your body moving!

When you are active you are creating endorphins, which help you to feel happy, and the happier you are the more you will draw happier experiences to you because you will be vibrating a higher frequency. Nature – being in the great outdoors can do wonders for your vibrations because when you focus on what is surrounding you and not what is going on in your head or other people’s lives you will start to vibrate at a higher level as you will be reacting with the neutral vibrations nature naturally resonates as giving you a neutral base on which to build positive thoughts, feelings and experiences.

Stop pt1 – stop gossiping and complaining because both of these things will bring your vibrations down and you will find it harder and harder to find things to be grateful for. Instead of complaining, find things in your life to rejoice about and celebrate. When you complain about what you don’t have you become blinded to all of the things you do have in your life. Stop pt2 – stop being so hard on yourself! When you expect things of yourself that you aren’t able to deliver you are setting yourself up for disappointment and you will actually achieve less, lowering your vibration Music – put some of your favourite music on and just listen.

When you play music that you enjoy you actually start to shift your frequency to a higher level which makes you feel happier. Do Something Crazy – Have you ever really wanted to do something but never had the courage to even attempt before. When you do something new and outside your comfort zone you are actually aiding your brain make new connections and to rewire its electrical impulses. [I decided a few months ago to throw myself in at the deep-end and approach magazines and sites with the desire to write for them. I felt like I had nothing to lose so I took the initiative and applied to a few places.

The one I chose is the one you are reading now] Affirmations – are little sayings or phrases which can help you change how you think. Affirmations work by repeating positive sayings or phrases that match your desire. “I am happy.” “I am not afraid of change.” “I am brave.” You may not believe what you are saying right off the bat, but you are making these small changes which will in time enable you to make bigger, bolder changes.

Spirit-Based Exercise – Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, Pilates are all kinds of exercises which have more than just a physical component to them, they aid you to shift your energy to a higher frequency by implementing controlled physical exercise and breathing exercises. (thy the hatha yoga breathing exercise) Reiki – this is a technique that helps to pin point areas of stress and helps you to reduce that stress in your life to promote positive healing. Reiki aims to heal the physical body, the mind, emotions and the spirit. They believe in treating the whole person not just one single aspect.

Give Something Ba ck it is easy to fall into a negative mind-set thinking that you don’t have enough. When you give something back to someone else you are changing this mind-set to I have enough, so now I release the excess for the highest good of others. Abundance has a high vibration, and by sharing your abundance with those in need, you are sharing this abundance with them. Technology we live in a very technology orientated world, and we have become addicted to the need to knowing what is going on in the world, and today that information it right at our finger tips.

Technology has an electrical frequency that can sometimes react badly when you are using it. Have you ever become so annoyed with your phone you just wanted to throw it? This is an example of how technology can have a negative influence on your vibration levels. Step away, put your devices down. Pick up a book. Talk to someone face to face. Go out for a walk and leave your phone, iPod and whatnot home. Interact with the real world rather than a digital reality. Trampoline – I know that not everyone will be able to do this, but jumping up and down can re-jiggle your body at a cellular level.

It something so simple and can be done anywhere…just jump up and down. Be Creative – allow yourself to be express how you feel. Being creative could be painting, drawing, playing music, writing, anything that gets your creative juices flowing and makes you feel happy. [I write every day, I create jewellery, I craft and create with clay, wire, flowers. I take magically and spiritually inspired photographs of crystals , altars and sharing my Pagan path with the world and Facebook Land] My Finishing Thoughts… External situations and circumstances don’t just happen by chance.

Newton’s Third law states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction; which means that for every situation you find yourself in there is a pair of forces acting on the interaction. The size of one force equal the size of the other. If you find yourself in a situation there will be positive and negative forces around you, and it is your choice that determines which way you go. Your vibration is your responsibility and you cannot expect anyone to make you do it or to do it for you, you have to make the decision to make the changes that are needed to raise your vibration. *)O(* Rainbow Love, Light and Blessings *)O(*

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