New Moon in Leo – Sunday, 23 July 2017

Astrology Today: Moon enters Leo and forms a New Moon there today. Even more, both Sun and Moon conjunct Mars. Sun strongly enough, Moon will do so even accurately. All these will give a nice, lucky and powerful day – and they do mostly – but there is a downside. We enter the Ecliptic period, so brace yourselves. Both the coming Full Moon on the 7th of August and the next New Moon are eclipses. Stay tuned for the upcoming Astrology for the Eclipses.

The fiery, outgoing, optimistic, social, enthusiastic playboy Leo is now empowered by both the Great Lights and the fiery Mars, and encourages us all to enjoy love, life, and sex in every possible way. It signals us to believe in ourselves and to promote them. Under the power of the upcoming Lunar Eclipse, our emotions are getting stronger and more important too. New relationships and love affairs as well as new children in the family are possible and favoured. Even more, before the first of August. Our sex-appeal is stronger than usual too.

The luckiest signs will be Leo, Aries and Sagittarius. The less lucky ones will be Aquarius, Libra and Gemini

Aries: By all means, enjoy this day. It’s a good day in almost every aspect of it. Love is favoured even more, it’s not only that. Happiness begs you to enter your life. Welcome it.

Taurus: Your home and family seem supportive and important. They can stress you from time to time, but mostly you do good there. It is wise to take care of your home’s needs and problems now, as later on its needs will be more demanding and more difficult to deal with it.

Gemini: Meet with friends and relatives and have fun with them. I know tomorrow is a work day, but if you can enjoy a long night in night clubs or whatever meets your taste. Be active. Dance, run, cycle, swim. There is some extra energy. Better to burn it than let it stress your day.

Cancer: Is it a new job or a new, better salary? Maybe a good financial agreement. Whatever it is, it seems good, and it has the potency to be really good. Grasp it tightly.

Leo: I’ve said a few days ago you have entered a very important month in your year. Today the Moon says so too, and bless you with more shine, charm and luck. Your energy levels and your emotions will be overly enhanced, but the results will be great, at least most of the times.

Virgo: Your mind starts to clear, although not completely yet. Your intuition and your spiritual powers are getting stronger. Use this day to visualise the manifestation of your desires, or cast a wish fulfilling spell.

Libra: Your energy levels are better today and so is your health. You can enjoy your day, but still don’t over do it. Are you invited in a birthday party or something alike? Go. You’ll have a good time. If not, try going out for food or something of this kind.

Scorpio: Work and career today becomes more important than sex and love and this is going to last for almost a month. Of course, the focus there will decline as time passes. You are Scorpios, after all. But use this energy to built your dream career.

Sagittarius: We don’t usually advice travelling during an ecliptic period, but for you, a trip to a country you long wished to go is favoured. If you can’t go there today, you may be able to arrange the trip. Other than that, you feel much more confident and much more yourself than you did the previous days.

Capricorn: Your sexual energy reaches its pick today. Enjoy it as much as you can. You feel sexy and you shine that. Use magic to empower this radiance even more and to attract the perfect person for you.

Aquarius: Optimism and a clarity in your thoughts enters your mind today. Things seem better than they seemed and will seem even better tomorrow. You still feel stressed, but now you are more balanced.

Pisces: If you are on vacations enjoy your time there and enhance your beauty and general health. If not, you can still do that, but even more, you can make your work better. “But it’s Sunday!” Therefore a great day to work your work related magic.

Astrology and Magic: Let astrology show us where our magical energy should be focused. Job, career and money spells are favoured. Wish fulfilling and happiness are also favoured.

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy your day.