Monday, 17 July 2017

Astrology Today: Moon enters Taurus today, bringing a wish and a tendency for a more peaceful and tranquil time. We try – and need – to slow down a little and enjoy our time. Our romanticism and sensuality also are heightened under this influence. In the same time, our wish to procrastinate and our stubbornness are heightened, too. Venus, the Taurus’ ruler, squaring (today precisely too) Neptune even more empowers these influences of the Moon.

Most favoured signs of the day will be Taurus and then Virgo and Capricorn, while Leo, Aquarius and especially Scorpio will receive most of the negative influences of this day.

Aries: Your social days have passed and you now need to find some alone time to tend to yourself and your needs. Finding your inner balance is your main target now. Your dreams also become important.

Taurus: Taurus is very blessed this day. You are trying to manifest your dreams and goals on the real world, and to express yourself. New beginnings of any aspect are generally favoured, but take extra cautions if they are of financial nature.

Gemini: Your current situation in all aspects of your life is your main focus today, but this happens pleasantly mostly. You find the pleasure and satisfaction of being you and living as you live. Stressed, but a good day overall.

Cancer: There are probably not enough hours this day to do whatever you wanted, or planned to do. Your mind is also a little restless, and you tend to think of other things while doing other things. Your social circle probably expands today.

Leo: Today you start turning inwards. Your focus lifts from your social life and turns in yourself, your home and your family. Your insecurities awaken and you need to feel again secure. If your relationships with your close ones are good and supportive, you’ll have an easier day.

Virgo: You need now to go out and socialise, and if you do so you’ll find that you make a good impression to people around you, known and unknown. Romance and artistic hobbies are favoured today and your focus is also there more than usual.

Libra: Your job is your main focus today. Do your best to correct any problems, or improve your situation there. Your health may need a little more attention. Rest more, if you need to, and neither ignore, nor overestimate some minor aches that may appear.

Scorpio: Business partners and your interaction with them will probably be what will colour this day for you. If your relationship with them is good, then it can be a very pleasant day. But, if any problems exist, today they will come out on the surface. Similar will be the situation with your spouse.

Sagittarius: Today is very magically strong day for Sagittarius. You feel the need to connect with your inner and higher power, and it is a good day to do exactly that. Try not to over-react neither on people and situations nor to your own emotions though.

Capricorn: Your spiritual journey continues. It is a good day to find out what holds you back and also to release yourself from whatever these things are. Now is also the time to try new things and experiences, spiritual or not.

Aquarius: Although, you can’t feel motivated about it, you need to focus on your job today. You need to set again your life into an order too. Try to be as polite and well behaved as possible while interacting with authorities or authority figures. Also take better care of your social media posts.

Pisces: Your need to socialise, especially with like-minded people, heightens today. Try to find a way to satisfy this need somehow, as these efforts will also be favoured. You may re-evaluate the quality of some of your friendships.

Astrology and Magic: Love spells that intend to bring the perfect person in your life, and all wish fulfilling spells are favoured today. Here are some:

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy your day.