Friday, 28 July 2017

Astrology Today: Much more dynamic and pleasant day today. We may be a little short tempered but we feel stronger and luckier, and we actually are. A nice breather in this ecliptic period for most of us. Moon will conjunct Jupiter, and therefore will bring various blessings to all of us.

Libra is the luckiest zodiac, and then Gemini and Aquarius. Aries and then Sagittarius should be more careful. Leo doesn’t seem to be very – if any – affected by the negative energies. If something, they seem to be quite lucky.

Aries: Your attention is on your marriage (or long term relationship), or on your business partners. Either of them may stress you a little, but it would be for the long-term bettering of the situations. Legal issues also may stress you, but expect the best possible results in them too.

Taurus: A mostly lucky and peaceful day. You like peace and order, so this is a good thing too. Things in general are going according to your wishes. Beneficial developments of any kind are possible today, but I wouldn’t expect to be of a grate range.

Gemini: A very outgoing day. Sometimes, though, too much of it or much less than you want. But if you give a little effort in pre-scheduling all will be good. You are lucky, you are having fun, and people around you are pleased to be with you. Good developments in your love life are also possible.

Cancer: You may don’t feel like socialising much today, but this isn’t a bad thing. You spend pleasant time on yourself and your needs. Some good news about a member of your family may reach your ears. If this is your day off, I believe you’ll have a marvellous time, very much according to your tastes.

Leo: Your social life becomes again rich and a source of pleasure. New people coming your way, and most of them, if not all, with good intentions. Jobs that require communications or interaction with the public are very lucky too. Short distance trips either for business or fun are also favoured.

Virgo: After some stressful days, today things are easier and more pleasant. You feel more secure and your self esteem raises. All money matters are favoured and it is a good day to spend on yourself. Avoid the tendency to overspend and all will be great.

Libra: A very good day to start whatever you want to start. Studies of any kind and especially the ones related with spirituality are very much benefited. Beautification, minus startirng a weight reducing diet, group activities, either as hobbies or as work and self discovery are some of the areas where you can feel the best of luck and achieve the best of success.

Scorpio: You try to turn inwards and focus on yourself. This can be good, but try to not show negligence to those who are important to you and those you want them to become important to you.

Sagittarius: Group activities are favoured for everyone today, but even more so for you. The groups or “groups” (like co-workers) you are part of seem supportive. If you want to join a new group, luck is with you. Whether or not you’ll manage to engage in such activities will colour your day in the greatest degree. Avoid showing off too much, though.

Capricorn: A generally good day. You may have to deal with some rumours about you and this sort of things. Take care of your social media and your public image. Your luck there is great, but it needs your care to blossom.

Aquarius: A day for your personal revolution. It doesn’t need to be a violent great event. But you seem to be unwilling to compromise any more or to let others do whatever they want with you life. In most cases your environment receive your efforts positively or at least without much resistance.

Pisces: Not serious or not fulfilling relationships have a good chance to evolve into something better and more important today. Artists and those who gain money from their own creations can expect a good day on this aspect of their lives. The same goes for witches, mages, wizards and the like, but not that much for fortune tellers.

Astrology and Magic: Wishing magic and beauty magic is favoured today.

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy your day.